29 December 2007

New Year... New Me

I have this thing. I always want to grow as a person. I never want someone to see me 10 years from now and say I'm exactly how they remember me. Whats the point of living if you don't grow? So everyday I try and add something. Today I worked on keeping my house clean (I need a maid). So In 2008 I'ma focus on many things including my diet (I eat a lil too much fast food) My company ( I need to market better and create more designs) and my cooking (I need to master my Grilling skills). Besides all that I need to get back to reading books on the train instead of listening to my mp3 player or watching movies. I basically need to utilize my time better. OH YEAH I would also like to find the time to date more. I need a new woman in my life, your boy is getting old.. lol

So here's a Happy New Year too you. Stay safe and Hopefully 2008 will bring you knowledge and growth.

28 December 2007

Random Thoughts Friday

I've been thinking that I'ma do a random thoughts post every friday. Just like a weekly wrap up of my thoughts. Here is the first edition.

- Do you think when Sean Taylor died the bootleggers heard dollar signs? I mean they had RIP shirts printed up quick. They are literally making a profit off dudes murder. They should have to donate the profits or something.

- Is it me or did Fat Joe just move to MIA and forget that he's from the bronx? I mean he in every bamma from Miami's video. Hell his videos even shot in miami.

- This is for my DC folks. There is a Verizon Center poster on the metro that has Caron Butler in it. He is wearing a white and purple jersey and has a fake 10 year anniversary tattoo on his arm. Every day for a good 5 months I thought he was a WNBA player.

- I just saw that LL Cool J is almost 40. Who drops a rap album at 40? even Common said he quiting rap to start acting. LL should follow suit.

- I finally saw Dreamgirls this month, Jimmy got Soul!!! Jamie Fox's character and Eddie Murphy's scene on stage made the movie.

- Why is President the only job you CAN'T have previous experience for? Even strippers need prior experience to get a job.

- Driving my car all these years has spoiled me to what cold feels like. I used to laugh at those people with scarfs around their faces walking down the street. but after walking outside for 45 min I realize that it's COLD... the wind constantly hitting your face is a problem.

- I don't like raw carrots. People saw they are sweet, those people lie.

25 December 2007

Merry Christmas

Growing up in my household we didn't watch "A wonderful life". We watched "The Christmas Story" Which is one of the greatest and funniest movies of all time. My childhood is full of comedy and christmas as no different. We didn't have a bunch of money but we always enjoyed each others company. It was only fitting that our christmas tradition would include a comedy. 6 years ago when TBS started their 24 hours of A christmas story I was ecstatic. My favorite holiday movie ALL day long. what could be better? So my gift to you is this, If you have never seen the movie tune into TBS or grap it from netflix. Here is one of the many funny clips from the movie.

24 December 2007

Who Knew?

In other stuff we already knew news. Turns out Chris stokes has been molesting the kids of imature and b2k. Anyone who has seen Chris Stokes can tell you something is off about him.
Honestly he looks gay and after seeing these videos of Bow Wow protecting his boy I'm inclined to believe that Chis turned all them boys out.

I know I'm not the only one who though Bow Wow channeled his inner TI while arguing with that interviewer. I wonder if TI ghostwrote that argument? Anyway I'm sure Chris will deny it but that bamma did say "I don't do that anymore.. that's not my life" Which is an admission that you DID play hide the snake with them boys before. This is really horrible, I'd have to kill him if he did that to my child. Well maybe not kill but I'd beat the hell outta him and shove a broomstick up his ass. You know just so he remembers me.

Lets see if an investigation is run to find out the truth like they do to them church pastors. I also would like to see how people react to this verse how R.Kelly got treated for peeing on that girl. If you ask me this is WAY worse, I saw the R. Kelly video and that girl might not have liked it but and she might have been underage by a year but it wasn't the first time she saw some dick and she did take the money for it. Robert could plead ingnorance on her age and I would beleive him. She COULD have been 18 -19. Still too young for his ass but not Statutory rape young. Chris got these boys really young and turned them out when they didn't know any better. Maybe the other members of b2k will come out and do an Oprah show on the perils of being a childhood star.. lol

23 December 2007

Back like I never Left

Aight I can admit that I've been treating this blog like a step child. Thas going to change I'm reading more peoples blogs and i realize they stuff is not much better than mine.. lol So I'ma start posting more, like 3 times a week. I started bloggin on myspace and I've been sleeping on that blog too. So long story short I'm back on my blogger grind. your welcome... your all welcome. LMAO

17 December 2007

I'm kinda picky

I've been reading alot of women giving criteria for their "Perfect Man". Most of them are the same list, so I figured I give my list for what I look for in a woman. The numbers don't mean anything, so 1 is not more important than 10.

1. You gotta be smart, This is one of them things that's not noticeable until you know a person. I don't need a rogue scholar just someone that can keep up.

2. A Sense of humor is important, I crack alot of jokes and if you can't laugh then we have problems. I can usually figure this out within the first 5 min of knowing you.

3. Swagger.. lol this is usually associated with men but I'm going to use it to descride confident women. A woman who knows who she is and what she is about is sexy. Even if you not a "10". If you know your a "7" and are happy being a "7" that's a beautiful thing. There is nothing worse than a unconfident woman.

4. Be about something, you can be a full time student or trying to start your own business just make me believe you trying to make it. That your more than just doing the standard BS to get by. You need to be about more than shopping and "getting money". Sorry I need to see a "getting money" business plan.

5. Understand that I'm not going to sweat you about anything. you want some dude up your ass all the time, I'm not him. I grew up around a bunch of male chauvinists who never cried over or chased a woman. Like all relationships it's a choice to be together not a necessity. I've told all my girlfriends if you don't wanna be her you can go, no problem. The late great Biggie said it best "I don't chase them, I replace them"

6. Niceness, this is important. You have to be a nice person. The nicer the better. I'm nice but I need someone that makes me feel like I could do better. You feed the homeless? teach kids on the weekend, do an aids walk? that's the kind of stuff I need. Ok maybe that's unrealistic but at least be someone that will make me want to be a better person.

7. Dram free, Maybe you didn't know this but women are drama magnets. They just attrach shyt. you put a group of guys in a room with football playing and we will get along, hell we might even become lifelong friends. Not women they just seem to want to hate each other. I can't deal with this I don't need a woman everyday has a story about how she almost had to kick some bitch ass for disrespecting her

8. Pretty, you have to be pretty. I mean I do have to look at your ass daily. I put this last because you can have the rest and be a mud duck. As your grow you change personality wise but your always going to look how you look. Or better yet as my boy once said "Man I'm fine as frog hair, i cant have some ugly girl messing up my gene pool" I can't let you mess up my gene pool... lol

9. Family Oriented. I have a huge family, I mean I have like 20 cousins that I talk to on a regular basis, Not just Thanksgiving and Christmas. So I need someone that understands that. Someone that understands how I can consider my cousins brothers and if I'm having a BBQ at my house anywhere from 5 to 30 people may show. I'm a firm believer in the power of family.

10. Cook. I can cook but I also need someone that can cook. I don't need you to be Rachel Ray, just know your way around the kitchen. No and PB&J sandwhich doesn't not count and neither does fried chicken. I don't care if you can fry shyt, I'm trying to live not die of high cholesterol. I love Mexican food and banana pudding by the way.

So there are my 10 corners of my "perfect woman" box (thanks Ebonne). I know a box has 8 corners work with me people. You would think that's not too hard to find, I'm not really being demanding here. Maybe the divorce rate is so high in america because we settle for people too much. We have a "this is good for now" attitude when it comes to the opposite sex. I'm fairly certain that if I ever get married it will be to someone that meets at least 8 of the criteria above. I'd rather stay single then risk getting a divorce.

23 November 2007

DC nightlife

You gotta love DC. Especially at night. Let me set the scene. Me and my cousin are Driving down Georgia ave 1am thanksgiving day. I'm about to hit this corner and this dude walking across the street flags me down. I stop (why I don't know) he asks me what way is quicker to walk to MD. again it's 1 am and we are on the corner of Georgia and new Hampshire ave. Although I was puzzled by the question thinking that it's a good 2 hour walk to MD from there I told him he could continue up Georgia and hit Montgomery county. He then said he was going to Gaithersburg and had just been let out of prison. Apparently DC police released him downtown 2 hours ago with no money, metro card or bus fare. He said they were supposed to give him a free ride on the train but that didn't happen. Now I'm fully regretting stopping as it's 1am and I'm talking to a dude fresh from lockup who he needs a car... lol Long story short I give him some change for the bus and he walks away. BTW I had no idea the bus runs so late in the city. I saw buses full of bammas all night.

20 November 2007

I Just Don't Understand Women

A couple things today first what's with this christmas before thanksgiving stuff? I say a stand on NY ave selling christmas trees this weekend, they jumping the gun just a lil bit right? Can I at least get a lil turkey before you shove a reindeer in my face?

Anyway back to the point of this blog. I think I have a crush on someone. That's like some middle school shyt right? but it's not like I run and hide when I see her. I talk to her all the time she just will not go out with me. She staying being all nice to me, but no dates... lol I'd rather a girl be like "fukk your fat ass" than be nice and friendly. At least then I know she not interested. This girl throwing mixed messages, she brings me cheesecake and reese cups, stops past my desk to say hi (I guess I should mention I work with her) laughs at my stupid jokes. When I ask her out to lunch... NOPE. Damn what a brother gotta do? It's not even an infatuation I really think me and her could work. I just need an opening. Honestly I've been after this girl for a couple months since before the summer and I'm still at square one. I don't know if she likes me or is just being nice to me. When I ask her she says "I can't date right now... blah blah" all the things I see as excuses. Maybe it's not the right time in her life but damnit I want her. Oh well Oh well I'm about to go listen to pharcyde "I guess a twinkle in her eye is just a twinkle in her eye".. lmao

13 November 2007

Pay Pay and Pay somemore

I'm giving fair waring that I may vent just a lil bit right now. My baby momma called me yesterday and asked for an advance on the child support..... an ADVANCE!!!! and this is like the 3rd straight month that she asked. Before it was like 3 days early but damn it's the 11th and you want an advance? Apparently she bought a bed and didn't have the cash for pay for it because she couldn't cash some check because... blah blah blah. All I know is I'm like a walking talking bank to her. The thing is that child support is supposed to cover everything that your child needs... clothes , food, shoes everything. If you buy them something on top of that then it's like a gift. You basically paying the other parent to provide the basics that the child needs. Now I pay child support AND I buy all my daughters clothes and shoes. All her mom does is feed her, well shyt I feed her too. I figured my CS goes to daycare but now I know that my cash goes to everything but daycare. I guess it doesn't matter as long as the daycare bill gets paid. Anyway back to the damn advance. How you going to ask for an advance like 20 days early? Men get fukked in this reguard. We have to pretty much keep our baby mommas happy or risk not seeing our children or the police knocking on our door and taking our drivers license. i don't need the drama, money comes and goes the time I spend with my daughter is priceless. So pretty soon I'll be paying my baby momma weekly, maybe I can just list her as an employee... lol She already listed as a bill when I balance my checkbook right next to Comcast.

06 November 2007

The Growth

I've always had a thing about growing. I'd hate for someone to say I'm completely the same as I was 5 years ago. I'd like to think I've gotten wiser and better every year. I really dislike people you don't see the need to grow. I mean everything grows, just because a tree is mature it still drops the old leaves and grows new ones every year. When I meet people who think they do everything right I'm always just turned off by them. I actually start to question everything they say, how could you take them serious? they don't even recognize that they still have learning to do. The day you stop learning is the day you stop living. I'm always reading something, I just like the idea of improving every year. So If you know me today I can't promise that I'll be the same in 2 years or even next month. Recently I feel like I should be a activist only because there are a bunch of wrong things going on in the black community and I'd like to help people. I've enjoyed helping my lil cousins find they way in the world. I could see myself as a teacher but that's kind of limiting on who you reach. I think I would like to just go into communities and help kids know there is another way out. All this Don Imus, Jenna 6 stuff has help me realize that people just don't get it. They attack rap music like it's ruining society. The world is big and there are plenty of other things that need our attention rather than some words from a couple people. In the end Don Imus is back on radio, rappers still curse up a storm and kids are trying to superman dat hoe. I'm rambling here a bit, back on my topic I'd like to grow into the kind of person who could teach my daughter enough about the world where she can see thru the BS that will be thrown in her face. Basically I want to do a better job seeing the forest and not the trees. On that note lets watch a video I found of David Banner addressing congress.

16 October 2007

Daddy Day Care

I'm starting a day care center. As far as I can tell daycares in PG county suck, they hire the most ghetto uneducated people to watch your kids. The owners do this so they can give the workers no money and keep all the cash for the owners. Mostly the people who work there are females because of course women are more nourishing and loving than men. So here is my plan, I'ma take the idea from the movie "Daddy Day Care" and use it. Think about it, most kids in PG don't have a daddy at home so they need a male influence/role model and we can provide that without the whole "I'm dating your mommy" dynamic. I'd hire like 3 other people, 2 dudes and 1 girl. Pay them decent money. Hopefully they will be college students in school for teaching or something. Only think I would have to worry about are the male workers trying to holla at the mommies when they drop the kids off. hhhhmmmm this could work... but of course Cuba Gooding Jr will not be involved... lol

15 October 2007

Just a Thought...

Disclaimer: This is a bunch of random stuff I was thinking about but couldn't put together into a decent blog.

You ever do something and immediately regret doing it. Like someone calls and your first instinct is to let voice mail pick it up but Instead you answer it and within the first 30 seconds you know you made the wrong choice? You sit there to yourself like damnit why did I answer the phone?!!!

Young girls are developing way too quick. I've had one too many "dirty old man" moments on the train where I'm looking at some girl only to realize she like 16... lol

All around DC there are ads saying 1 in 20 people have AIDS. That's just scary but a game you can play is trying to guess who in a group of people has it. If your in a room with 40 people try and guess which 2 have the monkey. It might just save your life.

These RIP tees have gotten out of control.. I saw one that said "RIP my man Rockhead" are you serious? Rockhead? that was someone's nickname? And it was such an important nickname that you use it to remember him?

I was just thinking who still wears fubu? then I saw some 45 year old dude rocking a fubu football jersey and sweat band. why do old dudes insist on dressing young? They rarely ever do it right and they just embarrass themselves. When I hit 32 - 33 I'm switching to polo's and jeans. That's unless BDC gets big. If that happens then I'ma look like Russell Simmons out this bitch. But on the flip side them old dudes keep Marshall's and Ross in business.

07 October 2007

The Blacker the Berry

I was over my boys house on saturday when it hit me, I only have 1 black male friend. I was in a house full of Philippino's watching boxing and I was completely comfortable. They were talking about going paint balling, snowboarding, mountain biking and fishing. I was thinking black people don't do that kind of stuff and that's when I realized that I don't have any black friends. All the black dudes I hang around are family. I know a rack of black females, I've never dated anyone but black females. Well I did go out with this Asian girl once but besides that it's been all black all the time.

I've always walked an odd line, you know black guys who grew up in a white neighborhood and they never seem really comfortable around a bunch of other black people, like they are scared someone is going to call them out for not being "black" enough. I'm not like that I chillin the hood just as well as I chill at a country club. I've always adjusted to my enviorment. I tend to get along with everyone, it might be because I grew up in southern cali where I had friends from everywhere so I didn't really look at myself as a black person simply because it wasn't an issue. It wasn't like the black kids only hung out with other black kids or anything like that, you were friends with people you liked regardless of race. When I moved here it was so different. Everything was black and white, Us vs Them. I lived in Oxon Hill which is a 95% black neighborhood so it's not like I grew up in the suburbs. When I was in high school everyone just knew I wasn't from DC. They always said they could just tell. I don't know how, I guess I act just a little bit different. I didn't really make any lifelong friends in high school at least not male friends, Again I mostly hung with females. The dudes I did know were hustlers, odd that I would get along with them. I didn't really make life long friends till college and just like my younger days they were people I liked regardless of color, so here I am now with only 1 black friend. Not by choice but that's just how it happened.

05 October 2007

Wait that was illegal???

So i was chilling on the Green line this morning I read about this in the express. Basically some lady has to pay 220k back to record companies for sharing files on Kazaa. My first thought was DAMN 220k for some songs?? that's crazy, but who hasn't been on Kazaa or napster back in the day and downloaded songs? I didn't know they were serious about charging you with a crime. The bad thing is it's not like she was being charged for shared 30,000 songs or something, she was charged with sharing 24 songs. So she is trading 24 songs for a Condo. That hardly seems fair. I'm glad I don't download music anymore because if I did this would make me stop. matter of fact I'm about to uninstall all my old file sharing programs when I get home. I'll be damn if I'm up in court paying another mortgage because I needed the new Pimp Gangsta Click song.. lol

03 October 2007

The 10% Rule

My boy roe hit me to the 10 percent rule a while ago and let me tell you he aint never lied. For those that don't know here's the rule. when you meet a girl your trying to date you find out how her last boyfriend was and try to be 10% better. If he liked to kick her ass then just don't beat her. If he never took her out take her to get some food once and a while. Basicly if your 10% better than the last dude than your golden to her. After all what girl wants soeone worse than the dude they just broke up with?? But you cant be too good because then your fukking it up for the dude after you. Have some cutorsy. plus if you just do too much up front than you'll never be able to keep it up over a long period of time. You need to leave some room for improvement, if you peak 3 months into the relationship then your screwed.

This rule works pretty well unless the dude before you just set unrealistic goals and burned himself out. In which case the girl is expecting that and everyone who comes after cant possibly keep it up. for example i once dated this girl who expected me to open the car door everytime she got in or out the car... Thats too much i'll open the door for you to get in but i'll be damned if i open the door for you to get out. The dude that did that fukked it up for everyone... Lol

Women are funny

Ok let me start by saying I'm not your typical baby daddy. I have my daughter all the time. Not like every other weekend but everyday. I completely spoil her and she is really a daddy's girl. That said it's always funny when I'm talking to girls and they realize that I'm not going to be able to go out with them every night or just swing past after work because I have to take care of my baby. They all say how sweet it is that I take care of my child and they wish thier baby daddy/father was the same way until they realize that taking care of my child means that I can't spent a bunch of time with them. Lets be honest women need attention, they want your time. I really don't have time to devote to a girl, I hate talking on the phone and I don't have much free time. Maybe I have not found the one I want to sit on the phone and spend all my free time with, or the one I'm willing to make time for . I'm not really sure but there is always a moment in my relationships where everything is cool then they really realize that the lil girl comes first and I'm not going to be up there butt checking on them all the time. Basically they think I'm going to take time from my daughter and give it to them when I'm not. Usually they say lil slick shyt but I always just laugh it off because I have my priorities straight and I was always told "women come and go by family is forever " or better yet Biggie told me "Don't chase them, replace them"

Potty Training Blues

I went to pick my daughter up from day care and she is soaked from head to toe. At first I just notice her pants are wet and I instantly think that she pissed herself. Turns out he shirt is wet too and she just decided to take a shower in the water fountain. That aside my baby girl is still not potty trained. It's really hard to try and get her to use the bathroom without yelling and threating to spank her. I don't want to be mean, it's not my style but I want her to learn. I think she uses the bathroom at school with all her friends but when she is at home it doesn't happen. Maybe I need another kid to show her how it's done? I bought a portable potty and one of those toilet seats that go on regular toilets, neither seemed to take with her. Shyt I even bought "Potty Training for Dummies" for me lol, I'm trying really I am. Everything I read says it should be a natural process and you shouldn't make kids feel bad about it but I'm sick of changing pull ups and smelling shyt. I'm about to look online for more information, hopefully something will work I need her to hit that milestone.

02 October 2007

Drama Free

I hate drama... I really hate it, I ignore stupid people just to avoid it. Whenever I'm arguing with someone my heart starts beating fast and shyt. Like I could have a heart attack any minute. That can't be right so I've learned to just avoid those situations. Whenever someone is about to piss me off I just leave the room, yeah it's kind of a bitch move but I'll be damn if I let these stupid ass people give me high blood pressure. I remember I went to get a physical around the time me and my baby momma were going thru it and my Dr told me I had borderline high blood pressure. Understand I had been 100% healthy till this point. I was like oh hell to the no... the stress has to stop!! Me and her parted ways and my health returned to normal.

I say this because my baby momma LOVES the drama, not like "ghetto girl slash tire" drama but "I'll sue your ass and write my senator" drama. She gets into it with everyone day cares, grocery stores, corner people. It don't matter, anyone that says or does somethig she doesn't like she's on they ass. I wonder sometimes if she is really happy. It's really the main reason we could never be together. I mean her day consists of trying to remember which court case she needs to follow up with. That can't be fun. I don't remember the last time she went out and did something or someone. lol I kid, I kid... but really she doesn't seem to have fun in life anymore. Everytime I see her I'm reminded that you should enjoy life above all else. Your not promised tomorrow so you better get your laughs in today. So when you see me cracking jokes at a museum or dying laughing at the stupidest of jokes just remember that the boy enjoys life.

Please Stand Up and Introduce Yourself

Hi I'm Dave and I started this blog just to vent on some things. Most the posts will be short and sweet. They will also be completely random, I'm serious I'm going to type about any and everything.

First some background on me, I was born in Southern Cali and moved to DC about 14 years ago. So I've almost spent half my life in each place. That means I'm almost 28 for those who failed math. I have a 3 year old daughter who is my twin and sidekick, we fight bamma ass people... lol I work as a Computer Geek in downtown DC and I design Tee shirts on the side.

So basically you'll learn a lil more about me and how my mind works, I'm not going to promise to be fair, not offend or make sense. Only that I'll be honest.