03 October 2007

The 10% Rule

My boy roe hit me to the 10 percent rule a while ago and let me tell you he aint never lied. For those that don't know here's the rule. when you meet a girl your trying to date you find out how her last boyfriend was and try to be 10% better. If he liked to kick her ass then just don't beat her. If he never took her out take her to get some food once and a while. Basicly if your 10% better than the last dude than your golden to her. After all what girl wants soeone worse than the dude they just broke up with?? But you cant be too good because then your fukking it up for the dude after you. Have some cutorsy. plus if you just do too much up front than you'll never be able to keep it up over a long period of time. You need to leave some room for improvement, if you peak 3 months into the relationship then your screwed.

This rule works pretty well unless the dude before you just set unrealistic goals and burned himself out. In which case the girl is expecting that and everyone who comes after cant possibly keep it up. for example i once dated this girl who expected me to open the car door everytime she got in or out the car... Thats too much i'll open the door for you to get in but i'll be damned if i open the door for you to get out. The dude that did that fukked it up for everyone... Lol

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kayellejaye said...

I'm so mad at this post. LOL. A mess!