16 October 2007

Daddy Day Care

I'm starting a day care center. As far as I can tell daycares in PG county suck, they hire the most ghetto uneducated people to watch your kids. The owners do this so they can give the workers no money and keep all the cash for the owners. Mostly the people who work there are females because of course women are more nourishing and loving than men. So here is my plan, I'ma take the idea from the movie "Daddy Day Care" and use it. Think about it, most kids in PG don't have a daddy at home so they need a male influence/role model and we can provide that without the whole "I'm dating your mommy" dynamic. I'd hire like 3 other people, 2 dudes and 1 girl. Pay them decent money. Hopefully they will be college students in school for teaching or something. Only think I would have to worry about are the male workers trying to holla at the mommies when they drop the kids off. hhhhmmmm this could work... but of course Cuba Gooding Jr will not be involved... lol


One Man’s Opinion said...

Just be care and check everyone out throughly.....trust me, the males hollering at the females is not the only thing you need worry about.

CocaColaCutie said...

Tag you're it. see my blog for the rules.