02 October 2007

Drama Free

I hate drama... I really hate it, I ignore stupid people just to avoid it. Whenever I'm arguing with someone my heart starts beating fast and shyt. Like I could have a heart attack any minute. That can't be right so I've learned to just avoid those situations. Whenever someone is about to piss me off I just leave the room, yeah it's kind of a bitch move but I'll be damn if I let these stupid ass people give me high blood pressure. I remember I went to get a physical around the time me and my baby momma were going thru it and my Dr told me I had borderline high blood pressure. Understand I had been 100% healthy till this point. I was like oh hell to the no... the stress has to stop!! Me and her parted ways and my health returned to normal.

I say this because my baby momma LOVES the drama, not like "ghetto girl slash tire" drama but "I'll sue your ass and write my senator" drama. She gets into it with everyone day cares, grocery stores, corner people. It don't matter, anyone that says or does somethig she doesn't like she's on they ass. I wonder sometimes if she is really happy. It's really the main reason we could never be together. I mean her day consists of trying to remember which court case she needs to follow up with. That can't be fun. I don't remember the last time she went out and did something or someone. lol I kid, I kid... but really she doesn't seem to have fun in life anymore. Everytime I see her I'm reminded that you should enjoy life above all else. Your not promised tomorrow so you better get your laughs in today. So when you see me cracking jokes at a museum or dying laughing at the stupidest of jokes just remember that the boy enjoys life.

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Who Me? said...

You know what, I go through the same thing I get so frustrated when I am under pressure or in an argument that something don't go right, my heart will beat extremely fast to the point I hear it in my ears and my words become jumbled up. I consider mines to be anxiety attacks, I haven't had any lately though cause I haven't really been stressed out.

But yea I try to avoid drama at all times also.