15 October 2007

Just a Thought...

Disclaimer: This is a bunch of random stuff I was thinking about but couldn't put together into a decent blog.

You ever do something and immediately regret doing it. Like someone calls and your first instinct is to let voice mail pick it up but Instead you answer it and within the first 30 seconds you know you made the wrong choice? You sit there to yourself like damnit why did I answer the phone?!!!

Young girls are developing way too quick. I've had one too many "dirty old man" moments on the train where I'm looking at some girl only to realize she like 16... lol

All around DC there are ads saying 1 in 20 people have AIDS. That's just scary but a game you can play is trying to guess who in a group of people has it. If your in a room with 40 people try and guess which 2 have the monkey. It might just save your life.

These RIP tees have gotten out of control.. I saw one that said "RIP my man Rockhead" are you serious? Rockhead? that was someone's nickname? And it was such an important nickname that you use it to remember him?

I was just thinking who still wears fubu? then I saw some 45 year old dude rocking a fubu football jersey and sweat band. why do old dudes insist on dressing young? They rarely ever do it right and they just embarrass themselves. When I hit 32 - 33 I'm switching to polo's and jeans. That's unless BDC gets big. If that happens then I'ma look like Russell Simmons out this bitch. But on the flip side them old dudes keep Marshall's and Ross in business.


CocaColaCutie said...

LMMFAO @ guess the monkey. I'mma do that on the boat tonight.

I too abhor the old men in jerseys and cornrows...just let it go man...let it go...

Shawn Smith said...

The "sh1t, I shouldn't have picked up" phone call. Either that or "something told me I shouldn't have called you."

I feel that way (about young girls) every time I talk to someone that says they were born in the 80's (and even 90's in some cases).

I went home to Memphis over Christmas and saw someone in church that had on a RIP shirt with an airbrushed picture on the front.What's even more funny is at the airbrush shop he had a sample of one for someone to be let out of jail.

I'm not a FUBU wearer and even when I was young enough to wear it, I still didn't rock it. Polo's last forever.