02 October 2007

Please Stand Up and Introduce Yourself

Hi I'm Dave and I started this blog just to vent on some things. Most the posts will be short and sweet. They will also be completely random, I'm serious I'm going to type about any and everything.

First some background on me, I was born in Southern Cali and moved to DC about 14 years ago. So I've almost spent half my life in each place. That means I'm almost 28 for those who failed math. I have a 3 year old daughter who is my twin and sidekick, we fight bamma ass people... lol I work as a Computer Geek in downtown DC and I design Tee shirts on the side.

So basically you'll learn a lil more about me and how my mind works, I'm not going to promise to be fair, not offend or make sense. Only that I'll be honest.

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