03 October 2007

Potty Training Blues

I went to pick my daughter up from day care and she is soaked from head to toe. At first I just notice her pants are wet and I instantly think that she pissed herself. Turns out he shirt is wet too and she just decided to take a shower in the water fountain. That aside my baby girl is still not potty trained. It's really hard to try and get her to use the bathroom without yelling and threating to spank her. I don't want to be mean, it's not my style but I want her to learn. I think she uses the bathroom at school with all her friends but when she is at home it doesn't happen. Maybe I need another kid to show her how it's done? I bought a portable potty and one of those toilet seats that go on regular toilets, neither seemed to take with her. Shyt I even bought "Potty Training for Dummies" for me lol, I'm trying really I am. Everything I read says it should be a natural process and you shouldn't make kids feel bad about it but I'm sick of changing pull ups and smelling shyt. I'm about to look online for more information, hopefully something will work I need her to hit that milestone.

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Who Me? said...

Well you can't rush potty training.. To be its like having a puppy. Here is what I did to Hailey maybe it will help.

I let Hailey go with me in the bathroom, when I went she went.

After an hour into her drinking I made her go to the potty,times it worked times it didn't.

I let her go commando sometimes, but always prepared to clean up a mess, if she peed I let her know she can't do that. If she pooped I made her clean it up.

I took the potty out the bathroom sometimes and put it where she always be at, and I would say go to the potty like every 15 minutes.

Also use to stop her from drinking an hour before she goes to bed..

And when she does go potty we use to dance round the house like fools. She liked that part, it was like mandatory that we did a "you pee pee in the potty" dance.

Then times we left it alone, and she did it on her own. It came to the point she would refuse to pee on herself in the middle of the night.. She would poke her head up and yell POT POT!! but no one wanted to get up so we put the potty near her bed, and slowly moved it towards the door. She now gets up in the middle of the night goes by herself comes back and goes to sleep..

Its wonderful....

I hope this helps.