05 October 2007

Wait that was illegal???

So i was chilling on the Green line this morning I read about this in the express. Basically some lady has to pay 220k back to record companies for sharing files on Kazaa. My first thought was DAMN 220k for some songs?? that's crazy, but who hasn't been on Kazaa or napster back in the day and downloaded songs? I didn't know they were serious about charging you with a crime. The bad thing is it's not like she was being charged for shared 30,000 songs or something, she was charged with sharing 24 songs. So she is trading 24 songs for a Condo. That hardly seems fair. I'm glad I don't download music anymore because if I did this would make me stop. matter of fact I'm about to uninstall all my old file sharing programs when I get home. I'll be damn if I'm up in court paying another mortgage because I needed the new Pimp Gangsta Click song.. lol

1 comment:

Who Me? said...

Lol, it's not stopping me.. But I dont use Limewire, Kazaa and any other shit like that.