03 October 2007

Women are funny

Ok let me start by saying I'm not your typical baby daddy. I have my daughter all the time. Not like every other weekend but everyday. I completely spoil her and she is really a daddy's girl. That said it's always funny when I'm talking to girls and they realize that I'm not going to be able to go out with them every night or just swing past after work because I have to take care of my baby. They all say how sweet it is that I take care of my child and they wish thier baby daddy/father was the same way until they realize that taking care of my child means that I can't spent a bunch of time with them. Lets be honest women need attention, they want your time. I really don't have time to devote to a girl, I hate talking on the phone and I don't have much free time. Maybe I have not found the one I want to sit on the phone and spend all my free time with, or the one I'm willing to make time for . I'm not really sure but there is always a moment in my relationships where everything is cool then they really realize that the lil girl comes first and I'm not going to be up there butt checking on them all the time. Basically they think I'm going to take time from my daughter and give it to them when I'm not. Usually they say lil slick shyt but I always just laugh it off because I have my priorities straight and I was always told "women come and go by family is forever " or better yet Biggie told me "Don't chase them, replace them"


Who Me? said...

I feel where you are coming from, hell you should already know. I can't go out when my friends go out at times cause I have the little one.. Its no big thing to me, I never complain. I enjoy my time with my child even though time away would help. Right now shes sitting on my lap. But yea, if a person can't understand that family comes first then yea fuck em...well that harsh but yea fuck em. I've met males that stop talking me to cause I wont bring them to my house, oh well....another one bites the dust.

The right one will come..

andonetime said...

I just found your blog and this post is old as shit.....but I want to comment.

That's not 100% true. Being a single woman with a child full time, I WANT a man that has a child full time so he knows that I can't go out at the drop of a dime. That's hard to find.