17 December 2007

I'm kinda picky

I've been reading alot of women giving criteria for their "Perfect Man". Most of them are the same list, so I figured I give my list for what I look for in a woman. The numbers don't mean anything, so 1 is not more important than 10.

1. You gotta be smart, This is one of them things that's not noticeable until you know a person. I don't need a rogue scholar just someone that can keep up.

2. A Sense of humor is important, I crack alot of jokes and if you can't laugh then we have problems. I can usually figure this out within the first 5 min of knowing you.

3. Swagger.. lol this is usually associated with men but I'm going to use it to descride confident women. A woman who knows who she is and what she is about is sexy. Even if you not a "10". If you know your a "7" and are happy being a "7" that's a beautiful thing. There is nothing worse than a unconfident woman.

4. Be about something, you can be a full time student or trying to start your own business just make me believe you trying to make it. That your more than just doing the standard BS to get by. You need to be about more than shopping and "getting money". Sorry I need to see a "getting money" business plan.

5. Understand that I'm not going to sweat you about anything. you want some dude up your ass all the time, I'm not him. I grew up around a bunch of male chauvinists who never cried over or chased a woman. Like all relationships it's a choice to be together not a necessity. I've told all my girlfriends if you don't wanna be her you can go, no problem. The late great Biggie said it best "I don't chase them, I replace them"

6. Niceness, this is important. You have to be a nice person. The nicer the better. I'm nice but I need someone that makes me feel like I could do better. You feed the homeless? teach kids on the weekend, do an aids walk? that's the kind of stuff I need. Ok maybe that's unrealistic but at least be someone that will make me want to be a better person.

7. Dram free, Maybe you didn't know this but women are drama magnets. They just attrach shyt. you put a group of guys in a room with football playing and we will get along, hell we might even become lifelong friends. Not women they just seem to want to hate each other. I can't deal with this I don't need a woman everyday has a story about how she almost had to kick some bitch ass for disrespecting her

8. Pretty, you have to be pretty. I mean I do have to look at your ass daily. I put this last because you can have the rest and be a mud duck. As your grow you change personality wise but your always going to look how you look. Or better yet as my boy once said "Man I'm fine as frog hair, i cant have some ugly girl messing up my gene pool" I can't let you mess up my gene pool... lol

9. Family Oriented. I have a huge family, I mean I have like 20 cousins that I talk to on a regular basis, Not just Thanksgiving and Christmas. So I need someone that understands that. Someone that understands how I can consider my cousins brothers and if I'm having a BBQ at my house anywhere from 5 to 30 people may show. I'm a firm believer in the power of family.

10. Cook. I can cook but I also need someone that can cook. I don't need you to be Rachel Ray, just know your way around the kitchen. No and PB&J sandwhich doesn't not count and neither does fried chicken. I don't care if you can fry shyt, I'm trying to live not die of high cholesterol. I love Mexican food and banana pudding by the way.

So there are my 10 corners of my "perfect woman" box (thanks Ebonne). I know a box has 8 corners work with me people. You would think that's not too hard to find, I'm not really being demanding here. Maybe the divorce rate is so high in america because we settle for people too much. We have a "this is good for now" attitude when it comes to the opposite sex. I'm fairly certain that if I ever get married it will be to someone that meets at least 8 of the criteria above. I'd rather stay single then risk getting a divorce.


Ebonne said...

Thanks for the shout and I'm glad that my post inspired you. Your sticking to it too I see... by not settling for someone who only meets 8... Dang, I thought I was tough!...lol

But I saw your post... so I've been trying to picture you now... So you're a height-challenged, red bone who has a child....lol... its all good... you'
ll find your special lady... and I hope your going to be getting those final credits so that you can add number 3... especially since your so close...

have a merry christmas!!!

Homer is My Co-pilot said...

lol... That describes me exactly. I think most of my list is basic stuff, i'm not being overly picky.

Andie said...

LMAO....that person sound familiar oh yea it couldn't be me though being that I'm cold-hearted lol...