29 December 2007

New Year... New Me

I have this thing. I always want to grow as a person. I never want someone to see me 10 years from now and say I'm exactly how they remember me. Whats the point of living if you don't grow? So everyday I try and add something. Today I worked on keeping my house clean (I need a maid). So In 2008 I'ma focus on many things including my diet (I eat a lil too much fast food) My company ( I need to market better and create more designs) and my cooking (I need to master my Grilling skills). Besides all that I need to get back to reading books on the train instead of listening to my mp3 player or watching movies. I basically need to utilize my time better. OH YEAH I would also like to find the time to date more. I need a new woman in my life, your boy is getting old.. lol

So here's a Happy New Year too you. Stay safe and Hopefully 2008 will bring you knowledge and growth.


Eb the Celeb said...

hey there.... I totally agree with you... and happy new year... and you need a new woman in yo life... well I am looking.. you read how my date went...lol

Homer is My Co-pilot said...

Hey if your ever in DC look a brother up. I promise to be a better date that Officer Lame-O.