24 December 2007

Who Knew?

In other stuff we already knew news. Turns out Chris stokes has been molesting the kids of imature and b2k. Anyone who has seen Chris Stokes can tell you something is off about him.
Honestly he looks gay and after seeing these videos of Bow Wow protecting his boy I'm inclined to believe that Chis turned all them boys out.

I know I'm not the only one who though Bow Wow channeled his inner TI while arguing with that interviewer. I wonder if TI ghostwrote that argument? Anyway I'm sure Chris will deny it but that bamma did say "I don't do that anymore.. that's not my life" Which is an admission that you DID play hide the snake with them boys before. This is really horrible, I'd have to kill him if he did that to my child. Well maybe not kill but I'd beat the hell outta him and shove a broomstick up his ass. You know just so he remembers me.

Lets see if an investigation is run to find out the truth like they do to them church pastors. I also would like to see how people react to this verse how R.Kelly got treated for peeing on that girl. If you ask me this is WAY worse, I saw the R. Kelly video and that girl might not have liked it but and she might have been underage by a year but it wasn't the first time she saw some dick and she did take the money for it. Robert could plead ingnorance on her age and I would beleive him. She COULD have been 18 -19. Still too young for his ass but not Statutory rape young. Chris got these boys really young and turned them out when they didn't know any better. Maybe the other members of b2k will come out and do an Oprah show on the perils of being a childhood star.. lol

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Ebonne said...

yeah this whole story is crazy... makes me really wonder now what went down with b2k breaking up... its real crazy!