05 October 2007

Wait that was illegal???

So i was chilling on the Green line this morning I read about this in the express. Basically some lady has to pay 220k back to record companies for sharing files on Kazaa. My first thought was DAMN 220k for some songs?? that's crazy, but who hasn't been on Kazaa or napster back in the day and downloaded songs? I didn't know they were serious about charging you with a crime. The bad thing is it's not like she was being charged for shared 30,000 songs or something, she was charged with sharing 24 songs. So she is trading 24 songs for a Condo. That hardly seems fair. I'm glad I don't download music anymore because if I did this would make me stop. matter of fact I'm about to uninstall all my old file sharing programs when I get home. I'll be damn if I'm up in court paying another mortgage because I needed the new Pimp Gangsta Click song.. lol

03 October 2007

The 10% Rule

My boy roe hit me to the 10 percent rule a while ago and let me tell you he aint never lied. For those that don't know here's the rule. when you meet a girl your trying to date you find out how her last boyfriend was and try to be 10% better. If he liked to kick her ass then just don't beat her. If he never took her out take her to get some food once and a while. Basicly if your 10% better than the last dude than your golden to her. After all what girl wants soeone worse than the dude they just broke up with?? But you cant be too good because then your fukking it up for the dude after you. Have some cutorsy. plus if you just do too much up front than you'll never be able to keep it up over a long period of time. You need to leave some room for improvement, if you peak 3 months into the relationship then your screwed.

This rule works pretty well unless the dude before you just set unrealistic goals and burned himself out. In which case the girl is expecting that and everyone who comes after cant possibly keep it up. for example i once dated this girl who expected me to open the car door everytime she got in or out the car... Thats too much i'll open the door for you to get in but i'll be damned if i open the door for you to get out. The dude that did that fukked it up for everyone... Lol

Women are funny

Ok let me start by saying I'm not your typical baby daddy. I have my daughter all the time. Not like every other weekend but everyday. I completely spoil her and she is really a daddy's girl. That said it's always funny when I'm talking to girls and they realize that I'm not going to be able to go out with them every night or just swing past after work because I have to take care of my baby. They all say how sweet it is that I take care of my child and they wish thier baby daddy/father was the same way until they realize that taking care of my child means that I can't spent a bunch of time with them. Lets be honest women need attention, they want your time. I really don't have time to devote to a girl, I hate talking on the phone and I don't have much free time. Maybe I have not found the one I want to sit on the phone and spend all my free time with, or the one I'm willing to make time for . I'm not really sure but there is always a moment in my relationships where everything is cool then they really realize that the lil girl comes first and I'm not going to be up there butt checking on them all the time. Basically they think I'm going to take time from my daughter and give it to them when I'm not. Usually they say lil slick shyt but I always just laugh it off because I have my priorities straight and I was always told "women come and go by family is forever " or better yet Biggie told me "Don't chase them, replace them"

Potty Training Blues

I went to pick my daughter up from day care and she is soaked from head to toe. At first I just notice her pants are wet and I instantly think that she pissed herself. Turns out he shirt is wet too and she just decided to take a shower in the water fountain. That aside my baby girl is still not potty trained. It's really hard to try and get her to use the bathroom without yelling and threating to spank her. I don't want to be mean, it's not my style but I want her to learn. I think she uses the bathroom at school with all her friends but when she is at home it doesn't happen. Maybe I need another kid to show her how it's done? I bought a portable potty and one of those toilet seats that go on regular toilets, neither seemed to take with her. Shyt I even bought "Potty Training for Dummies" for me lol, I'm trying really I am. Everything I read says it should be a natural process and you shouldn't make kids feel bad about it but I'm sick of changing pull ups and smelling shyt. I'm about to look online for more information, hopefully something will work I need her to hit that milestone.

02 October 2007

Drama Free

I hate drama... I really hate it, I ignore stupid people just to avoid it. Whenever I'm arguing with someone my heart starts beating fast and shyt. Like I could have a heart attack any minute. That can't be right so I've learned to just avoid those situations. Whenever someone is about to piss me off I just leave the room, yeah it's kind of a bitch move but I'll be damn if I let these stupid ass people give me high blood pressure. I remember I went to get a physical around the time me and my baby momma were going thru it and my Dr told me I had borderline high blood pressure. Understand I had been 100% healthy till this point. I was like oh hell to the no... the stress has to stop!! Me and her parted ways and my health returned to normal.

I say this because my baby momma LOVES the drama, not like "ghetto girl slash tire" drama but "I'll sue your ass and write my senator" drama. She gets into it with everyone day cares, grocery stores, corner people. It don't matter, anyone that says or does somethig she doesn't like she's on they ass. I wonder sometimes if she is really happy. It's really the main reason we could never be together. I mean her day consists of trying to remember which court case she needs to follow up with. That can't be fun. I don't remember the last time she went out and did something or someone. lol I kid, I kid... but really she doesn't seem to have fun in life anymore. Everytime I see her I'm reminded that you should enjoy life above all else. Your not promised tomorrow so you better get your laughs in today. So when you see me cracking jokes at a museum or dying laughing at the stupidest of jokes just remember that the boy enjoys life.

Please Stand Up and Introduce Yourself

Hi I'm Dave and I started this blog just to vent on some things. Most the posts will be short and sweet. They will also be completely random, I'm serious I'm going to type about any and everything.

First some background on me, I was born in Southern Cali and moved to DC about 14 years ago. So I've almost spent half my life in each place. That means I'm almost 28 for those who failed math. I have a 3 year old daughter who is my twin and sidekick, we fight bamma ass people... lol I work as a Computer Geek in downtown DC and I design Tee shirts on the side.

So basically you'll learn a lil more about me and how my mind works, I'm not going to promise to be fair, not offend or make sense. Only that I'll be honest.