07 October 2007

The Blacker the Berry

I was over my boys house on saturday when it hit me, I only have 1 black male friend. I was in a house full of Philippino's watching boxing and I was completely comfortable. They were talking about going paint balling, snowboarding, mountain biking and fishing. I was thinking black people don't do that kind of stuff and that's when I realized that I don't have any black friends. All the black dudes I hang around are family. I know a rack of black females, I've never dated anyone but black females. Well I did go out with this Asian girl once but besides that it's been all black all the time.

I've always walked an odd line, you know black guys who grew up in a white neighborhood and they never seem really comfortable around a bunch of other black people, like they are scared someone is going to call them out for not being "black" enough. I'm not like that I chillin the hood just as well as I chill at a country club. I've always adjusted to my enviorment. I tend to get along with everyone, it might be because I grew up in southern cali where I had friends from everywhere so I didn't really look at myself as a black person simply because it wasn't an issue. It wasn't like the black kids only hung out with other black kids or anything like that, you were friends with people you liked regardless of race. When I moved here it was so different. Everything was black and white, Us vs Them. I lived in Oxon Hill which is a 95% black neighborhood so it's not like I grew up in the suburbs. When I was in high school everyone just knew I wasn't from DC. They always said they could just tell. I don't know how, I guess I act just a little bit different. I didn't really make any lifelong friends in high school at least not male friends, Again I mostly hung with females. The dudes I did know were hustlers, odd that I would get along with them. I didn't really make life long friends till college and just like my younger days they were people I liked regardless of color, so here I am now with only 1 black friend. Not by choice but that's just how it happened.