06 November 2007

The Growth

I've always had a thing about growing. I'd hate for someone to say I'm completely the same as I was 5 years ago. I'd like to think I've gotten wiser and better every year. I really dislike people you don't see the need to grow. I mean everything grows, just because a tree is mature it still drops the old leaves and grows new ones every year. When I meet people who think they do everything right I'm always just turned off by them. I actually start to question everything they say, how could you take them serious? they don't even recognize that they still have learning to do. The day you stop learning is the day you stop living. I'm always reading something, I just like the idea of improving every year. So If you know me today I can't promise that I'll be the same in 2 years or even next month. Recently I feel like I should be a activist only because there are a bunch of wrong things going on in the black community and I'd like to help people. I've enjoyed helping my lil cousins find they way in the world. I could see myself as a teacher but that's kind of limiting on who you reach. I think I would like to just go into communities and help kids know there is another way out. All this Don Imus, Jenna 6 stuff has help me realize that people just don't get it. They attack rap music like it's ruining society. The world is big and there are plenty of other things that need our attention rather than some words from a couple people. In the end Don Imus is back on radio, rappers still curse up a storm and kids are trying to superman dat hoe. I'm rambling here a bit, back on my topic I'd like to grow into the kind of person who could teach my daughter enough about the world where she can see thru the BS that will be thrown in her face. Basically I want to do a better job seeing the forest and not the trees. On that note lets watch a video I found of David Banner addressing congress.