13 November 2007

Pay Pay and Pay somemore

I'm giving fair waring that I may vent just a lil bit right now. My baby momma called me yesterday and asked for an advance on the child support..... an ADVANCE!!!! and this is like the 3rd straight month that she asked. Before it was like 3 days early but damn it's the 11th and you want an advance? Apparently she bought a bed and didn't have the cash for pay for it because she couldn't cash some check because... blah blah blah. All I know is I'm like a walking talking bank to her. The thing is that child support is supposed to cover everything that your child needs... clothes , food, shoes everything. If you buy them something on top of that then it's like a gift. You basically paying the other parent to provide the basics that the child needs. Now I pay child support AND I buy all my daughters clothes and shoes. All her mom does is feed her, well shyt I feed her too. I figured my CS goes to daycare but now I know that my cash goes to everything but daycare. I guess it doesn't matter as long as the daycare bill gets paid. Anyway back to the damn advance. How you going to ask for an advance like 20 days early? Men get fukked in this reguard. We have to pretty much keep our baby mommas happy or risk not seeing our children or the police knocking on our door and taking our drivers license. i don't need the drama, money comes and goes the time I spend with my daughter is priceless. So pretty soon I'll be paying my baby momma weekly, maybe I can just list her as an employee... lol She already listed as a bill when I balance my checkbook right next to Comcast.