23 November 2007

DC nightlife

You gotta love DC. Especially at night. Let me set the scene. Me and my cousin are Driving down Georgia ave 1am thanksgiving day. I'm about to hit this corner and this dude walking across the street flags me down. I stop (why I don't know) he asks me what way is quicker to walk to MD. again it's 1 am and we are on the corner of Georgia and new Hampshire ave. Although I was puzzled by the question thinking that it's a good 2 hour walk to MD from there I told him he could continue up Georgia and hit Montgomery county. He then said he was going to Gaithersburg and had just been let out of prison. Apparently DC police released him downtown 2 hours ago with no money, metro card or bus fare. He said they were supposed to give him a free ride on the train but that didn't happen. Now I'm fully regretting stopping as it's 1am and I'm talking to a dude fresh from lockup who he needs a car... lol Long story short I give him some change for the bus and he walks away. BTW I had no idea the bus runs so late in the city. I saw buses full of bammas all night.

20 November 2007

I Just Don't Understand Women

A couple things today first what's with this christmas before thanksgiving stuff? I say a stand on NY ave selling christmas trees this weekend, they jumping the gun just a lil bit right? Can I at least get a lil turkey before you shove a reindeer in my face?

Anyway back to the point of this blog. I think I have a crush on someone. That's like some middle school shyt right? but it's not like I run and hide when I see her. I talk to her all the time she just will not go out with me. She staying being all nice to me, but no dates... lol I'd rather a girl be like "fukk your fat ass" than be nice and friendly. At least then I know she not interested. This girl throwing mixed messages, she brings me cheesecake and reese cups, stops past my desk to say hi (I guess I should mention I work with her) laughs at my stupid jokes. When I ask her out to lunch... NOPE. Damn what a brother gotta do? It's not even an infatuation I really think me and her could work. I just need an opening. Honestly I've been after this girl for a couple months since before the summer and I'm still at square one. I don't know if she likes me or is just being nice to me. When I ask her she says "I can't date right now... blah blah" all the things I see as excuses. Maybe it's not the right time in her life but damnit I want her. Oh well Oh well I'm about to go listen to pharcyde "I guess a twinkle in her eye is just a twinkle in her eye".. lmao