04 January 2008

RTF part 2

Welcome back to my Random Thoughts....

- Whats the deal with all the sugar free foods? I mean if your on a diet you should not be eating certian things. If your Diabetic then maybe you don't need Jello. Sugar Free Jello is the worst thing ever, I mean it's already jello so it's not like your going to get full off it. All you have is taste, why fuk with that? Same applies to sugar free Kool-aid. If you can't have sugar you shouldn't be drinking Kool-aid. It's just wrong, I need to talk to the Kool-aid Man.

- I was on Gap.com and I saw skinny jeans for men..................................... SKINNY JEANS!!!! this disturbs me. If your a guy and you want some skinny jeans you need to go to the womens section or the Mens Limited. That way you know your buying womens clothes. On a side note why does Limited sell mens clothes? I can't even bring myself to walk in there to look at the clothes, it's a womens brand and thats it. That's like BCBG selling mens clothes... wait they do and I have a BCBG tie.... I got the Tie from Macys though and I didn't know it was BCBG, really I didn't. That makes it better right?

- Looks like Obama kicked Clinton's ass in the Iowa caucus. I was more shocked that Clinton came in 3rd. Every time I think about Obama winning I remember that scene from "Head of State" where the press tells the people in California that a black man is going to win the Presidency and every white person in the state rushes to the polls. Here's a clip from the movie just in case you forgot about it.

- I vent about this alot but they show Sonic commercials on TV in my area and the closest Sonic is 55 miles away from me. I wouldn't mind I wouldn't mind so much but everything they show looks so damn good. They need to do some market research so they can stop wasting advertising dollars on me.

02 January 2008

Happy New Year!!!

There is a saying that however you spend new years eve is how you will spend the rest of the year. For example, if your out single and parting you will spend the rest of the year single and parting Or if your with loved ones you will be surrounded by loved ones all year. you get the idea well I hope this is not true because I spent my new Years eve sick in the bed. I got off work and went straight to bed, I felt horrible. I realized it was 2008 when I heard fireworks and gun shots outside.
Thats when I realized how different my neighborhood has become in the last 4 years. when I first bought my house I swear I was 1 of 2 black people on the street. Everything was quiet, for the record I live in the suburbs right next to a golf course a good 15 min outside the city. I moved out to the burbs to get away from the hood, the gun shots and the police sirens. Over the years the white folks moved out and the black folks moved in and all the sudden we had security patrols and kids riding dirt bikes around the elementary school. I hate to say niggas brought the neighborhood down but it sure seems that way. Shyt I even started seeing graffiti and weed baggies on the playground where my daughter plays. Don't get me wrong, it's not the hood by any means it's just different then it was before. I can't remember a new years where I heard anything outside, now there is fireworks and gunshots I mean WTF??? So as I lay in my bed I was thinking about moving and throwing up at the same time. Hopefully my 2008 will not consist of me being sick and tired of my new neighbors and moving. Especially since the housing market sucks..