31 December 2008

Metro Story

I really meant to mention this story in the last post but I forgot.

I was standing on the train platform when the train pulls up. This tall, light skin, long hair girl gives me the sexy eye from inside the train. As I'm waiting for the doors to open and I proceed to check her out. Scanning from top to bottom I notice she don't have much in the way of breasts so I continue down to check the hips and thighs. I end up focusing on her crotch. Now normally I don't focus on womens crotches but for some reason I was staring at hers. She had on these tight jeans, Thats when I thought....

That looks kinda lumpy...

Wait are those BALLS!!!!???

oh god!!!!

The confusion/disgust must have shown on my face because when the doors opened and I looked up He/She just rolled their eyes and switched off. My day was ruined... lol

Happy New Year!!! Everyone Be safe out there.

29 December 2008

Live From The Corner... The Ride In

So today's edition of Live from the Corner has nothing to do with my "office" but my train ride in. More importantly The people I encountered.

First there was this girl..

Who turned to face the corner for like 2 minutes. I think she was snorting coke but I can't be sure.

Then this lady...

(click to enlarge)

who's hair was pointed down in an arrow fashion. And it was jet black. It looked like she painted it on. I wish the pic was better because it was really amazing. I provided a artist rendering of what she looked like. Also please notice her nikes because they were pastel and stood out on a woman who like 55 years old.

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority... It's FANtastic!!!!!

27 December 2008

X-Mas Wrap-up

So my Christm,as was great. The baby proclaimed I was "The Best Daddy Ever!!" So I guess she was happy with her stuff. On top of that I actually got a great gift from my family. See usually my mom and sister don't even bother asking me what I want. They figure it's somethig they can't afford so they get me other stuff that's nice but I can't really use. I enjoy giving more than reciving anyway. I was expecting a tie or something, So imagine my suprise when I opened this:

That's right a brand new Kitchen Aid Mixer!!! I was hyped. I had just been trying to steal my uncles mixer. He refused to give it up so my mom and sis hooked me up. Just think about all the crap I'ma mix up. Is it bad that I'm a grown man and I'm excited about a mixer? I don't care I wanted it.. lol

Then My niece gave me a apron that she handmade:

It's gangsta.. in a serial killer letter kinda way... No really I love it too. It really repesents the kinda high quality production and materials we use on Cookin With Dave.. lol Did I mention she might film the next episode? No? well she might.

I'll wrap this up with my favorite gift to my daughter, An Obama Action Figure!!!

Tell me that's not the greatest thing ever, it barely even looks like him... lol

23 December 2008

Random Stuff

Remember that pie I mentioned yesterday? That shyt is CRACK!!! no really I might not make a regular sweet potato pie again. It's like sweet potato and sugar coated pecans. It's going into the recipe book. I usually print out some recipes and if it's good I put it in my handy dandy recipe book. That joint is a keeper.

I forgot to mention that I successfully learned how to play Bones this weekend. That's right I got my black card back.. lol

I have a theroy that good looking women don't work early in the morning. I get on the train around 6:30 7:00 am and it's just me, security guards, construction workers and old people. If I'm late to work and get on the train around 8am it's like a damn Maxwell concert. Fine women everywhere! I notice the same theme in the afternoon. The later in the day the more eye candy.

Have you seen the family that had 18 kids? 18!!! not even adopted. This lady spent a good part of the last 20 years preggers. That's crazy. All the kids names begin in J what kind of confusion crap is that?

I'm not into reality shows but I find myself watching Secret Millionaire it's a fox show where millionaire's pretend to be poor and search for people who help others. If they find someone in need they cut them a check to help. It's really a good show and you can't watch it without feeling like you should be giving back.

22 December 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend went by pretty quick. On friday i went on a hunting for a honey baked ham. My mom wanted one for christmas so I had to find one. They were sold out at 1 store so i had to drive across town to pick it up. Problem solved.

Saturday my cuzzo had a christmas party so I told her I'd make my red velvet cupcakes. I wanted an outside opinion about them. Here are some pics...

I think the icing makes them

I took them to the party and everyone loved them. Funny thing is I never like to be around when people eat my stuff. I just want to know after the fact. I hate the attention. people ask a bunch of questions, i just want a smile or a grunt, no more no less. So my aunt is telling me how good they were and my uncle is teasing me about baking red velvet. Even this dude who was a trained chef teased me. This bamma trained in france!!! I trained in PG county... lol good times... good times. The baby got to play with her cousins so she was in heaven.

On Sunday I took my neice shopping again. for the record I never bought the glasses. We were in a book store and she was drooling over some Twilight crap. I need to make a teanage movie to get rich. I asked her if she wanted the book for christmas? she said yeah, so I coped it for her. I'ma make her wrap it up and everything. Yes she will have to wrap her own gift, I hate wrapping presents. I was really considering putting the gifts in brown paper bags and stapling them shut.

Anyway sunday night I decided to bake this sweet potato pecan pie mocha dad sent me. Little did I know the thing would have to sit for 24hours before I could eat it! I was highly pissed. Here's a pic of it, unfortunately I don't know how it tastes yet:

I did realize something while I was baking. I really enjoy baking more than cooking, it's more relaxing. I kinda zoned out and listened to the football game as I baked up the pie. I swear I'd bake shyt all day if I didn't have to worry about eating it. I might just start selling baked goods out my trunk, right next to the t-shirts... lol

19 December 2008

More Tagging

Can you believe my favorite antagonist Sharon tagged me? She got some damn nerve right? I know I officially banned all tags a while ago, why don't people listen? The terrorists will not win!!!

That said I'll answer the questions....

Same rules as all the other tags:
Link back to the person who tagged you. Answer the questions Tag 7 other bloggers (it's always 7, people need to be more creative) Let them know in the comments they were tagged. (we know I'm not tagging anyone right? ok)

10 random things about me:

I stepped on a toothpick as a kid

I used to be a good artist

I got like 920 on my SAT's

I've never been outside the country

I have 1 tattoo

I've had exactly 3 real jobs in my life

I used to share a 1 bedroom apt with my mom

I don't know how to play Bones

I had a broken heart when I was 5

I can't wait to the the biggie movie.

9 ways to win my heart:




9 is alot.. I'm skipping the rest

8 things I want to do before I die:

Sky dive

Travel to Earth

Drive cross country

Run my own business

fall in love

see my grandchildren


Sail a long distance (not like around the world but like from Florida to Maine

7 ways to annoy me:

interrupt my sleep for anything but food or sex

ignore me when I am talking

complain a lot

Talk too much

treat others badly

Enjoy being ignorant

Being needy

6 things I believe in:



The power of Family


The Goodness of People

Drew a Blank....

5 things I am afraid of:

losing my daughter

losing my mother

Thanks it folks...

4 of my favorite things



The Innanet

My family

3 things I do daily:


use the bathroom


2 things I want to do within the hour:

Fix this server

Buy a watch

1 person I want to see right now:

Sharon so I can kick her square in the butt crack... lol

17 December 2008

Exit Interviews

Have you ever been on an exit interview? you know when you leave a job and they interview you to see what went wrong and how they can improve the company?

Wouldn't that be cool to have exit interviews with people we date? Like after it was over you can sit down and calmly discuss why it wasn't working strictly for the purpose of growing? Most relationships end in an argument or with 1 party going missing. You usually don't get a chance to really discuss what went wrong. I got to thinking about this because a couple folks I know are getting out of relationships and one of my past ones hit me back up. I'll use her as an example.

Bridesmaid (that link also includes a pic of me in a tux... you know you wanna see it.. lol) hit me up on thanksgiving day asking if she could come past... I didn't answer the phone because I'm pretty much done with her. I was raised on Biggie, I don't chase them I replace them.. lol. Her calling did get me thinking about how we could have worked if she wasn't so flaky. For my new readers and those that forgot Bridesmaid was a chick I met at my god-sisters wedding earlier in the year. We dated over the summer and kinda fell off because she is a lil too flaky. By flaky I mean we would make plans and it would go something like this:

Her: ok I'm about to leave, I'll be there in 15min
Me: ok
*1.5 hours later*
Me: You ok?
Her: yeah I'm still in the house, something came up, I'ma leave in a few
Me: ok
*2hours later*
Me: ????
Her: I'm leaving now.

And so on. This became her habit. Meaning I knew she was going to do it before it even happened. Now at first I just figured she was dating another dude and was creeping with me. Then I got to talking to my god-sister about it and it turns out she does the exact same thing when they go out. So it's just how she is, nothing personal against me. That's cool but I'm not going to deal with it. So I got M.I.A and just went about my life.

Then she calls me up. I keep thinking if she can not be flaky we could be cool. It's not like I don't like her, I just can't deal with the BS. See that's something I would say in an exit interview. Maybe it could help her in a future relationship. Maybe she can tell me some stuff I need to improve. I think it can be a productive thing, provided you can keep you feelings out of it.

16 December 2008

Broke Dating

This post is inspired by this girl i saw yesterday on the train. She stared me dead in my eyes for like 10 seconds and I didn't say a word. It was early and my brain wasn't functioning yet. I kinda remember her face but I definitely remember her coat. It was like a cream wool trench, pretty nice... lol

sidebar: You like how I always talk about the girls I DON'T talk to huh. I think we already discussed why I don't mention people I DO date. It's bad JuJu. moving on...

As she stood 1 foot away from me on the train my mind decided to wake up and I got to thinking about I loose all desire to date based on my bank account. When I'm broke women are the furtherest thing from my mind. When I go out I like to not be on a budget. I don't want to have $40 and give some girl an evil eye because she ordered a steak... lol. I'd much rather just focus on having a good time and not how much it's going to cost. This is within reason of course, I only spoil my daughter.

I just hate counting the drinks at a bar and doing the math in my head or being out and not being able to do something I want to do because it's not in the budget. Like going to dinner then deciding to catch a movie, only you can't because your broke. That's the worst.. lol.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the girl on the train and why I didn't speak to her, other than the fact that my bank account directly effects my confidence. Even though the girl doesn't know, me knowing what I can and cant afford effects me. I get into a "whats the point" frame of mind. Like even if I do get her number I'm not going to ask her out because I can't afford to go anywhere. Granted I could always get her number and stall till I'm able to have some fun. I realize my logic doesn't make sense but that's why it's mine and not yours.. lol.

Oh yeah that girl got off at my stop too, she works around here so I'm sure I'll see her again. Hopefully she will have the same coat on so I can recognize her... lol

15 December 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

My weekend was pretty boring. I took my niece to the mall on Saturday, it was PACKED!!! I bought like 2 things from the hallmark store and did some window shopping. I rarely go to the mall so it's always interesting to see the new stuff. My niece took me to this store called Lush. They sell handmade cosmetics and other strange crap. It's a girls store, the most interesting thing I saw was a "Bath Bomb" which is a softball sized ball that you drop in the bathtub. It's supposed to fizzle and fill the room with smells. I don't even take baths but it looked interesting. I'd be scared It would make me smell like I bathed in a body Works store, but I'm sure women love it. Any way my niece is funny, she so indecisive. When your only uncle asks you what you want for christmas you really should be prepared with an answer. Well a better answer than $120 Ray Ban glasses. She's 16... 16!!! I feel old. I got my hair cut saturday morning and my barber mentioned my ever growing gray hair collection.

Sunday I chilled in the house. My house is a mess. I cleaned the basement some and cleaned my bathrooms. I need to do a ton of laundry and put away some already clean clothes. I hate cleaning. Did I ever mention that? I gathered a bunch of my daughters toys up and donated them. I do this every year before christmas. She'll get more and she will never miss what I got rid of. Anyway Happy Monday!!

12 December 2008

Video Fun

So I'm playing catchup today. Here are those videos I promised forever ago. The corn maze is below and a new episode of Cookin' With Dave is up on the site

Cookin with Dave

Here is the Corn Maze Video, It's like 20 min long, kinda dark but you get an idea of how the maze was. You can hear me talking but the star is Kayellejaye. I was behind the camera. Anyway enjoy....

Corn Maze '08 from NOMADDZdotcom on Vimeo.

Random Conversations

Here are some conversations I've had with different people:

Cuzzo1: Man I love my mom, without her I'd be out on the street right now..
Me: yeah man moms are great..

10 min later.....

Cuzzo1: How much do you pay in child support
Me: i pay $$$$$
Cuzzo1: Wow.. I wouldn't even pay my mom that
Me: lol


Me: I'm looking for some new cologne, any recommendations?
CeCe: Check our Girbaud
Me: what's it smell like?
CeCe: A gainfully employed black man
Me: ooohh I don't wanna smell like that
CeCe: what?


KGB: I'm looking to reinvent myself, what should I be?
Me: My Wife?
Me: damn!


Cuzzo2: Man I met another girl online!
Me: you internet pimping?
Cuzzo2: Man this marriage is killing my personal like
Me: lol... if only you weren't married you could be dating
Cuzzo2: They all want a piece of Teddy Ruxpin but he already sold
Me: lmao...

Have a good weekend people!

09 December 2008

Tagged... Twice!!!

Do I got tagged twice in the last couple days. I'll combine them into 1 post because I'm cool like that.

My favorite Wisconsin girl QB (ok ok she's the only person I know in Wisconsin) tagged me with this:

The rules:
1. Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

So my random facts...

1. My childhood nickname until I was like 20 was Monsta, don't ask.
2. I've ask this girl at my job to marry me like 3 times. She said I need to go to Jared's... lol
3. I took German in high school
4. I not allergic to anything that I've found
5. I've never broken a bone
6. Growing up in Cali my best friends were white
7. I have no idea what "meme" means people use it all the time in different contexts. It's just a made up word I'm sure.

A.)Pass this on to 7 people:

BDD doesn't negotiate with terrorists or tag other people

Then the PYT Casual Butterfly tagged me with this:

A.)Pass this on to 7 people:

Why is it alway 7 people? I refuse to be told what to do... lol

B.)Answer the following questions using only one word.

where is your cell phone? desk

where is your significant other? who?

your hair color? Black

your mother? home

your father? Cali

your favorite thing? watch

your dream last night? blank

your dream/goal? CEO

the room you're in? office

your hobby? Cooking

your fear? Snakes

where do you want to be in 6 years? Alive

where were you last night? Home

what you're not? rich

one of your wish list items? Watch

where you grew up? Oceanside

the last thing you did? internet

what are you wearing? T-shirt

your tv? 56

your pet? Fish

your computer? works

your mood? Cool

missing someone? nope

your car? Fast

something you're not wearing? Make-up

favorite store? Vegas

your summer? Hot

love someone? Baby

your favorite color? Gray

when is the last time you laughed? Today

last time you cried? grandma

are you a b*tch? nope

favorite position? PointGuard

favorite past time? Sleep

are you a hater or a lover? Lover

are you genuine or fake? Genuine

any vices? Many

pro life or wire hanger? Pro-Choice

mccain or obama? Powell

pro plastic or natural? Natural

dream job? teacher

08 December 2008


You this Shyt? some Bitch Ass Nigga wrote on my car with a sharpie! Please excuse my language I'm a lil upset about it. I got off work drove all the way home then notice this shyt. My first thought was damn the Baby drew on my car! but then I didn't see it this morning so it must have happened at the train station. That's what I get for parking in the hood. They couldn't even write a word on it, I mean if you going to mark up my shyt at least put you lame ass gang's name on it or something. You know the Happy Street Chain Skull Mob or something, They just scribbled shyt. Luckily I had a Clorox bleach pen in the house. That and some elbow grease cleaned it up. No insurance claims for the kid! Before ya'll go and say it was some stalker broad I dogged out don't think it didn't cross my mind. I try and only deal with sane women, none petty enough to do this. Or at least I think they are a quality of women to put more thought and effort into it. You know the type to write DOG, Womanizer, Man Whore or something creative not just a retarded 10 and half a cloud... lol I'm playing I don't have no stalker, bitter, crazy Exes. Just lame ass car vandelizers.

Christmas in the city

This weekend I took the baby downtown to see the National Christmas tree. Did I mention how much I love this city? Every time I roam around the national mall and act like a tourist I find something different and this weekend was no exception. I could sit here and type about it but I took a bunch of pictures so here are some.

National Christmas Tree

National Christmas Tree and The Capitol

Ulysses S Grant memorial overlooking Washington monument. This is the view from the capitol lawn

Lady carrying an umbrella, this threw me off because it wasn't raining/snowing and there was no sun to shade so I don't know why she needed the umbrella

Construction at the capitol for the Inauguration

Random columned building. All the buildings have some kind of columns.

J Edgar Hoover FBI Building, celebrating 100 years!!

Washington monument

Some War Memorial, I liked the torch.

Ok so now imagine your 4 years old, your cold but still running around having fun chasing squirrels when you look over and see this

A bunch of Santa's and Santa's helpers leaving the Washington monument

So your chillin when 200 Santa's walk directly past you saying "merry Christmas and giving away candy and toys.

It looked something like this

The gift haul after the Santa's left.

Christmas tree in front of the white house

I was surrounded by 53 little trees, 1 from each state and territory

The Obama's future residence

Another random columned building

A random Christmas tree

And after seeing all that I had to go home and put up my tree, I know it's blurry but I couldn't get a clear pic. Merry Christmas!!!

05 December 2008

Real Dave vs Super Dave

You ever meet people who seem to have a whole different personality online? I feel like that sometimes like Super Dave is a whole different person. Lets take a deeper look at the 2 Daves

Super Dave has 218 myspace friends and 34 facebook ones

Real Dave has like 15 friends. That's actually being generous.

Super Dave will chat with you thru IM/email all day

Real Dave will only call you if I need something. Like really really need it.

Super Dave rambles on and on on his blog

Real Dave is pretty quiet and never feels the need to say anything

Super Dave seems to always be into something

Real Dave gets bored outta his damn mind on the weekends

Super Dave seems like he is always cooking

Real Dave cooks like twice a week and munches on leftovers all week

Super Dave could get a date a day

Real Dave goes on maybe 1 a month.

I could go on but you get the point. I feel like when I type about my life it's not me. Like I must be 2 different people or maybe I just type it more exciting then it really happened. It's all actual fact and I don't even blog about half the stuff that happens to me. Like I just came from the bathroom and saw this dude shoving a water bottle up his nose over the sink. WTH was he doing? Real Dave is surrounded by craizness.... lol

04 December 2008

Common Sense Court

Did I ever mention the common sense court? I think we should have a separate court for people who don't use common sense. It can have separate punishment and everything. For example people who give toddlers liquor or weed should just get their ass kicked or get left in a cage with a hungry wild lion. It's simple and free. Why waste tax dollars on simple ass people? Hell it can even be considered a type of work release for the guys in prison. Some of them just need to beat someones ass every now and then, why not funnel that into punishing people who are just too stupid to know common sense? If a man rapes someone why not let some dude in prison rape them... repeatedly. You don't need to lock them up for 5 years, just 6 months with dude who has life sentence and a broomstick. Justice served.

Anyway I'm reminded of this because of Plaxico Burress. This bamma decided to take a loaded gun into a club tucked in his sweatpants. SWEATPANTS!!! you can't tuck shyt into sweatpants, Anything in sweatpants pockets weights them down. I hate keeping my keys and phone in my pockets when I have sweats on. This fool wanted to carry a loaded gun in them. Plus he took it into a night club. First off when did clubs let you wear sweats in? must be nice to be rich and famous. Second if you felt like you needed the gun you shouldn't have been there. No groupie love is worth that. i don't go places where I need to carry a gun, and I'm not even rich. That seems like common sense. Why cant he just hire a bodyguard? he already was in trouble with his team eariler this year. He deserved to shoot himself. I don't even think this should go to court. Suspend him, Cut him off the team and let him live with the fact that he's the dumbass that shot himself in the club. If you shot yourself and your job fired you, you'd be hella pissed right?

02 December 2008

thanksgiving/weekend wrapup

What it do people? First I wanna thanks everyone who wished me a happy b-day. I'm sorry I posted the longest shyt I've ever written, If you didn't read it I don't blame you.. lol I promise to keep this post short.

My weekend could be summed up with 2 words. Man cold. I've been sick since Wednesday. Cooking with a cold is sooo not cool. Thanksgiving came out real good though, I don't have any pics because the battery in my camera died. Just imagine a bunch of good food lol.

For my birthday my friend invited me to go to visit her in Atlantic City. Since I had never there been I packed my cold medicine up and headed out. Can I tell you something? I hate Jersey. The place is sooo backwards. No left turns, crazy street signs and I even saw a Christmas parade 2 days after thanksgiving. Who does that? And you can't even pump your own gas, this bamma put like half a tank of the wrong gas in my car before I realized it. I hate jersey... lol But besides that I had a good time. I also hate holiday traffic, Took me 2.5 hours to drive up there and 4 to get back. That's some BS. Anyway I'm gone, man cold or no man cold I'ma have to put my christmas tree up this week.

29 November 2008

The Growth - Birthday Edition

Today is my 29th B-day. well not really today since I'm typing this in advance. You think I'm blogging on my birthday? no way buddy.. lol Today is Nov 18th, this will post on my B-day. I'm sitting in a waiting room so I might start to ramble. I don't have work distracting me lol. I always take my birthdays as a chance to reflect on my personal goals.

When I was like 19 I just knew I was going to be married by 25 and making 6 figures. Yeah neither one of those happened. My early 20's were really odd, remembering how much I worked back then. I didn't have time to build no relationship to get married. I was on my money grind. I'd meet nice girls, go out a couple times and go right back to my paper chase. Women were nice but not as nice as dead presidents. I Never took the time to focus on them. I've always been the kind of person who is running around, doing multiple things at once. In college I went to school full time worked part-time and tutored people in between all that. Damn Studying I was on my paper chase. Everything was about that paper, Hell I even hustled people in tonk in high school. I didn't hit up the parties, have crazy drunken weekends or wild threesomes. I hustled, day and night, It was boring really. I wished I had enjoyed my 20's more. i had fun but i could have done sooo much more. Even after I got a full-time job I was on the run. I continued to worked 2 jobs and went to school part-time, not because I needed the money just because I'd rather work then sit in the house or run the streets. I didn't care about graduating. I just wanted to stay busy. I figured making money or going to school was better than sitting around, everything I did had to be productive.

Me and my cousin bought a house together when I was 22 and he was 23. He said I was the best roommate ever because I was never home. I left for work at 6am and didn't come back till 11pm, everyday. Even on the weekend I was gone all day. I came home to sleep and that's about it. I can't recall cooking 1 thing in that house. My cousin might have been my biggest role model back then, but that's another blog. It wasn't until I bought my own house that I actually spent time chilling at home. I didn't know it at the time but I was really ahead of everyone else my age. I always hung around older people so everything I did seemed normal. At 21 I was making more than my mom, went to vegas for my b-day, I was buying my mom and sisters Tiffany bracelets and coach bags. I think my niece was the only kid in her middle school with a real dooney and bourke bag. I was eating out with random girls all the time. Now that I think about it I was BALLIN!!! lol Sure it was materialistic but I didn't care. I enjoyed doing it. I never gave it a second thought, I made money and spent money, I was just living life. Now I look at other people who are in their 20's and I realize my mind was in a whole different place, not so much a better place just a different one. 10 years can change you in alot of ways. I'm not as much as a hustler as I used to be, I've slowed down and smelled the flowers a lil more. I'm not so obsessed with my bank account and FICO score. I value my relationships more, not just with women but with my family and friends too. I spend more time building them and less time building my shoe collection.

I'm still chasing my 6 figure dreams too. The last couple years I've been kinda dormant. I haven't done much besides being a dad. I feel like I'm being lazy. I'm slowly getting back into my groove though. I've been coming up with a dream for me and my fam. The youth of my family are crazy talented. I want to channel that into something that can fuel their dreams. I want to see them succeed. See my 6 figure dream isn't so much about the money as it's about opening possibilities. Think about how much you can do if you don't have to worry about bills and such, My day dreams used to be kinda fuzzy like an abstract art. I couldn't focus on them long enough for it to make sense. So I just had an idea of what they were. Lately they have been more and more clear. The more I think about it the more possible it seems. Music, Movies, Clothing, Acting we can combine all that and crank out projects. I'll be 30 next year, I'm still young. The last 10 years I've pretty much created a base to chase my dreams. When I was 19 I thought I'd be retired by 40, But really what would I do retired? I can't see myself sitting around the house all day. Hopefully by the time I hit 40 I'll be in a place where I can choose what I work on and focus on my dreams, whatever they may be. Anyway I'm starting to ramble, this is getting too long. In short i'm planning on spending the next 10 years back on my chase, only this time I'll be chasing dreams instead of paper.

I hope everyone had a Happy thanksgiving 2009 right around the corner.

25 November 2008


What was I thinking when I offered to host thanksgiving? I don't want to cook all that crap. I'm tripping, I have to think of a whole menu. Here's what I got so far:

Roast Turkey
Baked Ham (I'm not cooking this, it's store bought)
Sweet Potato Casserole
Cranberry Sauce
Greens (maybe)
Shrimp Pasta salad
Rum Cake
Sweet Potato Pie
Mac and Cheese

And what ever my uncle and sister bring. Am I missing anything? Please tell me now because I'm going shopping soon. Actually looking at all that it doesn't seem so bad. I can make a bunch of it in advance and just heat it up. I need to bake the cake and pie tomorrow, I'm not going to get much sleep I already know. Anyway I made some cranberry sauce last night. Yes I MADE it no canned jellied crap at my house.. lol I took it and added some of the other testing food leftovers and made a pre-thanksgiving thanksgiving plate for dinner.

Who needs a wife? I can make shyt like this once a week and be happy. If I can manage to keep my place clean all I'll need is a jumpoff and life will be good... lol

In other news I realized my fish watches TV. Really heres a pic of him stuck on stupid watching the TV

(kinda grainy i know, hey it's a cameraphone pic)

He does this anytime I leave the TV on and walk out the room. I also have a crazy bird on my deck that keeps fighting it's own reflection. I mean this bird hits himself everyday. It's been going on over a year. A FREAKIN year. Everyday he shows up and bangs the reflection of himself. I had a video of it but I can't find it right now. Anyway later good people. Maybe I should post all these cooking pics over on the cooking blog? wow that's such a crazy idea.. lol

24 November 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

I had another pretty boring weekend. I didn't do much of anything. I did have this convo with my daughter:

Baby: Daddy I want waffles for breakfast
Me: ok
Baby: But I don't want your to make them, I want toaster waffles
Me: But my Waffles are good!
Baby: Nooooo, I want toaster ones!!
Me: fine

we had this exact convo both saturday and sunday, So I guess I need to work on the waffle recipe.. lol

Anyway I did do some cooking/baking. I'm still working out stuff for thanksgiving dinner. I made some red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Not for thanksgiving just to see how they would come out. They were pretty good.

Then on Sunday I made some Candied Yams. I wasn't really a fan of them, the syrup wasn't thick enough. I don't know if I'ma make them again or not. I might not have time. I also made some stuffing but I didn't take any pics of it.

Later Gator!!

20 November 2008

Help Wanted

Hi, how have you been? .....Oh, well I'm sorry to hear that, Maybe you can find a cream or something to clear it up. Me? Oh I've been kinda busy with this thing I like to call work. Apparently they pay me to actually get stuff done and not to blog all day. Who knew? Well My boss that's who... lol Our weekly meeting sounded like a "What all the stuff Dave has to do" meeting and since he is also working on my review I figured I should do something.

So between me actually doing work and dealing with some family issues I haven't had time for my lil slice of the internet. I did however have time to realize I need a lil help. Soooo, you guessed it I'm putting out a help wanted add for a:

I just love that shirt... lol so much I might actually make one for my wife. So yeah I need a partner to help with the washing, cooking, cleaning and all that other stuff I'm not trying to do. Here are the details:

- Health plan (sure I'll add you to my policy)
- Place to live (we can even share the bed)
- SOME home cooked meals (if you think dave cooking 100% of the time you crazy)
- Occasional gifts (I have a heart, this not no TI video but I can hook you up with something)
- Always having someone around to fix stuff(you know you don't want to change them light bulbs)
- The gratitude of me (lmao, that's not worth much)
- I'll pay the bills, you pay for vacations and fun (I think that's a good deal)

Duties: (in no kind of order)
- Washing clothes (I spend like 5 hours a week doing laundry)
- Cleaning rooms (I leave clothes on all 3 floors)
- Be Attractive (not to be confused with acceptable, decent or Handsome... lol)
- Cooking meals (no boxed meals either real stuff)
- Have a sense of humor (if your offended by that shirt above no need to apply)
- Have my son (actually this should read "next child" because I'll be damned if I have 4 girls waiting on a boy)
- Assist my daughter with learning "girly things" (because really I don't know about them)
- Encourage my pursuits (even if they seem crazy and far fetched)
- Seem genuinely happy when I'm around (this seems simple till you see how some married couples interact)
- Resist the urge to want me to go shopping with you (really nobody wins if I have to go)
- Other duties as assigned (because I need to leave the door open to more shyt)

That's a pretty simple list right? Please apply within.. lol

I'm only half joking about this, I do need a wife but I'll admit putting a craigslist style ad might not be the best way to go.

17 November 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

My weekend? Well it went a lil like this...

Friday: Went back to the corn maze with KGB. It had been raining all day and the ground was kinda muddy. Lots of mist in the air, you know pretty dark and creepy. We had fun but I wish there were more people there. We were all alone in the dark. Wait, now that I think about it being alone in the dark with KGB might be fun, hell I i'd enjoy it. She might too, might be the best 3 min of her life... lol Anyway, nobody else was in the maze but us. Every now and then one of the workers would pop up but there were no other lost people. We found our way out in about an hour, we even video taped it... coming soon.

Saturday: Hung out with the baby, we watched Incredible Hulk and went to visit my mom. Do you know my daughter loves the Hulk? she was cheering for him to beat up the soldiers who were hunting him. Got mad when he turned back into Banner and everything. Then in a emotional twist cried when the hulk beat up the evil hulk. What kind of mess is that? So right as I'm thinking that maybe she is too young for this movie she asks to watch it again. What age do kids have nightmares? My baby is not really scared of much.

Sunday: Chilled in the house most the day. Did a lil pre-thanksgiving cooking. Did I mention that I agreed to make thanksgiving dinner for the fam? yeah I did, so I wanted to test out a new turkey recipe I saw. You basically stuff some sage butter under the skin and cover the breast in bacon... uummm bacon covered breasts....lol Anyway this is why I love trying stuff. Because sometimes it doesn't come out exactly right. I took some turkey breast and roasted it just like the recipe called for but I took off the foil a lil too late and the skin didn't have enough time to brown. So it was either overcook the meat to give the skin a chance to brown or forget about the skin and enjoy perfectly cooked turkey. I chose the turkey. Here's some pics:

I don't even think the bacon added any flavor. I like my old recipe better. It's good but I was expecting a more smoky flavor from the bacon. Oh well I'll be eating turkey for lunch this week... lol

14 November 2008

Random Thoughts Friday

I can't think of a real post so we'll just go with some random stuff...

1. Did I say there would be a new Cookin with Dave Episode today? yes? Well forget I said that. Maybe next week... lol

2. I love my lurkers... they send me emails, try and hook me up with random relatives, ask for directions around the city, Even "Follow" me... their the best. Wait if they have contacted me do they count as lurkers? hhhmmm. Last I check like 78 people subscribed to this lil blog. 78!!! Hi lurkers *waves* feel free to email me, I really do respond.. lol

3. Whats that whole "Follow" this blog thing anyway? Where does my blog go? and why am I not aware that it's moving? maybe I should "Follow" myself. Is that possible?

4. I saw on the news that comcast responds to complaints left on message boards. They have a group of like 5 people that surf the net looking for people who complained about them. You know your customer service is crap when you have to hire a team of people just to apologize for them.. lol

5. I am quickly becoming my only single friend again. This damn "winter bunning" as CeCe puts it is some BS. Yes I'm kinda hating.. lol

6. One Man asked me for a recipe to feed his family. He said he needed it by Wednesday. Dude I tried.. I really did. I can't think of anything. You see I'm already doing reader submissions on the cooking show. I'm quickly running out of things to cook myself.. lol I'm assuming you will have to feed them again so if I think of something I'll let you know.

7. I wanna put out a public service announcement to all you bamma's coming to DC for the inauguration. Please don't litter!!! the city gets dirty enough as it is. No turkey leg bones on the white house lawn and please don't let me see you grilling by the Washington Monument. That weekend is going to be crazy. I already see the club promoters making up crazy flyers about the Inauguration "After Party". Rest assured me and Joe the Producer will be on scene to cover it... lol

8. Did you know people are renting out their apts for that week? not even cheap, for like 8g's!!! I might be living with my mom that week if I can bank 8 grand.

9. I've been listening to this song non-stop all week. I love it on so many levels.

Jay-Z History:

12 November 2008


I wrote like 3 blogs before this one but I decided that I shouldn't post family business, unless it's funny of course. In short I'm cool but my family is falling apart. Changes are abound, it's times like these that I wish my dad and I were closer. I need a confidant that understands my family. Basically I need some advice and I don't know who to ask. everyone I would usually ask arethe people I need advice about. So it's just me and my thoughts, that can't be good...

Anyway me and Joe The Producer filmed another episode of Cookin With Dave yesterday. Here's a pic of him in his robotic arm harness.

I had to hide his face because he doesn't want to be known. He thinks he will have groupies running up to him in the street. He's so pressed to put me all over the internet but refuses to put himself out there but hey that's family for you.. lol I had a better pic with him in full Iron Man gear but he didn't want me to post it. Anyway next episode should be up by the end of the week, I'll have something better to blog about tomorrow.

10 November 2008

Weekend Wrap-up... Why?

My weekend was full of the question "why?" My daughter asked me why like 8 billion times. Sure they started out easy enough...

Daddy, why do we have a tounge?
Daddy, why do we have hands?
Daddy, Why do we have ears?

Then they started to get a lil harder...

Daddy, why are there trees?
Daddy, why do we have streets?
Daddy, why do we have cars?

Then they got damn near impossible to answer

Daddy, Why do we need worms?
Daddy, Why do we need crickets?

I mean can you really give someone answer as to why we NEED worms? I don't need worms do I? I had to really think about it. I don't like thinking on the weekend. Especially since I know any answer I give will be stored as a scientific fact in her little mind. I can't give some crazy off the wall answer because I know she will remember it forever. Like when she asked if crickets lived in the grass and I said "yes". Now I can't walk in the grass because the crickets live there and I'm ruining their home.

So besides the never ending Why questions we chilled out most the weekend. I tried to make some buttermilk mashed potatoes that came out horrible. I but too much buttermilk in them, i was rushing and trying to do too much at once. I'll try again tonight maybe. I never realized how quickly buttermilk expires. I bought some on Sunday (nov 8th) and it's set to expire Nov 11th, what kind of shyt is that? All the bottles were like that too, maybe that's why I don't use it much. I need food that has a shelf life. I also did a version of DTW's pecan crusted porkchops. Only I used Talipia, it came out good, I might have to add it to my recipe book.

07 November 2008

Nightmare on M st

So do you remember how I said I videotaped me talking to people on Halloween? Well This is the blog about it, wanna read it? Here it go.......

Please keep in mind that I was a lil drunk hence the language.

Try and guess which dude I think was a pedophile...

Nightmare On M St. (Holloween '08) from NOMADDZdotcom on Vimeo.

05 November 2008

Name Change

Oh I could blog about Barrack winning and what is sure to be one hell of a cookout on the white house lawn. Damn the easter egg roll, I want a MLK White House BBQ tradition started... lol. Anyway that's not what you came here for, Nope you came to hear about this dude changing his name to.....

Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine Hulk And The Flash Combined

No I'm not joking, This kid just created the best name EVER!!! how can you argue with that? he's telling you just how great he is. He's simply the greatest superhero ever created. Faster than the Flash? that's pretty damn fast. For just $20 he changed his first name to Captain Fantastic, in these cash strapped times that sounds like a good deal. I doubt a woman will change her last name to "Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine Hulk And The Flash Combined" when he gets married, ok who am I kidding this dude is never getting married He's a super hero... lol

Honestly I think Obama could adopt that nickname after pulling off this win. President Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine Hulk And The Flash Combined Obama... Sounds good to me.

04 November 2008


Sometimes... I just want to sell everything and start over

Sometimes... Every phone call is someone asking for a favor

Sometimes... I wonder what life would be like if I never had my daughter

Sometimes... I think it would be easier to just quit

Sometimes... I forget that it's the strong who get up when they want to lay down

Sometimes... I wonder if I should have put 100% into being with her

Sometimes... I wish I did more with my 20's

Sometimes... I wonder if I deserve all the blessings I've received

Sometimes... I don't feel like talking

Sometimes... I think I wasted too much money on shoes and clothes

Sometimes... I wonder where would I be without my role models

Sometimes... I wonder if I'm being a good role model

Sometimes... Seeing people happy is all the payment you need

Sometimes... you just gotta do what you think is right, even when it's not popular

Sometimes... People will call you names

Sometimes... You have to be your own best friend

Sometimes... You talk and no one listens

Sometimes... You gotta know when to fold

Sometimes... Knowing is half the battle lol

Sometimes... Playing with kids puts life in perspective

Sometimes... You gotta just smile and wave, keeping your opinion to yourself

Sometimes... You gotta stand by your failures to recognize your success

Sometimes... You have to accept the things you can't change

Sometimes... I miss my Cali days

Sometimes... You have to realize nobody will full understand

Sometimes... I remember that even an island is a mountain

Sometimes... I watch the discovery channel all day

Sometimes... The dumbest jokes are the best ones

Sometimes... Laughing is the best medicine

Sometimes... You stand out because your supposed to

Sometimes... Blogs can be too long lol

03 November 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

My weekend was OK, here are the highlights

Friday: Joe Producer talked me into going down to Georgetown to film Nightmare on M street. For those who don't know Halloween in G'town is crazy, tons of people bar hopping, police blocking off streets and just alot of odd stuff. So Joe Producer gave me a mic and turned on the camera. Couple things happen when you walk around with a mic and a camera man:

1. Everyone looks at you and asks what channel your with, odd thing it's mostly the people who are not in costume.

2. when you stop someone to ask about their costume nobody cares that you just stopped all foot traffic, in fact people gather around to watch.

Actually I could talk about the foolishness I saw all day, dudes in diapers. Like 30 spartans, they usual dick and balls, everyone from Wizard of Oz. A dude who I think was just a straight pedophile, some dude who decided to walk with us and put his arm around me (awkward lol) and a group of black kids flashing me their gun and thinking they hard because they scared a couple white folk, Good times... Lol. Long story short the video is coming soon, I'll going to detail then.

Firday also brought my official divorce from Patron. I don't think it does it for me anymore. I swear I drank half a bottle and only had a lil buzz. I need more from my liquor. I'm going back to Rum and Vodka.

I chilled most the day cleaning and trying to recover from friday. I was sore and had this undying hunger. The Blogger meetup was supposed to happen that night but NOBODY showed up. Ok maybe I did email people the wrong cell number but hey I don't call myself, I can't remember these things, that's what business cards are for... lol Actually this is exactly why I need an assistant, preferably a sexy female one. But yeah I was there all alone in the dark. I would have been really upset if the place wasn't 10 min from my house. I did underestimate how dark the maze is. I mean there are no lights out there. I would have needed a flashlight just to see where I'm going. They said if you get lost just yell and someone will find you... lol The darkness didn't stop 5 year olds from going in there. Anyway I'm officially putting in my resignation for organizing all future blogger activities.

Sunday: I felt like a good will ambassador. I went to visit my mom, uncle and my god-brothers twin babies. I was out ALL day, I didn't see 1 down of football till 7pm.

Here's what the Baby dressed up as. I had nothing to do with it, it's much too prissy and girly for me... lol

31 October 2008

Blogger Meet Up

For those that forgot, I'm still planning on doing this blogger meetup tomorrow. We're going to this corn maze to run around and act a fool. If you scared go to church!!!

Date: Nov 1st
Time: 8pm (the lady said it takes 2 hours to complete the adult maze)

Location: Montpelier Farm

1714 Crain Highway Upper Marlboro, MD 20774


if your think your coming drop me an email so I can send you my cell number. Just in case someone gets lost or needs directions. Here is an aerial view of the maze.

(click to enlarge)

Thats all I got today folks, I'm kinda crashing from the icing sugar high I got when I was "taste testing" the cupcakes. I think I need to eat plenty of fruits and veggies this weekend. Wait today is Halloween, I'll get to that tomorrow.. lol

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

30 October 2008

Mr. Mom/Episode 4

I'm hype today. Eariler this week I volunteered to make cupcakes for my daughter's Halloween party at school. I've never made them before but I know I was going to give it a try. I ended up useing a box cake mix but I made the icing from scratch. I've never decorated anything before but like how they came out, honestly you can't tell me shyt today, I'm the greatest MF ever created... lol Here's some pics:

In other cooking news, here's the new episode of Cookin With Dave. if you want the recipe, or wanna see somemore pics you can head over there and check it out.

Cookin' With Dave (Episode 4): Shrimp Pasta from NOMADDZdotcom on Vimeo.

29 October 2008

Live From the Corner.... pt The Bet

A couple people asked about the Rum Cake here is the recipe... enjoy!!

We all know I work in an interesting place. I should say I work with interesting people because the actual place is boring as hell. This tale involves 2 people I work with. A lady who we'll call "Bosslady" not because she is my boss but because I'm pretty sure she is someone's boss. She's basically a MILF, she is in her 40's but her body is about a 8 and her face is about a 6. The kind of woman who if she threw it at you you'd be hard pressed to turn her down. The second player in this story we'll call "The Steeler" because he is a die hard steelers fan. He's the kind of guy who doesn't keep girlfriends long because he gets bored easily. He suffers from relationship ADD like yours truly.

Anyway bosslady and steeler constantly flirt with each other. They have worked together for years. She comes over and rubs her tata's in his face when she gives him a hug. Basically there is plenty of sexual tension between the too. Yes there is sexual tension even after our sexual harassment issues. So one day they made a bet that if Steeler can keep a girlfriend for 4 months he can have 1 night with Bosslady to do what ever he wants. If he lost she would get him for 1 night. Sounds like a win win right? not really, see while he is thinking kinky nasty thoughts.... She is thinking more like clean her bathroom with a toothbrush.

So like 5 min after they make the bet she leaves and Steeler is thinking about finding a girl to date. Well me being me, I suggested that he doesn't have to date someone 4 months he just has to introduce Bosslady to a girl that's willing to say they have been dating that long. I know I have a couple female friends who will lie and say we have been dating for months if I buy them cheesecake factory, you gotta love women... lol. So after explaining this to Steeler I solve all his problems and crowned a genius and all is well with the world.

Fast forward a couple months. I forgot all about the bet and nobody has mentioned it so I'm thinking it was all a joke. Then Steeler says he has a friend that will lie for him and he already planned how to work it out. So I guess the bet is still on. I kinda feel bad aiding someone running game like that but they all grown, I can't be held responsible for that right?

27 October 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

What's up good people, This weekend I didn't do much, Me and the baby hit up my jobs halloween party on saturday. It was cool, free food and drinks. we didn't dress up but we saw some "interesting" costumes including some chick covered in newspaper and caution tape talking about she the stock market crash. Yeah ok, I'm a sensitive to all stock market talk. My 401k lost 12% this year. Anyway we also saw a black dude dress up as Zorro, leather pants and all. He was walking around with 2 white girls dressed as pirates. My first thought was pimp but my daughter said he was a black superman. Anyway the baby got her caricature drawn by this dude. We were standing there and I'm watching him draw this mess thinking that it looks nothing like my daughter. All the while people behind me talking about how good he is. Here's the drawing, personally I hate it but I'll hang it up just the same.

I made this Rum cake on sunday. I think I put too much rum in it. It's damn good though, just not sure if the baby can have some.

Oh yeah some of ya'll might have noticed I had a cooking blog on my profile for a little while, It was private because it was under construction, you know I wouldn't block ya'll out like that. I wanted to post it when I had a new episode to put up. So head over to The Cookin With Dave blog to see a new episode. As usual let me know what you think, every episode Joe Producer is adding something new and this is no exception.

24 October 2008

the Growth pt 3

This is kinda a continuation of 2 other Growth posts I did here and here.

I went to my homeowners annual meeting last night and saw a good 30 people there. Mind you our usual homeowners meeting has like 6 people. If you come to the Annual one you get 1 month of dues free. Free money brings people out everytime.

I was in there listening to people complain about crap and thinking about life and in particular my life and where I want to go. My daughter was playing with a barbie and whispering her dinner order in my ear (she wanted chicken nuggets, french fries and milk, she got spagatti) And I realized that my life has become a constant to do list. Not so much routine but a constant list of things I need to do. To the point I feel bad when I sit and do nothing. All I can think about is dinner, dishes, laundry, designs, homework or cleaning. There is always something that I should be doing. I read during my commute because I can't possibly waste time like that when I'm home. Today I went to lunch with a new friend and I had a moment when I realized I had nothing to to. I didn't HAVE to get back to work, I could afford to do nothing for a minute. It was refreshing. I always realize these moments and take a min to enjoy them. Like when I go crabbing, I make it a point to take a deep breath of the cool fresh bay air. It's those moments that keep me grinding. In hope that I can have them more often.

I guess this Growth moment is about taking the time to enjoy life. Even if it's once a day. Laugh at a joke, smile at a child do something to remind yourself that life is not all about work and money and stress. Honestly the things I remember most are not the things I bought but the moments I had. The laughs out weigh the sadness in my memories. I really miss my brother. He moved to Houston eariler this year. We super close, anytime we together it's not only a party but a funny party. Just typing this I'm remembering all the times we were crying laughing at something silly. I miss those days. Even inbetween all the stresses of life having fun was the top priority.

My other thoughts focused on change. How I've changed just this year. I'm more composed then every before. I think my confidence has grown. I doubt myself less and just go with my decisions. Good or bad I make them and roll with it. I think I'm becoming comfortable with this whole fatherhood thing. I realized that it doesn't have to define me but it does describe me. I'm not only a father but I am father first. I hope that made sense. Anyway this is getting long, you can thank Diva for suggesting I write another growth post.

Have a good weekend!!!

23 October 2008

Live From the Corner.... pt Random Tales

Here is a bunch of work stuff that is'nt really long enough for a while post.

1. The older dude getting on my nerves. We are a meeting and he volunteers to fix something. Why as soon as the meeting is over he's asking me for help on it??? I ended up just fixing it for him. This bamma spends the day flirting with every girl in the building. I went to the post office and he had been down there for an hour talking people up... wtf??

2. I successfully used the term "bridge to nowhere" to describe this project I was assigned.

3. This doesn't happen on the corner but I learned this older dude who hands out papers at the metro stop drives an S class benz. He must be retired or the washington post pays really well.

4. There is this security guard at my job who every time I see I give him dap and chat for a second. I have no idea what his name is. He cool though... lol

5. This dude is leaving kinda abruptly. He put in his resignation on monday and his last day is friday. We think it's because he likes McCain and we crack McCain jokes for at least 1 hour everyday. Not to him directly he just sits close enough to hear us. Yesterday it was that McCain must win every Robot dance competition he enters in... lmao

And with that I'll leave you with this website my buddy Ms Trouble sent me:


Click around on the site and make sure you have some sound.

21 October 2008

Bring it Back Tuesdays.... Hustle Shop

I wrote this diddy back on Nov 26, 2006. I was reminded of it while getting my haircut this weekend.

I've been going to the same barber shop for like 12 years or so, It's a great neighborhood, family owned shop where the beauty of the DC area can be seen. You sit in the shop on any given Saturday and you're likely to be offered anything from anyone. People come in selling sandwiches to cases of iced tea. You need the latest bootleg CD no problem, smell good oils or even socks. Everyone there has a hustle even the barbers sell energy juice and run part time travel businesses. Long story short it's a great place to spend a Saturday morning, everyone is happy and you never know what kind of deal will be walking thru the door.

This last Saturday I was waiting to get my haircut (1.5 hour wait) and this lady walked in with a bag. She began to do a semi fashion show of clothing she was selling. Now I used to sell bootleg stuff myself so I know it when I see it. Plus her Gucci fanny pack was a dead give away. I was just amazed that she went from the barbershop to the beauty salon next door to show off what best could be described as a doggie coat. Then she came back to offer the men in the shop some jewelry. The kicker about this whole scene is that she made a couple sales including several via credit card. She pulled a credit card machine out of her bag and hooked it up the barbershop telephone. I've never seen anything like it. I mean who carries a credit card machine around? My hats off to this lady she is my hustler of the week!!!

Earlier this year my barber moved to a different shop. So this past saturday I was in this new barber shop (You just can't let anyone cut your hair, I'd follow my barber anywhere) and 1 dude comes in selling DVD's and another dude came in selling dress shoes. Who the hell buys dress shoes while waiting to get a hair cut? And dude selling the shoes had on some Ferragamo's... you got on $300 shoes on and you trying to sell me some bootleg $40 ones? Even one of the barbers said "what happened to people selling CD's and socks?"

20 October 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

My weekend was hella boring. The baby was with her mom and It was howard's homecoming but I didn't go to any of the activities, instead I decided to get some long overdue cleaning/work done. So I spent much of the weekend on my computer. I did head out for food though, that's where this story comes from:

So I was leaving my neighborhood subway with $5 sub in hand and decided to hit my neighborhood liquor store for some "ice". First thing I notice when getting out my car is a blue chevy avalanche parked next to me. Windows were tinted but I could still see the Police badge on the passengers shoulder. Driver was in uniform too, must be off duty cops getting they liquor fix. As I'm walking into the store a young dude passes me on his cell phone, skinny jeans and small ass hoodie on. My first though was "he gay", I get my "ice" and notice there are cups of ice in the freezer. When did liquor stores start selling ice by the cup? who was the first person that came in and asked for a cup of ice? Anyway dude in front of me buys 1 blunt, we all know what for. I get to the counter and buy my "ice", the guy next to me says "Let me get some of that goose.." All I could think was how these Indian dudes have to learn liquor slang.

I'm walking out glance to my left and see the young dude who passed me earlier leaning into a car window. White dude sitting in the passenger seat and appear to do a hand off. Now not saying I've seen or been around hand to hand drug sale BUT this looked just like I've seen in the movies... lol So they make the hand off and as I'm looking at them and all I could think about was the 2 police officers in the car 20 feet away. Then I remembered these are officers in full uniform buying liquor at 10pm. Odds are they don't care.

I go to my car and wonder what exactly is so different about the burbs...

16 October 2008


So yesterday me and the producer filmed another episode of the best cooking show on the net. My producer/cousin doesn't want his name known so lets call him "Joe Producer" because why should Joe Plummer get all the shine. BTW Joe Plummer is not even a registered voter, I'll be glad when Nov 5th gets here.

Anyway I'm not sure ya'll know how long it takes to film them 10 min shows. We started at 10:30am and didn't start filming till 1:15 or so. All the other time was setup. Joe Producer takes forever to setup. He breaks out 2 video cameras, like 3 bright ass lights 2 digital cameras and some utility belt. I complain that I'll be happy when I have my food network show so I can work with professionals and he complains that I never have a script and my "winging it" gets on his nerves. And how I tend to mumble and not say complete sentences. Its really just us talking shyt back and forth... good times. Even when we do start shooting I have to stop every 2 seconds so he can switch cameras and take still pics. I can't imaging going this for a living. Spending half the day waiting around for people to setup. We wrapped up filming around 3pm. There is so much footage that gets cut we really could release a DVD.

The whole cooking show thing has taken a life of it's own. I mean it was funny at first we were just messing around. Then the first video hit a couple hundred views on youtube. Then Joe Producer started talking about his portfolio and how he wanted me to set up a website for the show. I mean he wanted me to take it serious. He says things like "Be funny" "We need more personality" like he's the boss. This almost feels like work. You know how hard it is to be funny on que? So I was thinking about where the whole thing was going. Should I be planning jokes? should I continue to just talk and see what happens? I mean all the past shows have pretty much been freestyles. So I send my brother the link to the show. He watches 1 episode and simply says

"Your a Fool, but this is Genius. I want in."

and with that I feel worlds better about the whole thing. Oddly enough I've only shown a couple people in my family the show much like my blog it's contained in this big internet world.

I'm rambling, I might do a part too to this but I'm done for now.

15 October 2008

Weekend Wrap-up Wednesday Edition

aaahhh long weekends you gotta love them. I was actually at work yesterday I just didn't feel like blogging. Here how my weekend shaped up.

Friday: I don't even remember what I did. I think I just chilled in the house.

Saturday: took the baby downtown to do a lil site seeing. This is actually one of my favorite things to do. There are so many things in DC that I have never seen and there is a museum everywhere. Some days I just want to be a tourist. We ended up riding the carousel on the mall and strolling thru the air and space museum.

Sunday: Went shopping for some clothes for the baby. Then I voted for McCain!!!! no really my favorite chain taco place has 2 new burritos named after the candidates and I picked the McCain one. I even got stickers!!! Score!!! lmao

(I couldn't bring myself to wear the McCain sticker)

Let me tell you that joint was crazy dope fresh good. The guy at the counter said most people order the Obama one but that didn't look as good to me. It was some turkey chili burrito and that just sounds like I'll be voting from the bathroom. Oh well maybe I'm a conservative eater or something. I'll try it next time.

Monday: Finally cut my grass and replaced the outlets in my kitchen(they were beige and I made them white). Did some other stuff I can't remember. Oh I saw a bunch of commercials for "Max Payne" I'm really trying to see that this weekend.