24 January 2008

The Joys of Contracting

During the day I'm an IT professional on a federal contract. It's an interesting experience, you work in an environment where your important but not as important as a federal worker. They always look at you different, almost like a stepchild. Only it's not all the federal people just the ones who take their "federal" position a lil to serious. Like some how they are smarter or count more because their check comes from somewhere else.

On this note I have a hater in my office. My boss called me to his desk and asked me if I wanted to be promoted.... uuuhhhh sure. So he says ok and he talked it over with his federal bosses and they were cool with it. So he goes to our project manager and tells her he wants me for this open position and she says it's not going to happen. Why? because some federal worker I don't even work with doesn't feel like I'm qualified. I don't know exactly who said it but I've only had interaction with a couple people in that group so I have an idea. Now the only reason there is a position open is because someone who has only been here 3 months is leaving and get this, he recommended me to replace him. So some dude I've known 3 months feels like I can do his job but some federal person in a different group who I don't work with but have known for 8 years doesn't?????

Let me take you back a couple months. I was "promoted" to a higher position and then "demoted" to a lesser position within a month only let me keep the higher salary. Odd right? It didn't make sense to me but I didn't trip because they were still going to pay me the higher salary... same job more pay? That's cool with me. Now I find out that this same person said then that I wasn't qualified for the higher position, even after they gave it to me. Now this dude has held me back twice. I even have other higher ups on my side. If my boss or his boss or their boss felt like I couldn't cut it I'd be cool but all of them were ok with it. This one dude is in a whole nother department and I don't even report to him but since they have some control of our contract they can decide who does what.

So now my boss is pissed because he can't find anyone more qualified for the job then me only he can't hire me. I'm taking it in stride, shyt happens. It's just now I know someone in here thinks I don't do a good job or just not good enough to move up. 1 hating ass apple can ruin a perfectly good apple pie.... uuuummmm apple pie.


Opinionated Diva said...

Damn that's effed up!

You don't seem like the brown nosing type, but dude...find a way to make peace with that hata - make them an offer they can't refuse, off them (kidding!), whateva.

They messin with your livelihood!

Opinionated Diva said...

Ohhhhhhhh my comment actually saved...for some reason I haven't been able to leave a comment here for the last couple of days!

Ananda said...

I am so sorry to hear about the job situation. I know and affirm that divine order is working in your favor. Spirit has something bigger and better for you. I love reading your blog. The quotes of the moment are inspiring. Peace, Ananda