25 January 2008

Random Thoughs Fridays part IV

I was going to add pictures this time but I'm too lazy for that mess... so here we go.

1. I saw a dude on the metro with a double C chanel earing on AND a wedding band. I was confused because the chanel earing screams Gay and the wedding band screams married. Maybe he is married to a dude. yes I get bored on the train... lol

2. Please take a look at this video of an old spice commercial. Pay close attention to the name of the scent at the end.....

Yes.. Old Spice has a sent called "Swagger". The term is officially dead to me now.

3. I was walking home from work and I heard a woman screaming by the courthouse. I started to go see if she was ok but she was a good block away and there were like 15 police officers around who could here her too. It's their job to go investigate things like that. I had a train to catch... lol. I also work near a homeless shelter so it could have been a crazy homeless person

4. I was talking to this girl and I let her read this blog. I have not heard from her sense. I even told her that I didn't mention her in my blogs but I guess she got offended by something she read. I don't know sense I have not spoken to her. I called her and tried to hit her on IM, She's just ignoring me, Oh well like Drea say's... Another on bites the dust.

5. I'm still in shock that we will have a Manning in the super bowl 2 years in a row. I didn't even like Peyton till I saw them mastercard commercials

6. That's the last youtube video I promise

7. I finally mastered Black Beans and Rice. I love that dish, Ive been eating it all week.

8. I was watching Peter Pan yesterday (the old Disney version) and I realized that this dude mastered inter-space travel without a ship. He just flew to another world with pixie dust.

9. What degree do you have to get to be the traffic person on the news? Anybody could do that right? there is no science behind it, just read what's on the screen. You don't have to be an expert in traffic patterns just know if there is an accident tell the people where it is and how far back the traffic is. Read from the screen and every now and again you have to fly in a helicopter, that's an easy way to get on TV.


Thic Flair said...

I HOPE they at least have to get a journalism degree, if not, I need to get a new hustle fo sho.

the double C's....damn.

I have hated swagger almost as long as it's been out. Swag is the worst.

-Q. said...

Damn family, swagger is done for me. DC? so i know your a Skin- its all NFC EAST pimpin plus that Manning shit is genetic lol. I feel you on the cooking shit kid, keep slammin' it'll all come (then you'll realize how often you coulda had the shit you love). Dig the glog cuzz. -Q.

VertigoVirgo said...

Funny, I've never actually seen that commercial with the volume up...and I only look to see if he's being pulled by strings or if he's on some type of device LOL...and I think, "he must have really strong stomach muscles" LMAO

N-E-WAY, all that to say I didn't know it was a deoderant commercial. AND, now you've totally killed the word "Swagger" for me, which enrages me because I just started using it! DAMMIT!!! The moment I try to be cool, white folks step in a mess it all up. *sigh*...back to my knitting. :)