18 January 2008

Random Thought Fridays.. part 3

Back to the randomness now with numbers!!!

1. Turns out the dudes who wheeled their dead friend down the street to cash his social security check were not black (see a pic) My bad, I never said I was a reporter and checked all the facts

2. I might be the only person who likes the Baltimore Sun angle from the wire. Seeing the news people lie about stories is interesting to me.

3. Have You ever been on the train and glance at someone who you think looks cute then you look back.... not so much. Only then they see you looking and think your attracted to them. I hate that.

4. We got like 3 inches of snow yesterday and everyone acted like the sky was falling. It happens every year, your nations capital can't handle snow or ice, it's shameful. People in Maine get a foot of snow and come to work on-time.

5. I finally took down my christmas tree last night. I figured I might as well do it before MLK day.

6. What the fuck is JUICE!!!! I want Grape Drink!!! - Dave Chappelle

7. I like Chris Brown's songs. There I said it.

8. I got a lil cousin who can't get his credit report because he has no bills. He applied for a loan but was denied because he has no credit. How is he supposed to get credit if he can't get a loan? This is why people have credit card debt.

9. I pulled my credit report and bragged about my FICO score (700). I realized I was grown a couple years back when my older cousin and I actually compared FICO scores like they were cars.

10. I don't care how warm it is under no circumstances should you wear flip flops in January anywhere north of Georgia.

11. You know your not broke anymore when you walk right past the raman noodles in the store. Why is all the cheap food so bad for you? you can get raman noodles 20 for a $1, that alone should tell you that you have no business eating it. You can't even get kool-aid that cheap.

12. I was watching the bootleg version of "I am Legend" last night and the damn thing craped out during the last 10 mins of the movie. What kind of fuckery is that? Bootleggers don't even take pride in they work anymore... lol


Opinionated Diva said...

1. Shocked dudes weren’t Black or Hispanic. Seriously shocked, but secretly smiling!
2. Not feeling that Balt Sun angle…when is Omar going to make an appearance??!!
5. Bout time!
7. LOL – I accidentallyonpurpose kept the CD I bought for my neice. Shhhhh…don’t tell!
8. I suggest your cousin get a secured loan or a secured credit card.
9. Mine is 740 –so ha we both grown!
12. Everybody dies at the end! Lol, Bootleggers taking pride in their work? Now THAT’S an oxymoron!

Enjoy your weekend!

Ms. Behaving said...

Looks like a couple of us are in random form today!! :-)

#1. WOW…I would’ve never guess it.
LOL @ #3. Yeah…I hate that too!
#.7 See…now was that so hard?!?!
#8. Ain’t that some bullshyt?!?!
#9. My credit sucks so…I certainly wouldn’t mind having that for a score.
#10. Aight!!
LMAO @ #11. I know that’s right!!!

Eb the Celeb said...

lmao @ #3

you need to a$$ whopped for #5

@ 6 I miss Dave sooooo much!

@ 7 - we all do... but as a straight black man i know it took a lot for you to reveal that to the world...lol

@8 - if he goes to college a million creditors will be knocking on his door

AMEN - @ 10... unless your in hawaii like i will be next month

lmao@ 11... I remember when I used to live on them... they were only like 10cent a pack...LOL

JayBee said...

You are not the only person who like the media angle from The Wire this season. I even like the jargon like we need art. I didn't realize how serious it is for them like when ole girl got up in the wee hours of the morning to see if her story made the front page. Encourage your cousin to be responsible when he does begin to establish credit. I was talking to my students just today about making wise decisions when they go to college.

CocaColaCutie said...

Have you been fraternizing with the credit pimp? Maybe he can help your cousin get some credit. Hell maybe he can help me get some.