11 January 2008

RTF.. about me

I figured there are plenty of people out there who don't really know me so here are some random facts about me.

- This is my Truck, His name is Ricky Bobby.

I drive it when I want to impress the girls.. lol The branches in the back were on the tree in my yard till the ice storm came thru and broke them.(yes I have another car, I'm not a black redneck)

- Ok.. the Bud story. Actually it's pretty short. My uncles used to play poker at the house when I was a kid and was in charge of keeping the beer flowing. Mind you I was like 4 at the time. So for whatever reason they decided to just call me Bud (short for budwiser) instead of my real name. I guess having the same name as my dad but not being a Jr helped. Hey, they were drunk and had to call me something.

- I have not booked a girl in like 3 years. Does anyone outside of DC say "booked"? well I have not approached a random girl and tried to get her number in 3 years. I don't even have a reason why. Either they start a convo with me or I see them so much around town that we end up talking. OR they hit me on myspace. You'd be surprised by how many girls do they pimpin on myspace, It's not just the dudes... lol

- I hate mopping so much that I bought a robot to do it for me.

- I hate Chuck E Cheese. I only take my daughter there for other kids birthdays.

- I have a co-worker who has no problem coming in my cube passing gas and not even saying sorry. He has done this twice, and they are not silent farts but loud and noticeable ones. I don't know what to say to him, I'm still in shock.

- Once almost gave up my seat to a SUPER flamboyant gay dude under the premise that he is almost a woman.

- I often get mistaken for being spanish. This gets uncomfortable when spanish people speak spanish to me like I understand. I have to give them the blank stare. On a side note if I'm ever on the run I'm learning spanish and moving south to Puerto Rico.

- My daughter looks like a mini me. This is odd because everyone says how cute and beautiful she is. Does that make me cute and beautiful? And what do you say when people say "Aww she looks just like you" should I say "thank you" Like I accomplished something. Is that even a compliment? I'm always stuck when people say that.


Ms. Behaving said...

I've a 7 y/o son and although he's about 3 shades lighter in complexion than I am, I'm always told how handsome he is -- [how much he looks JUST like me **crickets** so yeah...I dunno what to make of that either [LOL]

**shrugs shoulders**

Opinionated Diva said...

the truck...thnx for clearing up the Black redneck notion, because that's exactly what i was thinking

the bud...yeah i too learned pretty young how to pour beer for the grownfolk - there's an art too holding the mug/glass jusssssst right lol

the co-worker...i hope you have Lysol. I might have to call HR on that nasty ass dude - cause that is SERIOUSLY creating a hostile environment!

Eb the Celeb said...

Dang... I thought the bud story was going to have something to do with the Cosby show.. since Rudy's friends name was bud

I have never her of anyone booking a girl

I hate chuckecheese too... its all about celebration station... and as an adult I now enjoy dave and busters!

LMao at the co-worker... tell him why you mad son

hahaha... i got a homeboy that everytime we go somewhere cats start talking to him in spanish... i just laugh... he does look like he could be and he goes to the dominicans to get his haircut so its his own fault... he hates that mess though...

no that does not make you cute and beautiful...and idk what the hell your suppose to say when someone says someone looks like you... thats a good question!

Thic Flair said...

I can totally cosign on the same name but not a jr thing man, I hated having to explain that growing up.

Ya truck homie....aite.

Bud is the best beer, be proud.

LOL@booking a girl, thats a first fam.

I soooo don't miss working in a office for this reason alone. I worked in the I.T. dept with 3 20ish white bols...the farts were endless.

Muze said...

lmao at you almost giving up your seat.

and i get mistaken for brazillian all the time now. i think it's the hair but it still freaks me out.

isn't that robot mop the coolest thing ever? my dad has one and i tried to steal it but he caught me. lol.

Andie said...

Yea I remember when we were at that exhibit and I asked you about the Spanish thing lmaooo.. And yea the truck is hot just need some 20's lmao.

And yea the lil one is a splitting image of you. Alot of people just think mines mixed (hell I dont even know) but her dome comes from me lol.