22 January 2008

Ya'll can do better

Now you know damn well I wasn't going to just blast the men and not mention the women. I wrote this blog back in August of last year. Some of this might contradict what I posted last week, just ignore that.

This Blog is brought to you by... You, yeah you Ms. Men are all dogs/ there are no more good men in the city. I'm sick of it, It's complete BS. Is it open season on men? You act like we just let our women down. Really??? how? last I checked men only do what women allow. If your sick of dudes coming at you trying to fuck on the first night then you need to talk to your girl who gave it up in the back seat of the truck after the club last week. You don't like how we dress? Talk to your girls who love the gangstas or dudes with jeans hanging off they ass and ignore the dude in khakis and a polo. We really only do stuff for women and money. In that order regardless of how many M.O.B tattoos you see.

So if you want to see a change with the dudes in the city start a movement with the women in the city. You know your girl who's fucking 2 dudes in the same week, who's just a lil tooo loose. Talk to her, explain how she's making it harder on you. Tell her the real reason she can't keep a man. A lil honesty never hurt. Or maybe you shouldn't be dating the thug dude if you thinking about marriage and kids. That might not be the kind of long term guy your looking for. On that same note, don't get mad that some dude was cheating on you when you know damn well he was running the street. Women know when there not the number 1 priority, stop fooling yourself. Thats like us trying to wife that same backseat girl knowing she up in LOVE (popular DC club) every weekend. Most the time women complain about no good men when the truth is you don't know what you want. A nice guy is too nice, a thug is too thug, the normal guy is too normal. Men can't win, we try.. honestly we do but we need ya'll to try and work with us. A relationship is 50/50 baby..


Opinionated Diva said...

Something tells me you're a smart dude, but I'm not seeing the intellingence in this post homie! lol...sorry but I'm not. You can not blame women for all the dirt men do.

You're doing the same thing as those women who say "all men are dogs", "I can't find a good man anywhere", by blaming a FEW women who are TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF by men who are up to no good.

I thought REAL MEN owned up to their mistakes and their dirt instead of blaming others. LOL...just my opinion!

Homer is My Co-pilot said...

Lol.. thanks for the comment but you missed the point. I'm basically saying you get your girl who's making ya'll look bad and I'll talk to my boy. I'm not blaming women, I'm sharing the blame.

-Q. said...

Tabernacle. -Q.