08 February 2008

An Advertisement for Birth Control

Last night me and the baby went to visit my big cousin. My cousin needed me to fix her computer (I'm my families tech support). She is a single mom with 4 kids ranging from 1 1/2 to 13 I guess. I don't know they exact ages but I love them the same. Everytime we go over there my daughter has fun. There a 4 kids worth of toys and always someone to play with. Plus they have a dog. It's like lil kid heaven. So were over there and it's dinner time. If there was ever a point where I didn't want anymore kids that was it. It was like rush hour at a day care. Kids screaming, everyone asking for something. My daughter just became part of the mob. My Aunt was also there trying to hold a conversation on the phone... yeah right, I could barely hear my cousin and she was standing right next to me. The dog was the quietest person there. The kids wern't bad they were just loud and running around, Everyone was a lil too excited. This is what people mean when they say the inmates are running the prison. I was never more grateful for my 1 and only child.

Then it was time to leave... you know my spoiled daddy's girl was about to trade me in? She was convinced that she was staying there forever. She was about to kick her shoes off and everything. She cried like I beat her when I made her leave, she gave everyone hugs and asked for some juice just to stall for time. She even said bye to the dog. Once outside she hollered some more and gave me the silent treatment all the way home. Honestly I enjoyed the silence after being at the zoo. She must not know I'm a pro at dealing with women's emotions. She will learn oh yes she will learn.. lmao


Sha Boogie said...

To funny!! I know exactly what you mean, every time I see my nephews (ages 7 months, 3 and 9) I'm like who needs condoms? You nut cases are all the birth control I need!..lol

NikkiJ said...

You cold. Only childom can get boring sometimes.

Opinionated Diva said...


Kids kill me with the silent treatment...they really don't know how much their silence can be appreciated!

I didn't think people were still having so many kids in this day! I just couldn't imagine being mother to FOUR kids.

dejanae said...

awww @ her saying by to the dog
u betta than my dad
he woulda beat me for actin a damn fool in public

Ms. Behaving said...

Yeah...now a days, anything more than one is an army and my recruitment days are officially DONE. [LOL]

Betchu she had a lot of fun while it lasted though.

Ieisha said...

ROTFLMAO @ rush hour at daycare...the image in my head is enough to get me through!

I am currently the VP of the Only Child Club. For membership information, please contact me on the details and benefits of this organization. Lol.