01 February 2008

Lucky Lefty

I read a quote one time that said "Luck benefits the prepared" which basically means that the more prepared and skilled you are the luckier you are. I mention this because I swear everytime something bad happens to me something good comes right behind it. Maybe instead of "lucky lefty" I should have said "Even Steven" Let me give you a run down of my last week or so:

My cousin (who's closer to being my brother) says he's moving to Houston - Bad
My boss tells me I'm being promoted - Good
My promotion falls thru because of someone at my job doesn't like me - Bad
I find out I'm getting more than expected on my tax return - Good
My TV breaks 2 days before superbowl - Bad
My Cousin says he's not leaving till after the superbowl and I can watch the game at his place - Good
I need to replace the tires on my car - Bad
My Bosses Boss goes to bat for me and gets me promoted despite the hater in my office - good
I have to move to a smaller desk on a different floor - Bad

I could go on, but this is my life.. lol Good, Bad, up, down. Every week is like this. It always seems to even out some how. I've prepared myself for the ups and downs, so when bad things happen I don't really worry about it and when good things happen I don't really dwele on them either. I once got some advice from my uncle to "Stay level, don't get too high or too low about stuff" I took that to heart. I try and keep everything in perspective. It's just life people, it's really not that serious. Enjoy the moment and plan for the future. Don't get stressed about money and jobs when if you think about it you have wasted ALOT of money in your life. Nobody's job defines them, how you do your job might define you but not the actual job. Bush might be a bad president but does that make him a bad person? We don't know him personally. Once he's out of office nobody will care. When was the last time you heard about Bush Sr.? So just remember you'll work other places and you'll make more money, don't sweat it. Focus on things that you can't make more of. The relationships you have with your family and friends, you know the important things.


Opinionated Diva said...

uhhhhhhh yeah...Bush is a BAD person! lol

I get what you're saying though. Life is short man...you can't sweat the small stuff!

Congrats on getting that job though.

Eb the Celeb said...

you dont really "dwele" on things... you must have good music on the brain rather than stressing about anything anyway since you typed dwele instead of dwell...

Look at me trying to be ms. spellcheck when I know I have hella typos at my spot...

Hope you have a good week baby daddy... and I'm glad you havent held it against me cancelling our virtual date. Actually now that I think about it you havent came threw my spot and commented in a minute so maybe you are holding it against me.

Ms. Behaving said...

Proof that you can't have the good without the bad OR, the bad without the good :-).

Congratulations on the promotion.

Sha Boogie said...

Sound advice! Ur right, life is to short to sweat the things we have no control over. Fugg being miserable, I want to die, sliding into my coffin with a martini in my hand screamin 'WOOHOO!! WHAT A RIDE!!'..lol