15 February 2008

Random Thought Friday/ Cooking with Coolio

I'ma do some random thoughts before I get into the hot ass mess that is Coolio.

1. I was in circuit city looking for a new TV and I saw this girl singing and dancing in front of 15 tv's displaying the beyonce dvd. Well she was in her 20's so she wasn't really a "girl" but was into it like nobody else was in the store. No music should make you feel that way.

2. Why do grown ass men walk around with adidas flip flops and socks on? that's cool for the house but not shopping at target.

3. I was voting on tuesday and I saw some people were "unopposed" but i still had to vote for them. Why even put it on the ballot? I have no choice

4. Speaking of voting, what's with all the people you have never heard of. I mean I was voting for country and district people based on how they name looked. I don't know these people or what they do.. lol I need to be a more educated voter.

5. What happened to the Jennifer Hudson album? did I miss that release?

Ok now on to Coolio. Please view the following video:

See that shit right there is that bullshit I be talking about. This dude must be hard up for cash. You can't do something like that and still respect yourself. Watch the girls in the background... They don't give a fuck, they look like they are embarrassed to even be apart of that bitchassness.. lol Then on top of everything this dude is pulling salt out of a dime bag. Are you serious, that's how we going now? I'm about to shoot my own cooking show (I'm dead serious by the way, it will be up before the summer) I was debating it for a while since my cousin wants to make movies and needs some way to practice but after seeing this it's a must. Don't worry no DG classes in the house or dime bags with secret ingredients or custom chefs jackets. To take a line from One Man's Opinion "What have you done to uplift your race today?" Hopefully something because Coolio hurt us all with this mess.


Ms. Behaving said...

[Shakin' my damn head]

Coolio is a Hot @ss Mess who needs to accept that HIS TIME IS UP!!!

Ditto on your thoughts about grown @ss men in flip flops and socks. [I can't stand to see that shyt!!!!]

WrkNProgress said...

lol@ your random thoughts. I couldn't even watch all of cooking with coolio that shid wasn't even funny.

NikkiJ said...

I agree with you totally. However, I'm not ashamed to admit that that salad looked good.

CocaColaCutie said...

i don't know if i'm more upset that the "secret" ingredient was in a dime bag or the fact that chick pulled that mess out of her bra. yes..cooking with dave is a must now!!!

One Man’s Opinion said...

What the hell! Tell me that shyt ain't real. I am interested in your show. Just tell me when and where to watch. However, if it is like this crap, I will hate and hate hard.