05 February 2008

Reason #2,678 why I love being a Dad

I love being a dad just because my little girl keeps me on my toes. My mom says she is smarter than me and she might be right. Let me set the stage:
It's saturday afternoon and since my basement TV is broke I'm stuck playing with Barbies and listening to the radio. That's when this convo happened.

Daughter: You like her? (referring to the barbie)
Me: Yeah
Daughter: You like her butt butt?
Me: ........ huh?
Daughter: *bends barbie over to reveal her entire plastic ass* you like her butt butt?
Daughter: It's Nasty?
Me: Yeah it's nasty
Daughter: ok

Needless to say I was unprepared for that question. I mean I like looking at ass just like the next man but does my daughter notice? And why would she think I would like a barbie's butt? And why are kids fascinated with the butt? anytime my plumbers crack is showing my daughter makes sure to point it out. Telling me how nasty it is... lol I don't need to be told that. Anyway it's little random moments like that , that make fatherhood great. With that said I need my TV fixed like yesterday... lol


Opinionated Diva said...

LOL!!! Kids notice EVERYthing...of course she's busted you checkin out the booty!

How old is she?

Sha Boogie said...

Oh hell. Not the 'butt-butt'..LOL! Kids say some crazy ish..I am putting the pause button on that right now because I know whenever my kid says something innapropriate, my poker face is going on vacation!

NikkiJ said...

Yes, she has noticed you checking out ladies' butt-butts.

My son tells me "Mom, you just let a perfectly good man get away. Why didn't you say something?"

I just tell him to mind his business.

Homer is My Co-pilot said...

Wait a second. I was not checking out the Barbie's Butt!! I was putting on a skirt or something. Her asking was completely random.

@Diva she is 3 going on 30.

Andie said...

lmao hilarious just the other day my daughter had Ken and Barbie making out. Now she never seen me do that so I'm wondering is that coming from her staying up watching Sex and the city with me..


NikkiJ said...

I think we're talking about those life size "barbies" that be walking down the street. LOL!!!

Eb the Celeb said...

lmao... kids see and hear everything... i guess you'll be more cautious from now on huh?

Ms. Behaving said...

Yep...I think it's safe to assume she notices LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!

Lexelle said...

I recently found your blog and think this story is so funny. Your daughter sounds adorable.