14 February 2008

Required Valentines Day Post

"Why be nice 1 day and be an ass the rest" That quote from high school shaped my current view of Valentines Day. It was from some girl I knew, I can't remember her name, but she was talking about how the day is overrated. I thought about what she said and she was absolutely right, if your with someone and you love or care about them then why wait till Feb 14th to show it? why not buy flowers and balloons any other day? Besides the fact that it will mean more to them if it's a surprise you get the bonus of everything being cheaper in non-valentine season. They sell roses outside my job all year long. Usually it's $3 for 6, Today... $10 for 6. What the hell? I could wait till next week and get someone roses out the blue for cheaper and get more of an effect.

I've always just kinda skipped this holiday, too much hype around it and it seems like it's all designed to make people spend money. Plus if it was a real holiday I would get the day off work, since I'm typing this live from the corner it must not be a official holiday.
When people ask me who is my valentine I always say me or nobody. Then women always say "your daughter is your valentine".... uuummm no. I spoil her lil ass everyday, I refuse to spend this psudoholiday buying more crap for her. She can go to school and share cards, eat some candy or whatever but she is not my valentine. Valentines day is for lovers not showing love to family. If that was the case than I would have to get my mom, sister, neice and every other woman in my life something. Like I said if you love someone you should show it everyday, not just 1. Don't be nice 1 day and be an asshole the rest.


She Needs said...

I agree with you 100%. Me and my mom was just talking about this yesterday.

Ms. Behaving said...

My sentiment(s) EXACTLY!!!

WrkNProgress said...

True, but with some guys your lucky if they are sweet that one day. Happy VD by the way.

Opinionated Diva said...

Totally agree with you, but definitely co-sign Wrknprogress, since the reality of it is that a lot people (MEN!) just don't know how to get in touch with their romantical side (as Flave says it).

You need a day like this to make romance blaringly clear to those type of people.

Ieisha said...

You are the second man who believes what I've been saying all along! The first is my ex. We never celebrated the 14th of February as Valentine's Day b/c we did special things just cuz it was Tuesday or the 1st of the month or whatever.

I know I'm in the minority as a woman who doesn't celebrate V-Day. I'd rather you don't do ANYTHING special this day.

Keep it for the regular Wednesday and instead of watching Law & Order, we do something like hit the beach, go have drinks, listen to some live jazz.

Let the church say Amen!