28 February 2008

Stuff I cook

After pre-production meeting with my cousin about our cooking show, I got to thinking about what exactly I was going to make. Ok, let me stop BSing by "meeting" I mean we sent a couple text messages back and forth and by "show" I mean we will put a couple videos up on youtube... lol

Anyway I got to looking at some pictures of thanksgiving turkeys I've made and I figured I would share. Yes I took ictures after I made them for historical evidence... lol

This was my 2006 turkey. My first attempt and roasting something. The color was off but if was cooked all the way thru and tastes pretty good. Me and the baby ate it for lunch and dinner all week.

This was an Apple pie I made last thanksgiving, People gave me shyt for using applesauce in it but that joint tasted great.

This was some sweet potato bars I made last year. They had white Chocolate icing, they were good but the consistency was more like a cake then a bar. I'll stick with sweet potato pie next time.

This was last thanksgiving's turkey, it came out much better looking than 2006's. They both tasted great but this one was more of a total package.

I add this pick so you can see that it was actually cooked in the middle and not raw.

If you didn't notice I'm not great with side dishes so I don't make many, I've actually been working on them so this thanksgiving I'll have more of a spread plus cooking all that shyt by your self is alot of work and to make a full dinner just for me and the lil girl doesn't make much sense. Anyway enjoy the pics, I'll post the video from the show once it's filmed and edited.


Opinionated Diva said...

I am impressed. Seriously.

I'd pass on the sweet potato bars (white choc aint real choc), but the turkey looks like it was slammin! Now I'm about to go get me a fresh turkey sandwich on a baguette for lunch!

About you and your cousins...LOL...sharing text messages is not a meeting!

I'm actually looking forward to seeing those youtubes videos. I'd definitely give you a "spotlight" on my page!

*side eye to you for using applesauce in the apple pie*

Brittany_83 said...

I would like to see the videos too. I'm sure you can cook better than me.

Eb the Celeb said...

i agree with brit... i need some youtube video... snce your such a fan of them... I wanted to see the cooking for proof... anyone could have taken those pics... I say you come to nyc and cook for me for verification...lol

Ms. Behaving said...

YUM!!! Looks like a brotha can BURN!!!!

Something about this post makes me wanna take an early lunch...

NikkiJ said...

Ahhhh, but mastery of making the centerpiece items is a responsibility normally only owned by the Grown grown ups. Since you got that down it's all good. Sides are eaaaasy. Start by adding two a year with fillers. By that I mean next year bring in mac and cheese, black eyed peas maybe, and green beans as a filler (cause they barely take any effort). In 2009 you can try to add collard greens. Baby steps.

Sha Boogie said...

That is awesome-tastic! I will def watch the cooking show :)

When you start making the side dishes, you are going to be a double threat, son!!

One Man’s Opinion said...

So, do u actually have cooking joints on Youtube or are they in the works? The food looks good, but Apple Sauce...Really?

Oh, and about that ig'nant negro in the post below. I was gonna rag on his dumb ass, but I decided not to. That kind of black on black hatred I can do without. Especially from the pulpit. He needs his ass whooped and so does his followers, but that's just my opinion. Not passing judgment or anything. LOL

Homer is My Co-pilot said...

@Opinionated Diva: you can side eye the applesauce all you want, that doesn't make the pie less good... lol

@Ebony: Driving 4 hours to cook is not my idea of a good time but your welcome on come down south and get a plate.

@NikkiJ: Ok I have a cousin named Nikki J so everytime I see your name I think she left me a comment. Anyway I'm offically making collard greens this year. Go big or go home. lol

@Britt, Sha and One Man: The show is coming, we are actually shooting this week. I'm not going to mention it again till it's up, I hate to keep talking about something and never produce.