03 March 2008

2 things

First let me say I love Google reader. It allows me to see what all my favorite bloggers posted without having to visit each blog. Here is a snapshot of my reader list.

Not only does it monitor blogs but it monitors websites as well. I get sales sent to me, updates on new music hell all kinds of stuff. It saves me hours everyday since I only have to check 1 place to get up to date.

On a completly different note my baby girl has been steadily hurting my feelings as of late. Every time that new Fat Joe song "I Won't Tell" comes on she says "daddy that's you!!!" at first I was confused then her mom informed me that she saw the video over her house and my baby girl thought I was Fat Joe on tv. WTF!!! my own flesh and blood turnin on me, this is complete Bullocks.

This is Me:

And This is Fat Joe:

We look nothing alike, I might have to get my babies eyes checked out.


NikkiJ said...

Baby girl is right on! LOL. You know she right.

Opinionated Diva said...

If you had a bald head...you two would look even more alike! It's the eyes. Fat Joe is not a bad looking guy...I'm guessing its the FAT part that bothers you hmmmmmmmm? lol - might help you get on VIP next time you go clubbing though!

SMH @ you with grills...and I was starting to think so highly of you!

I gotta check out that google reader...think I'll set that sucker up tonight!

Brittany_83 said...

lol. you don't even look like him

Eb the Celeb said...

Aaah... that was me on your list... the Renaissance Black Woman... i'm gonna have to try that google thing

and i wouldnt wish looking like fat joe on anyone... so I dont see a resemblance at all

Chemical Robotiks said...

i can see the similarities

Ms. Behaving said...

Either your little girl is onto something or I may need to get my eyes checked too. [LOL]

Oh...and for whatever it's worth...there's NOTHING wrong [in my eyes] with the way Fat Joe looks...

'Sides...you always have to look @ things on the bright side...Once she's not comparing you to Flave...then it's all luv :-).

DurtyMo said...

Umm SON! You need more people! LOL!

Y'ALL FAVOR!!! lol! I'm with babygirl on this one!

Homer is My Co-pilot said...

@Nikkij, Chemical and Durtymo: lol.. I'll schedule ya'll appointments too.

@O.D: trust me my head too big to go bald and I couldn't just post a regular pic of me, I mean who wants to see that? it's boring. If looking like him gets me in VIP and a couple free bottles I'll run with it.

@Brittany and Eb: Thanks I know I'm not crazy.

@Ms. Behaving: now if anybody compares someone to flav thats grounds for an ass whipping,that's stuff you say in a fight. lol disrespectful.

Opinionated Diva said...

lmao@grounds for an ass whipping!

I have to say...I am loving this google reader! I've already put two other people on to it!

Thnx for the heads up.