26 March 2008

Live from the Corner pt... I lost count

So alot has happened in my corner of the pod since I posted last. Here's a quick rundown

- Did I mention that one of my pod mates has no problem farting at his desk? yeah things got so bad that the guy next to him sent and cease and desist email regarding it. Emailing someone who sits 2 feet from you is a modern marvel if you ask me.. lol

- They lady who yelled sexual harassment pretty much has a red flag on her now. All the guys are extra careful around her, no jokes that might be taken the wrong way (which pretty much includes all jokes) Things are so awkward that one of our co-workers saw her on the elevator alone and refused to get on with her. He took 1 foot inside turned around and waited for the next one... lmao He's reasoning behind it was "Hey I got kids to feed, I can't take any chances"

- My other pod mate owns a condo, he decided that he wanted a single family home and he was going to rent out his condo. This was maybe 2-3 months ago, he sold/gave away all his furniture and has been pretty much living out of his truck as he looks for a new house. Well the other day he says he's just going to stay in his condo since it has not been rented out yet and keep his dirt cheap mortgage. Only problem is he has not furniture, TV's or anything since he got rid of it all. So he has to buy all new stuff for his old place.

Thats it for now, the week is still young though.


Opinionated Diva said...

I love these live from the corner stories!!!

Dude farting needs to change his diet! He's creating a hostile environment and I think HR should get involved...wasn't there a story in the news about how someone was fired for stinking up the office? I'm pretty sure there was.

Dude with the condo and now NO FURNITURE!! Just dumb!

Eb the Celeb said...

that condo dude is a straight idiot... why did he move out of the condo and been living in his truck if it wasnt sold... people can view places while people are still living in them... retard!

DollFace said...

Farting...can that be considered harassemnent? Maybe you can still get your office:)

As for the condo dummy...who does that?

NikkiJ said...

I wonder, wasn't the lady's identity supposed to be kept secret? So now all the other women being harassed are going to be scared to report it for fear of being ostracized. I wish more women were better at taking up for themselves rather than having to get someone else involved.

Paula D. said...

This is a trip! Okay...I would catch an attempted murder charge on the farter....that is just nasty!!!

Ieisha said...

My condolences go out to you on the quality of air in your pod.

Homeboy with the condo....talk about putting the cart before the horse. Got an IKEA in your hood? He may be able to furnish his spot again for cheap.

Hey, tomorrow you can say S.H.I.T.!
Sure Happy It's Thursday!

Brittany_83 said...

Farting...that is sick just sick

Ms. Behaving said...

LMAO @ that title.

Yo...Your gas passin' co-worker is on some bullshyt.

I'm disgusted and I don't even have to deal with it so I can only imagine what you must feel about it.

Ole nasty @ss!!

Hadassah said...

LOL @ he put one foot in the elevator and turned to wait for the next one

Homer is My Co-pilot said...

@Diva - I don't want dude to lose his job, I think the email was a fair warning

@Eb - Yeah I guess he never heard of Public Storage

@Dollface - I like your thinking, I might have to pass out at my desk a couple times first.

@NikkiJ - This woman went around and told everyone she wasn't very low key about it. The whole thing could have been handled better

@PaulaD - when I saw Paula D I instantly thought of Paula Dean from the food channel... lol

@Ieisha - The funny thing is I never smell him I only hear him. Maybe I'm upwind from him.

@Hadassah - I was laughing for a good 5 minutes when I heard that story.

Opinionated Diva said...

woooow...you don't smell him, you actually HEAR him?? Dude is releasing LOUD farts in to the work environment???

SMH...just nasty! LOL!

Tabu said...

The farting guy is nasty.

I can just picture all the men in the office trying to BEWARE of the Ms. Sexual Harrasment. She is sad.

MsPuddin said...

yeah I think farting guy and sexual harrrassment girl would make a cute couple...

dejanae said...

farting guy
aint no bathrooms at ur job?

elevator dude.lmao
a trip