28 March 2008

The Patriot Act at work

So I was going to post some random thought but I figured this was a better story.

Yesterday I got a message on my answering machine that went somethig like this...

"Mr. Johnson, this is your bank and could you please give us a call"

Now needless to say my heart kinda skipped a beat, all I could think about was them saying they lost my money or something. I mean I always pay my bank on time, they have my money and I don't play with my money. So I call them back and turns out they are looking for a contact for my cousin (we use the same bank). I'm not a snitch so I tell them I don't have a number for him even though we talk regularly. I get off the phone and while I'm relived that they have not lost my money I'm concerned as to how the hell did they know I'm related to my cousin. This is a bank after all, they should just know me as an account number and a name. Did they just assume that since we're both named Johnson and live in the same area that we are related? There are like 40 billion Johnsons around here or maybe my cousin secretly used my good credit to have me co-sign for something. I doubt that since I check my credit often so I'm forced to think that the good Patriot Act is to blame, I'm sure there is some great file that shows my whole family tree and how we spend our money. Did I mention that most my family has a military background? no? well yeah were full of military/police people so that only helps the odds of them tracking us. Damn Bush.

On another note when did banks start calling around for people? Thats worse than a credit card company, I wonder how many people they called before they decided to contact me? his mom, his brother, his dad? Half the family might have been contacted. Now everybody knows my cuzzo is having some financial problems (they didn't go into detail but no bank is calling unless they want some money) I might just have to switch banks, god forbid they call my mom looking for me.


The Jaded NYer said...

Scary! But yeah, when banks want their money they'll call your great-grandmother if they have to!!

Opinionated Diva said...

lol...if this is for a student loan than your cousin might have volunteered your name/number as a contact.

I can't imagine banks cold calling until they find the right relative, but in this economic climate anything's possible.

lmao@you thinking the bank LOST YOUR MONEY! Hilarious!

Ms. Behaving said...

Provided your cousin listed you as a reference, I could see say a creditor contacting you about him but your bank?!?!?!

That's definitely scary.

Damn that damn Patriot Act!!!!

Ieisha said...

So much for privacy. Bank puttin' ya fam on blast! Hopefully our next Prez will work some limitations into that Act cuz if you got family like I do, my phone will be ringing off the hook!

Brittany_83 said...

Never heard of banks calling around. Besides...I don't answer numbers I don't know..lol

Philly's Andrea said...

Damn, that's crazy.