29 April 2008

Goin Fishing

I took yesterday off work and went fishing with my boys. You might remember that one of my boys is getting married this summer and his finance refuses to let him have a traditional bachelors party so we went to a ball game and decided to charter a fishing boat. We went out into the Chesapeake Bay. It was a cold, windy, rainy day, perfect fishing weather lol... Anyway here are some pics:

Me, My boy and his Uncle.

The Shout Out Pic.

The first Catch of the day, Yeah I caught the first fish, I'm good like that lol.... it was 35 inches long and 15 pounds

Did I mention there was a storm rolling thru? Yeah we couldn't really see anything in that fog.

End of the day shot. The law man says we are only allowed to catch 1 fish each, You know can't be overfishing and stuff. My buddy (guy standing next to me) had the biggest catch a 41 inch 27 pound beast.

Over all it was a good day, I was cold and wet but I had a good time and got some fish to cook. We caught Rockfish which is a Stripped Bass. Its a white flaky fish so I don't know how well I'll be able to grill it. I'll figure it out though lol.

Thanks to everyone who wished my daughter well, she is back to normal and dictating my life again.


Opinionated Diva said...

When I saw the post title...I thought - Oh cool Dave is taking a vacay.

But...you really meant...you were going fishing!!!

Me no likey fishing...putting worms or raw meat on hooks is just way too icky for me.

Those "fish" look like baby sharks!

Looks like you guys had lots of fun though...even though the scenery looks like something out of "perfect storm"!

dejanae said...

the fiance wont allow him to have a bachelor party?
smart woman

congrats on catch no1

RealHustla said...

Ooooo looks like fun. Nothing like catching your own food. I ran across this recipie for some Teriyaki marinade, but it was intended for Grilled Salmon. Let me know if you're intereseted.

The Jaded NYer said...

I've never tried fishing; I mean, we'd go crab fishing but that doesn't count because those dumb mo-fos just walk into the traps LOL!

What's your secret? And *gasp* do you gut and clean them your self?


Homer is My Co-pilot said...

@Diva - lol if I took a vacay I'd probably blog about it anyway.

@Dejanae - The whole thing is BS I want strippers damnit!!!

@Realhustla - Yeah send me the recipe I eat salmon like once a week so I'll put it to good use.

@Jaded NYer - No secret we just drove around till one got caught. And there was no way I was cleaning that fish, My buddy handled all the guts and stuff. I have to draw the line somewhere lol

Ieisha said...

The many facets of Homer....and he fishes too! Lol...can't say I've had the pleasure. Thinking I want to add that to the list though. I'd love to do Amazing Race and there isn't much I could rule out if I did.

Let us know how the fish turns out. Maybe you can do an episode of Cookin' w/Dave and profile your catch!

Ms. Behaving said...

LOL @ "she is back to normal and dictating my life again"

[Trust me when I tell you "You ain't seen nothin' yet"]

Gotta agree with my girl opinionated diva in that those are some pretty B-I-G fish.

::shudders @ the thought of holding em' with so much pride like you fellas are doing here::

Some stuff ya just gotta leave to the men [ya know???]

DreamCop08 said...

Ok Dave u are officially my boyfriend I don't care if u don't agree, I'm handcuffing u, LOL so u got two options u can go willingly or I can tase u! Take ur pick!

Seriously I love a black man that can get down with doing things like that! I love to fish! I grew up on that kind of stuff! Yeah I know, I'm country! We are actually planning our summer trip to do just that!

Happy u had fun and love the pic! Looking really cute!!! Me likey! Have a good night

Homer is My Co-pilot said...

@Ieisha - I do everything baby *wink* lol naw you have to get out and enjoy life I want to be old with alot of stories to tell. I might just cook some on the next episode, good idea.

@Ms. Behaving - I'ma start calling my daughter lil Castro lol And yes those fish were pretty slimy but hell I caught it so I'm holding it.

@Dreamcop - Hey now, I get a girlfriend and handcuffs! That's police brutality I can live with. lol.

shelia said...

This is my first time visiting your blog. Thought I would leave you a message because I'm not a lurker :)