07 April 2008

Live from the Front Row

So my buddy is getting married in june and his finance is dead set against a traditional bachelors party. She refused to let him have any strippers and threaten to call the wedding off if she got any hint at any naked women in her mans presence. I spent a good hour trying to convince her other wise but I really believe she will cancel the wedding over it. So instead of 1 big bash we are having a couple guys night out kinda things. The first of which was a basketball game on friday. My buddy's friend's girlfriend works for the wizards and she was nice enough to get us front row tickets to the game. I love her, I just met her but I already love her, anyone that gets me front row for free has a special place in my heart. Plus her boyfriend looks, sounds and acts just like Will Ferrell so he kept us entertained.

Here is a pic of the court from my seat, we were right behind the TV/Camera people:

This was by far the best experience at a basketball game I have ever had. For those people who say sitting that close is not worth it are damn lairs. I was close enough to make out the player tattoos and actually hear them arguing with the refs. One of the players on the bench had a bracelet that blinded me and A waitress came around and got out drink orders so I didn't have to miss any of the game. They gave us free peanut butter and white chocolate popcorn and even brought us a printed sheet of halftime stats. Plus we got free programs, I've never felt more special at a sporting event. There was a separate bar for us lucky folks who had passes and I even got a free chiptole burrito. Granted they gave out burritos to everyone, it was a free thing like when they throw the shirts in the stands. When they first came out with this tray of silver bullets I was a lil scared that some poor kid would get hit up side his head with a burrito I mean those things ARE heavy. Anyway I got a burrito, took 1 bite and threw it out, It has sour cream in it and it occurred to me that I had no idea where it came from.

To top it all off My buddy Moe called me while I was at the game and it went something like this:

Me: Hello?
Moe: Big Dave, I see you at the game all front row and shit
Me: ha ha ha
Moe: You not even watching the game you texting on your phone
Me: I was trying to make sure my pictures came out, I'll hit you later (I couldn't really hear him over the noise)

I didn't even tell him I was going to the game, dude actually saw me on TV well enough to know for a fact it was me and called. After that I realized I was sitting like 10 feet from Suge Knight Dude is unmistakable he was just chillin so I didn't want to bother him and ask for a pic. I should mention that I was there with 2 white guys and an asian guy so as I was telling them "Hey that's Suge Knight" they all kinda answered with a "who?" So then I proceed to tell the story of Suge holding Vanilla Ice over the balcony window. They seemed to enjoy it. After the Game we hit the restaurant connected to the stadium and got some more beers. So as we sat there chatting it up, here comes Suge with like 4 cheerleaders... It must be nice to be famous.

I have a new goal in life to get season tickets in the front row to see the wizards. I can't go back to sitting the stands like regular folks. Maybe I'll just try and marry someone who works for the wizards, yeah that would be cheaper.. lol


DurtyMo said...

Ain't that some crap. The last Wiz game I went to, I was in the 400 section. I'mma just be quiet on this one. LOL!

The Jaded NYer said...

um... even if he wasn't chillin, I wouldn't recommend approaching Suge Knight! You have a child that needs you- don't go that route LOL

RealHustla said...

Wooooow. What an experience. But, it's probably back to the peasant seats for ya. Chipotle is one of our favorite places to eat. The food there is all organic and hormone free. But, this is not going to solve the sour cream issue.

MP said...

Too bad about the strippers. Men should get to see some boobies before the big day. Long live the strippers! (no I am not one)

Eb the Celeb said...

OK... I cant even finish reading this post past the picture because I cant understand how a chick that is that insecure that she will call off the wedding if you fiance... not finance...like you put above...lol (I dont know why I am getting on your for typos cuz I have them all the time...lol) but anyway... i dont understand why a chick that insecure can find a marry to marry her and I'm still single and I will go to the strip club with my man if I had one...ugh!

Ieisha said...

So I'm still laughing about you being all geeked about your burrito only to take a bite and throw it out. Too funny.

So jealous of your seats at the b-ball game. You may want to be nice to me though. I'm contemplating sports & entertainment law as my field......and I will have season tickets with the bomb seats for the NFL, NBA and MLB when I hit it big!

Homer is My Co-pilot said...

@durtymo - courtside will change your life, I sat in the 400 level a couple years ago... never again

@Jaded NYer - He was actually smiling, he seemed in a good mood. but your right I could risk it... lol

@real hustla - I love chiptole but I need to see it being made those burritos they gave out might have been made from the days leftovers

@MP - Rest assured if I ever get married my bachelors party will be in Vegas and there will be plenty of strippers.

@EB - You know I was a lil upset about the whole stripper thing but my boy was cool with it and he seems to be happy so if he's happy I'm happy for him. I'll be happy to hit the strip club with you though lol

@Ieisha - You on my favorite people list for that comment. Season tickets and a lawyer! I might need both of them in my lifetime lol

Shazza Nakim said...

I never understood the concept of having Strippers at a Bachelor's Party before the wedding. Maybe because I am often too close to both the Bride and Groom and feel guilty that there are some degree of cheating and secrets before the commitment that I would be bound to keep to myself. Then a friend told me that the Bachelor's Party is more about the FINAL TEST for committing to marriage than the evening to total bliss.

Call me traditional or 'ol fashion but anyone GAME enough to TEST my marriage isn't really a friend but enough about that ... I am glad that you found a MUCH BETTER substitute. I might not have been as salacious as a BIG BOOTY BIG BREASTED Hoochie but the memories will last longer.

Opinionated Diva said...

I agree with Shazza...I don't get the whole stripper thing the night before the wedding either. You have years to do that shyt BEFORE you even propose marriage. Why wait until the night before when we all know what could possibly happen.

I don't know if I would call if the wedding over it though, but I dont' blame the woman.

wow @ those seats though and being THAT close to Suge Knight (scary)!!

Ms. Behaving said...

Hey...with seats THAT close...who needs T&A??


Glad you enjoyed it.

DollFace said...

You didn't know about those Chipotle burritos?! I use mine to lift weights! LOL