22 April 2008

Loose ends/The Growth

Alight, I got a couple things to cover so I hope your comfortable and you got a minute. There will be alot of links so you have been forewarned. First let me tie up some loose ends.

Loose Ends

- My date was cool, we shot some pool an I think she was hustling me but we had fun.

- I want to say thanks to Eb the Celeb for sending me that prize pack. It's by far the nicest thing a girl has gotten me in a while.

- Cooking with Dave... Part 2 is coming, I've been renovating my kitchen and my producer has been going thru some stuff so the timing has been bad. Plus youtube only let you upload 10min videos an the show is going to be longer so we need a new spot to post it. But don't worry the show should continue.

- Corner news, Looks like your boy is making the cut at work. All the rumors point to me staying and a couple other of my co-workers getting the axe. It's bittersweet but I'll take it. My baby needs new shoes.

The Growth part 2

If you missed my first post about The Growth check it here.

I'm running for president of the united states.

I'm not even joking, I was watching "Lions for Lambs" and the overwhelming message of the movie was it's better to do than talk. It was a good moive and it had me thinking all weekend. I'm always saying how my generation was raised wrong and in turn we raise our kids wrong and I decided that I'd be better off working toward improving the country and my culture then just sitting on the step and shaking my head. Now I know that being President is a lofty goal but hell I don't dream often and when I do it's big. To be president you have to be at least 35. I'm 28 now so I have at a minimum 7 years got get it together. Since I have no public service record I'm much more realistically be voted in by the time I'm 45 - 50 which is cool with me. But I'm starting this thing small, I'm going to join my homeowners association this month and I'm going to see what the NAACP is talking about. This country needs change and I really want to be apart of it. I can't let my daughter come up in this world with out trying to improve it, I owe her that much. Plus I really have been thinking about how I'm going to be remembered. You know after I'm dead and gone how will people who know me remember me. Or better yet how will people who don't know me remember me? I like to think I've helped people in my life but I really thing I can help more people and what better way then being president? I'm so sin-serious so consider this my official announcement of my intention to run. I figure even if I don't make it all the way to the white house I will have touched/inspired enough people along the way to make a small difference. Plus if Obama becomes president while brushing haters off his shoulder then I'm sure I can get in with Rick Ross remixing Hail to the chief... BOSS!!! lol


BorednTalkative said...

Glad to hear you won't be queueing up in the unemployment line. You sound like a man with a plan. Good luck.

The Jaded NYer said...

wow... president... you might want to comb through this blog with a fine-tooth comb, 'cause you know how THEY like to air ppls dirty laundry during campaigns!

and don't forget us little people who might need a pardon from having to pay our Federal Stafford Loans HA HA HA HA!!

Good luck with that... oh, and TAG- you're it (see my blog for details *wink*)

Opinionated Diva said...

Dave for President...wow! Very impressive. As NYER pointed out, you definitely want to comb through your blog for any content that might give the wrong impression!! I have to check out that Lions of the Lamb movie...sounds interesting.

Looking forward to the next installment of cooking with Dave!

Ieisha said...

So is there a date #2 in your future?

I'm down for helping with your campaign. I'd need to know your platform first but I think you can get it done. In 7 years, I'll be well into my legal practice and will be looking for other ways to give back so make sure you look me up when you announce your offical candidacy.

BTW, you've been tagged! Check out my blog for more details.

DreamCop08 said...

you can do anything you put your mind to. I am rooting for you all the way. Just remember a sister when you get in office(a little overtime detail would be nice. have a great day!!

Ms. Behaving said...

Ay...If you believe...you WILL achieve so I ain't mad at that!!!

Glad to read you had fun on your date....

Lookin' forward to the next installment of "Cookin' with Dave" [God knows I could stand to learn a thang or two in that area]

Eb the Celeb said...

Awe Dave... your welcome!

MP said...

You run and I'll vote for you. I'm supportive like that.