11 April 2008

Random Though Fridays

Ok, I could let the weekend come with my last post simply because it was kinda depressing. I just came back from lunch and it's a beautiful day here in the nations capital and the women are out reminding me how beautiful a city it is so I'm a happy camper. On to the randomness

- In corner news one of my coworkers made a semi inappropriate remark and like 3 people got pulled into the bosses office to a talking to. I did not get yelled at but it was funny, they all had to go to the principals office lol

- Me and my daughter were at the playground and she made a new friend with the following conversation:

My Daughter: What's your name?
little Girl: Aniaya (or something like that)
MD: Oh... I'ma get you! (and started chasing the lil girl)
LG: Awww!! (and started running away)

Now they are friends, too bad I can't meet women that way lol

- Turns out like 3 people saw me at the game on TV, good thing I wasn't ducking child support or anything because I would have been caught.

- I've putting hardwood floors in my house and I realize that I need to Paint my kitchen, these are the times I miss having a girlfriend. I need a woman's opinion on this kind of stuff.

- I was driving my truck one day and this older country white dude with a mullet stopped me and asked about it (this happens all the time since my truck looks like it's straight outta NASCAR) so were talking about trucks and he tells me his old one did nothing but "Get and Shit".... meaning it went fast and shit gas.... alrighty then, I kept moving.

- I was chilling down in chinatown when this kid asked me if I could make a small donation... but he didn't say what it was for. I told him no and he went back to chillin with his friends near by. Never trust children lol

- I hate when I buy new shoes and it rains for the next couple days. I like wearing my new stuff not now but right now.

Anyway that's it for me, I'm taking the little girl to the circus this weekend so I'm sure I'll have a story from that.


Ieisha said...

I think you'd be able to meet a woman that way. Give it a try. But then again, folks these days may cry assault or something if you said, "I'ma get you"....lol.....ah,the innocence of childhood.

RealHustla said...

Here you go.

You:My name is Dave, what's your name?


You: Chuckle a little, then say... It's funny, looking at you just made me think about a little outing I had with my daughter recently.

Her: Oh really?

Then, tell her the story you just told us and say, I wish I could meet women like that.

Don't forget to ask for her contact info. I can not believe you are shy, am I right or wrong? Just do it! Don't forget to thank me after this works.

RealHustla said...

Oh yeah, try it THIS weekend, starting as soon as you leave that office!

Brittany said...

Yes kids become friends fast and then say "your not my friend anymore" even faster.

mp1 v.8.0 said...

That would be a hot and easy way to meet a woman.
Kids got it made! lol

That's hilarious how lil dude tried to play you

Eb the Celeb said...

You are suck a good papa...

You have a cute daughter so I'm sure that if you wanted to pimp her that all you had to do was say whats your name to a female and could pull her....lol

You know you were macking on that lil girl's mom why the kids were playing...lol

Homer is My Co-pilot said...

@Ieisha - I hope your going to be my lawyer when I get that attempted rape charge... lol

@realhustla - unforuntly I didn't see your comment untill after I left work so I didn't get a chance to try it out. I'm not shy I just don't approach women that often

@Brittany - yeah my daughter tells me I'm not her friend all the time. That's until she wants some candy

@mp1 - That lil kid must have thought I was just got off the idiot boat lol

@Eb - I was going to say you should proof read your comment till I noticed my post says "Random though fridays" instead of "Random thought fridays" so we both need to re-read stuff.

Ms. Behaving said...

Typically, I run into a lot of teenagers/young adults who sell candy bars while pitching the whole "I'm collecting money for my school basketball team" spiel and I'm even iffy about THAT so I totally agree with you for turning shorty down for that small donation he asked without even saying what it was for.

My mother used to say it to me and I damn sure don't see nothing wrong with saying it to the next person.