24 April 2008

Spam fun

ok we all get spam mail, well I was browsing mine and I'd thought I'd share the kind of crazy stuff I get. I'll just list the subject line:

Bed so well you can convert a lesbian - really? I almost clicked it just to see what it said.

Google is the way to money - This might be true because the dudes that created it are hella rich

Flush up to 20 lbs & Enjoy Flatter Tummy! - I don't know if I want the sight of a 20lb shyt in my toilet but hey that's just me. Maybe they mean I can flush a body part or something... hhhmmmm

Get All Meds. Any Meds You Want Prescriptions Written - I could make a killing selling Viagra to folks going to Bike Week down Myrtle Beach. And I'm sure lil Wayne needs a syrup connection in DC.

It will make your penis bigger and erection more intensive - I don't know what a more intensive erection consists of but I'm pretty sure I'll pass

The best fake watches on the market! - I have like 15 watches so I did click on this email. A brother can only drive to canal st in NY every so often.

You and a Rolex watch - sitting in a tree k.i.s.s.i.n.g, I almost bought a fake rolex but I decided that a real one will be a b-day gift to myself. Now I just have to wait for that B-day maybe my 30th.

Secrets to erotic massages - I'm sure this involves oil and candles... maybe it was a self help book, either way I didn't bother with it.

Feel the power in your pants - Oh I feel it lol, I wasn't sure if this meant whatever they were selling would make my stuff throb or glow... either way I'm sure I'll pass.

The vast and the veluptuous - That's not a typo they misspelled voluptuous, and I'm not sure vast and voluptuous should be in the same sentence.

On a side note my daughter has been running a fever all week so I've been back and forth from the ER to her Dr's Office so if this seems like a silly post blame it on the lack of sleep and the residual Children's motrin fumes.


Brittany said...

I'm dreading Bike Week. Another year of that madness.

mp1 v.8.0 said...

I don't even look @ that spam nonsense. Delete, delete, delete. But that was mad funny

RealHustla said...

It's the spam button for me, but I don't really think it works. How can there be so many shallow people out there smarter than Google folk who can't seem to protect you from spam.

Motrin seems to be more potent than Tylenol, but I like tylenol since I don't have to wait 8 hours between doses. Hope she recovers soon.

DreamCop08 said...

lol, I like the first one" I almost clicked on it". and the one about dropping 20 lbs. hell i could use that one. i was telling my fellow officers that I need to lose 50 and they were looking at me like I had lost my mind. lol

you are so funny i swear. I really like this blog!!!

Okay I am about to talk a little creole for you so stay with me.

awwe chae the lil ba ba sick. mae I hope the lil ba ba get betta.

U stayed with? well good. That is how I used to talk before I moved to Baton Rouge. People could not understand me for nothing. lol

Anway I hope your little cutie pie starts feeling better. I am gonna pray for her tonight.

Have a wonderful day hon!!

Ms. Behaving said...


You mean you don't get any [spam mail] claiming you've won "X" amount of billions from someone in the UK?!?!?!

Hmmm...maybe it's legit then no?!?!? [I'd better click on it and find out ya know...juuuuuust to be on the safe side -- LOL]

I know whatcha mean about spam. My inbox forever has some crazy ish in it!!

Hope you little girl feels better and that you have a great weekend!!

Ieisha said...

The Googler actually clicked on some of his Spam msgs? Wow...didn't know folks actually did that, lol. Gotta be the contact Motrin high!

The entire time I had Gmail, I never got Spam in my inbox. I got rid of a couple mail filters and now they're starting to show up. Hmmm....wonder if its a conspiracy.

I swear those little ones have them killer germs! Can't shake it for nothing! Hopefully, the princess gets better soon and that it doesn't turn into anything worse.

I was just asking my bff earlier about kiddie vitamins cuz Buddha keeps getting a runny nose. Any advice on that for me?

Still_Pocahontaz said...

Hello Homer

Visiting you by the way of Opinionated Diva...

I hope the little one feels better soon.

Have a great weekend!

The Jaded NYer said...

awww- hope your baby feels better! nothing is sadder than a sick child :(

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

I hope your seed is all good folk.

Eb the Celeb said...

hope the lil one is better now