06 May 2008

27 tuxes.. part duex

I realized that I left some stuff out of the last post so consider this the continuation.

First off let me say that I was a lil upset the best man didn't invite me and my godbrother (we were both groomsmen) to the bachelors party. I mean I understand that I'm not super tight with the groom but damn we cool enough to watch strippers together. They claimed that they called us but we didn't answer, thats bullshit but I can't blame the groom because I'm sure he didn't plan anything. So for the record I'll be in 2 weddings and I'll at 0 bachelors parties, I'm about to throw my own party just for the hell of it. And when I get married my grooms men are going to Vegas and acting a damn fool.

I went out with the bridesmaid last night (Please don't tase me DreamCop) we caught a movie. I know that breaks my first date rule but it's not like I just met this girl. She is my god-sister's friend so I have seen her around at BBQ's and such we just never really sat and talked till the wedding. Plus it was a monday night what more do you want from me? Anyway she has potential or as my man BossMack might say, I can add her to the stable lol. I figure I'll see how it goes while my god-sister is on her honeymoon then tell her when she gets back. I have no idea how she is going to feel about it.

The ushers at the wedding felt like they had the best jobs, they got to dress in suits and had an excuse to talk to every pretty girl that walked in. I told them they should start a usher company and contract themselves out.

You know that tradition where the man who catches the guarder belt puts it on the woman who catches the bouquet... yeah that doesn't go to well when the dude is 21 and the lady is 60. It does lead to a nice good laugh though.

Speaking of the guarder tossing in a pool of 15 dudes 1 dude, he had to be about 50, literally blocked us out like he played power forward for the Wizards. I didn't even want to catch the damn thing but I started to throw an elbow just because. All that effort and he drops the the guarder to let the 21 year old dude catch it.

If you want to have fun go up to the photographer and tell him he is doing an excelent job. This is guaranteed to start a funny convo with stories of weddings gone wrong. Wedding photographers have seen it all.


CocaColaCutie said...

Look at you all dating bridesmaids and stuff!

MP said...

LMAO @ we cool enough to watch strippers together.

DreamCop08 said...

I thought you were feeling miss thang, men always trying to downplay things!!!lol

No I aint gonna tase you, ill let you slide this time!!

Hope you had fun at least somebody is,lol

Have a great night and thanks for the love on my bloggy blog

Opinionated Diva said...


Whenever the bride throws the bouquet, I get the hell out of the way. Women are vicious when trying to catch that damn thing.

It's more fun to laugh from the sidelines anyway.

PS: The fact that you were in the wedding, should have been more than enough to ensure you attend the bachelor's party. That was strange!

Ms. Behaving said...

Hope the 21 y/o who caught the garter was a good sport about it...

I doubt he'll ever try catching another garter again!! [LOL]

DiamondsR4eva said...

lol @ being good enough to be in the wedding party but not good enough for the debauchery at the bachelor's party...pure fuckery