19 May 2008

A blog about nothing

I'll be honest, I was up till 2am "watching movies" last night....no really I watched Roscoe Jenkins on a B grade bootleg. Then I went to sleep, I rolled over and woke up at 5am. So my mind is pretty much mush. So this blog is about nothing. I just wanted to post something. Kinda feels like I'm wasting your time. I'm sorry about that.I understand if you wanna leave now

-I thought about this for a minute who would have thought blogging about nothing would require so much thought...i mean jerry Seinfeld had a whole show about nothing and it lasted 9 years I should at least be able to fill this post. Maybe that's why he is rich and I'm not.. hmmmm

-My lil cousin wrote a play and it won some competition. So now real actors are going to act it out, I'm excited for him. He asked me to go see it and how could I refuse? I love the kids. I don't even talk to him like that but I guess I encouraged him enough to reach out to me when he needed support. That makes me feel good.

-I think everyone was right about my baby momma just wanting to get on someone about the whole PB&J thing. I hate being #1 on her complaint list. Oh well I guess she knows I wont respond so that makes me a good punching bag... lol

-So my new PTY(pretty young thing) is already making plans for us to go to Atlantic City, Ocean City and Vegas. I'm starting to get worried *cue fear of commitment feelings, planing escape route*

-I'm having a BBQ this weekend, I'll be sure to post pics of the food. And for all those asking I'm not sure when the 2nd episode of "Cooking with Dave" will be filmed. Me and my cameraman are on different schedules. So either I need to take a day off work and get him to film it or get a new cameraman. Filming the BBQ food would be ideal though... maybe I can get my niece to do it. hmmm did I mention I'm making my world famous rum cake? and I'm making collard greens. I've never made them before but it looked easy enough on the food channel, fukk it I go for the gold lol (side note everything I make is world famous, call it the Kanye in me, I don't even care if you don't like it. It's world famous to me lol) I'm also going to grill up some of that fish I caught. the more I think about it the more I think it needs to be filmed *Wade if your reading this you need to take off work and make this happen, You'll make more money trust me*

OK I just remembered something I meant to blog about, kinda late now huh? Well I'll type it up and post it Wednesday. lets just say VOTE DAVE 2032!!!! lol


CocaColaCutie said...

cool..i really think you should add morning star veggiedogs to the list. i mean who else could boast about grilling soy! think about it...it would be world famous!

sounds like things between you and the bridesmaid are progressing nicely. i'm so proud of you! *hugs*

Homer is My Co-pilot said...

no fake meat will be hitting my grill, either you eat meat or you eat sides... lol

RealHustla said...

Your PYT is testing you. I love her for it, Ha Haaaa! You either get a fun trip with a cool guy, or the truth real quick about where the relationship is heading.

Mmmmmm, I sure could use a BBQ right now. Next weekend, huh? Oh wait, do you think they have BBQ in Nassau? Wo wooooooo!

Ieisha said...

So this was your way of posting something without actually posting something, huh? Lol...sorry, I couldn't resist gettin' you back.

Seen Roscoe on bootleg too...wanted them 2 hours of my life back. Was it worth only gettin' 3 hours of sleep?

Homer is My Co-pilot said...

@ RealHustla - Keep rubbing your vacation in our face, that's cool I'm going to look at a pic of nassau and day dream.. lol

@Isisha - lmao, this is a prime example of following legal advice about how to post without posting. I learned from the best! And I didn't mind Roscoe so much, I've seen worst Martin movies.

Opinionated Diva said...

I would be really worrying if someone I had JUST started dating was already planning a trip for us. Good luck with that...really!

Congrats to the cuz!

DollFace said...

How you gonna talk about collard greens and rum cake and not invite us?! LOL J/K

But I wouldn't read THAT much into PYT. Sounds like she's trying to have a good time. Besides AC and Ocean City aren't that far away. When she starts talking about taking trips to Africa...then send up the flares:)

DreamCop08 said...

ok boo i think you might be feeling this chick. how long has it been since you met her? if you havent gotten rid of her yet, then i think she might be here to stay

just to let you know that I am jealous. the two options i do have i have to work on. one lives out of state and the other is playing hard to get. why do i have to work so hard,lol.

cant wait for the pics of the food. you are gonna have to invite me over.lol. you know i would come!!!

Ms. Behaving said...

LOL @ *cue fear of commitment feelings, planing escape route*

While I can totally understand your concern I hardly think it's that serious.

As a matter of fact, I think you should go...enjoy yourself...and of course, tell us alllllllll about how it went (hehehe)

Like dollface says...as long as these little getaways are local you should be A-OK!!!! :-)

Hope you have fun @ the BBQ!!! Oh and congrats to your cuz

Homer is My Co-pilot said...

@Diva - I'm glad someone can see my point. Even if you are a Celtics fan lol

@Dollface - I'm inviting you via pics lol. And africa is out the question, I'm not leaving the country with Bush in office, I might get stuck somewhere.

@Officer Dreamy - It's been like 2-3 weeks, So it's still too early for you to be jealous lol

@Ms. Behaving - I have an exit plan mapped out, all I have to do is break the glass and execute lol. You need insurance in a land of crazy women lol

DreamCop08 said...

Homer you are too funny. I bet if I came down there you wouldnt need an exit route,lol

Boy I thought I was scared of commiting myself to someone but I dont have anything on you,lol

SistaSocialite said...

LOL @ Roscoe Jenkins on a B grade bootleg!

I say when you get to Atlantic City... drink a whole bunch of Long Island Ice Teas... that'll take your mind WAY off the committment thing LOL

One Man’s Opinion said...

Can I get you to stop blogging about food. I was laying here, five in the morning, catching up on my blog reading and your blog about nothing done made me hungry. Damn you.

One Man’s Opinion said...

okay, I'm back. I just wanted you to know that your blog actually made me get up and go warm up some left over mexican food. Shame on you.

Homer is My Co-pilot said...

@Dream - You can come lock me up anytime =)

@Sista - hhhmmm Long Island Ice Tea. That might make me come back married, drunk people do crazy things.

@One Man - uuummm mexican food, I love mexican food. Now you made me hungry so we even.

Eb the Celeb said...

Ok sooooooo when did I miss the info on this PYT... last I heard you went on a first date and wasnt really feelin her... can we get a full post just dedicated to the PYT cuz you know nosey people like me want to know whazup with that...lol