09 May 2008

Where I'm From

Ok so I was talking shit about the NBA playoffs with Opinionated Diva and I mentioned how I'm a lakers fan since I an originally from southern cali. She mentioned I didn't seem like a Cali dude and since she all nosy I figured I'd post my lil journey across the US.

So sometime in November in the late 70's I was born, Yep I'm just barely a 70's baby. I grew up on a military base in souther California. I lived like 5 min from the beach (15 min on bicycle) and I could see the pacific from my back yard. I remember seeing Navy ships in the ocean, it was just part of life. So anyway while most people in the military moved from place to place my family stayed put while my dad traveled everywhere. I remember he would come home the most random times. He be gone for a year pop up for and stay for like a week and roll back out. I didn't really understand it then but I guess it was for the best. Me and my sister asked him last year if he had another family we should know about, you know for the insurance money and all lol. My moms not one for traveling so we stayed on the base and I had a pretty normal childhood. I spent my time running the streets with my crew, we rode bikes, skateboards and went hiking (yeah I skateboarded before it was cool). It was a real suburban life. Except me bing me I got brought home by the police a couple times. Once for B&E (that's breaking and entering) and another for trying to catch fish in a resovior. I don't know what I was thinking about, I'm still amazed I didn't get locked up, those police were real nice. The whole story behind both of them are really stupid so I'll save that for later. So anyway me and the crew were cool until my mom decided that she wanted to move back home. Now both my dad and her are from the DC area so I have all kinds of family here. So in Dec of 94 she decided to pack it up, leave my dad and move back east.

I remember the night we left, My dad gave me $100 and told me to check out Kings Dominion. That's all the advice this dude had for me...lol Little did I know I wouldn't see/talk to him again for a nice long while. I don't even think he paid my mom child support. We got here Dec 4th and stayed with my grandma. My sister is 6years older than me so when we moved east she stayed out west. Eventually she made her way out here too. I remember I cried the first night I was here. I missed home sooo much, I realized I would never see my friends again and I had to start over. I couldn't even fight with my sister because she was gone. That one event changed how I viewed life. I never really became attached to stuff anymore because I remembered that loss. since then I've always just let stuff go, I appreciate what I have today because it may be gone tomorrow. Anyway back to the story. Talk about a culture shock, They call this place chocolate city and I saw why, I had never seen so many black people in my life. I remember my first day of school I was just amazed that we had so many black kids in my class. I was used to 2 maybe 3 black kids, now we had like 1 white kid and no hispanics. What kind of crazy world was this? Where did ya'll hide the other people? I didn't know anyone and I was bored hanging around my grandma and mom. I wanted to run the streets. Luckily me and my cousins hit it off quickly and we hung tight every weekend. I was 12 I think, I spent the last 1/2 of 8th grade at school alone, I didn't really make any friends. Next year I went to high school with my cousins and everything was different. I didn't stand out so much anymore, honestly I adapted to this east coast way of life quickly. I think my dad's blood finally woke up inside of me. I was still different enough where people could guess I wasn't from DC but I was cool with that. Hell I couldn't ignore my childhood I was who I was. I spent 1 year in school with my cousins and then My mom decided to move across town. New apartment, new school. I don't remember being even a lil scared on my first day I went to school and did my thing. I was quite but not shy. I still hung with my family on the weekends and I went to school with a real careless attitude. I didn't care if I fit into any groups, had a bunch of friends or did anything extraordinary. I went to school to graduate, All I really wanted to do was get thru the week so I could run the street with my cousins on the weekend. I finally went back to Cali my 10th grade year and my sister swears I called my dad by his first name. I don't remember it but hey I was damn near a grown man by then, I grew up quick out here. I had father figures in my uncles (my dad's brothers) so really I didn't need him anymore and maybe I let it show a lil bit. I had already forgot about how nice and sunny it is out there, the palm trees the sky the ocean everything just seemed more like a vacation. I can understand why people want to live there. I went back again last November to visit my old man(so I've seen him twice in 16 years). Even the drive there from Vegas was nice, you see mountains with snow topped peaks. You drive thru death valley and then you see a bunch of palm trees. You see Orange and lemons groves it's really a beautiful place. Me? I'm more than happy kicking it in chocolate city. Give me the smog, snow and city life. I'm Cali Born but DC raised. I'm like Biggie. Cali, Great place to visit.


Rebecca said...

Its great to learn where people come from... Sounds like your the best of both worlds... California sounds beautiful the part where your from...DC sounds great to... Hope to see both someday...thanks for sharing!!!!!!

RealHustla said...

Tsk, tsk, tsk. I would call you a deserter, but I guess it wasn't your fault. I feel strange if I don't see a body of water every day. I mean, it's not like I stare at the river or the ocean when I drive by, but for some reason I need to see them in my peripheral vision to stay centered. I love the variety of food in California too, so I don't think I could ever leave for good.

Opinionated Diva said...

LOL @ the first paragraph. Ok, going back to read.

Opinionated Diva said...

OK...I'm back. Co-workers don't realize the importance of leaving me alone to blog!!

Hiking??? Black people really do that? LOL

B & E??? Do tell!

Wow...I couldn't imagine growing up in a sunny place like Cali and then ending up in loud, nosy, crime riddled and COLD DC!!!

This line..."Even the drive there from Vegas was nice, you see mountains with snow topped peaks. You drive thru death valley and then you see a bunch of palm trees. You see Orange and lemons groves it's really a beautiful place"...has me ready for a California vacation!

Game 3...Saturday...let the trash talking continue!!

Opinionated Diva said...


DiamondsR4eva said...

I'm an ex military brat too! Luckily my parents got out before I left elementary school so once we settled in georgia we settled for good.

Interesting background story it's nice to know where a person comes from.

I'm mad we both had classes where we were one of the few blacks enrolled. I remember my senior year of high school out of almost 30 kids there were two black girls, one Indian boy and one Puerto Rican and 1 Mexican, everyone else was white as snow lol.

DreamCop08 said...

Thats right Dave,Diva is nosy. LOL, girl just playing.

Thats my boo Dave, I am gonna have to come out there and see my boo,lol

Diva dont be mad!!!

BorednTalkative said...

Nice story. That's kind of like me. I was born in London, but raised in New York and Florida. i don't think I can consider myself a London girl, I will always be a Floridian. besides my accent gives me away everytime.

The Jaded NYer said...

great story... I'll add it to your dossier LOL

I agree- California is beautiful, but I wouldn't trade NYC for anything in the world :)

Ms. Behaving said...

LOL @ "What kind of crazy world was this? Where did ya'll hide the other people?"

[Damn...it was like that?!?!?!]

I've heard a time, two or a few that Cali was a nice place to visit...

Gotta add that to my list of places to see.

Homer is My Co-pilot said...

@Rebecca - Your welcome, Cali is a great place you should visit

@Hustla - Arent you from SF/OAK? That doesn't count your NORTHERN Cali.. lol

@OD - "loud, nosey, crime riddled and COLD DC" That might be the city motto. But I'm sure it's no better in NJ.

@Officer Dreamy - If you come visit I'll show you around.

@Bordedntalkative - Going across the pond is a big trip. I'm surprised your accent stayed.

@Jayded NYer - I'm glad you can understand, sometimes a vacation spot needs to stay a vacation.

@Ms. Behavin - Yeah it was crazy, I was used to a bunch of mixed races and then it was all black.

RealHustla said...

I am from Oakland, but I now live in Sacramento. Which is definitely Northern. There are only rivers up here.