18 June 2008

Finals Wrap-Up

Ok.. so the Lakers lost. Here's some random thoughts on the whole thing:

- Honestly I was ok with them losing but why the hell do you have to lose by 40 points? when does pride kick in and you start playing some defense? I mean damn even Rondo had 20 points.

- Was I the only one screaming at the TV for Rondo to take the wide open 20 foot shot? I mean I wasn't even rooting for the Celtics and that was killing me. How are you an NBA point guard and can't hit a wide open jumper?

- Why did every person I know make it a point to call me and ask if i was watching the game? Ya'll mofo's didn't call when the Celtics lost.

- Was does every woman I know hate the Lakers? they try and sell this "we gotta stick with the east coast team" BS but I think they really just don't want to see me happy.

- I can't lie I was kinda happy to see KG smiling, I got so used to him screaming at invisible people that it was nice to see him happy.

- Was I the only one who thought Ray Allen looked real awkward celebrating with the other celtics? Like he was an old guy trying to fit in. He's still Jesus Shuttlesworth to me.

- WTF was up with dumping gatorade on Doc Rivers? This is not the NFL, there is no grass to absorb that shyt. Someone has to clean that up. Now the whole floor is going to be sticky and shyt.

Sports are dead to me until the Fall when my beloved NFL comes back. GO CHARGERS!!!! Hell I might even root for the REDSKINS this year. Just to piss off Eb and the rest of ya'll dallas fans.


Dreamy said...

lmao at you screaming at the TV

was Diva the one who called you,lol and asked if you were watching the game

yep the Lakers lost, i know you were mad as hell,lol

Opinionated Diva said...

Dreamy...if I had Dave's number I definitely would have called him!!! Instead, I email harassed him...as usual. lol

Man...I might have to post about how that win made me feel. The fLakers didn't just lose...they're hearts stopped right on the court. They died out there...and they played like friggin zombies.

I thought I would laugh when I saw Kobe's bottom lip quivering but I felt bad for the dude. When Doc pulled him close, hugged him and whispered in his ear, it must have taken everything in him, not to cry. The Lakers need more than Kobe and Derrick to win in the Finals. Have they won since Shaq left? I'm too lazy to google.

The Jaded NYer said...

LOL @ sticky floors... I'm not a basketball fan, but I can imagine how crazy that game must've been... it's all anyone is talking about today.

As if I have time to care- MY METS ARE IN CRISIS!! lol

Ms. Behaving--> said...

I did something I don't ever do...
Last night, I willed myself to sit through the better part of the game with my man [even though I don't like basketballl] and I was thinking the same thing about the score...a whole 40 points, was just riDAMNdiculous!!!

MP said...

Whoa! now you were okay with the Lakers losing? Come on... you should have known that from the beginning.

I was thinking the same thing about the sticky floors!

Curlycurvynervy said...

Every woman hates the Lakers? LOL I know why I do...KOBE.
I used to love that man, but naahh.
True he carried the hell outta the Lakers, buddaa...he gets no respect for his infidelities no doubt that stigma will stay.
I was tellin them "Throw some D On it!!" 40 point loss was just shameful. *SMH*

No disrespect to you as a Lakers fan..
Oh and bring on the NFL! COWBOYS!

(Ok Im leaving before I get chased out) :-)

faith said...

lmao. this post had me laughing wayyyy too hard. I agree with you on numerous points, but i most definitely feel you on the Jesus Shuttlesworth..hahaha!

Seven said...

The Redskins SUCK!!!!!!!!

Young woman on a journey said...

i agree...i hate the lakers cause of Kobe. its quite simple. but i don't know why every other woman does...

Ieisha said...

So I gave you the preview of why I don't care for the Lakers. It's truly Kobe. Not passing judgment on the dude but you f*cked up severely and then did this whole "woe is me, I'm so sorry" bit to keep your wife cuz you got caught with your pants down.

So then he took the whole journey of reinventing himself by changing his number and becoming supremely selfish with the ball and lo and behold, the comparisons to Jordan are back! He is officially a force to be reckoned with.

Whatever dude. You're still married to a non-black woman and you got caught f*cking a non-black hotel worker. Let them mofos keep you cuz you dirty ass can't be trusted.

With that said, I LOVE Phil Jackson!!! And it started b/c he coached the Bulls during the dynamic era of Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, Kerr, Cartwright, Armstrong, etc. So it would have been nice for Phil to become the all-time winningest coach of championships since he is currently tied. But hey, maybe next year.

KG got his ring.

Now, on to football!!! The Chargers is where my eyes are and I still got love for the Bears although I'm pissed as hell them fools ain't get a QB early in the draft. WTF?!! You need a QB ultra-bad!!

My bad, I'm ranting in your comments on sports. *Exhale*

Ok, I'm good.

Sha Boogie said...

LOL@ the ray allen comment, hell yeah! Everytime I saw him, I was like he really plays ball? What is he doing there? Cut!

P.S...GREEN & WHITE!!! My hometown WHOOPED that @ss! Call it what you want too, but Rondu still played a hell off a game, all those assists and fouls?! Killed ya'll!