13 June 2008

Happy Baby Daddy's Day

I don't usually post on the weekend so I'm going to post this kinda eary because I wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to all the Daddies out there:

who decided to be a father to they child, because you couldn't imagine your kids growing up fatherless like you did

Who knows that paying child support is only the most basic aspect of being a dad

Who put dress up barbies and have tea time at little tables

Who spend hours teaching they kid how to ride a bike and never lose patience

Who threaten to "Beat your butt" Way more than they actually do it

Who Actually feel bad for having to spank their kid.

Who deal with crazy ass baby momma's because they know it's best for the child

Who take care of kids who are not theirs because they know kids need a male influence

Who look for monsters in dark places

Who give their children baths and get them ready for school

Who go to baseball games and dance rehearsals

Who proudly break out the video camera to film kids doing silly things.

Who spend hours at the playground, going down slides and pretending to be a monster so kids can scream and run. (I know this sounds creepy but kids really do like it)

Who know simply holding a child's hand can give the courage

Who spend 30 minutes blowing up an inflatable pool just so the kid and splash in the water

Who Cook real breakfasts on the weekend

Who Sneak treats for the kids because hell there kids and they deserve to have fun

Who watch cartoons

Who teach their children sports

Who wear that "#1 dad" shirt with pride

Who know spending time with your child involves more making that car ride to drop them off at grandma's house

Who miss the NBA finals or NFL Playoffs because your stuck at chuck E cheese.

Who spend late night in the emergency room for fevers and such.

Who know that how they treat women will be reflected in how their boys treat women and how their daughters are treated.

Who smile and wave when every women tries give advice on how to raise your children.

And a special shout out to a couple blog land people:

1st One Man for stepping to the plate and looking after his nephew. I was basically raised by my dad's brothers so I know first hand how important an uncles influence can be. Sometimes Uncles can be just as vital as dads, especially if their dad is not around or just not a very good role model.

2nd Sha-Boogie's dude S.nappy. Any dude who takes care of a kid who is not his and that child has a crazy momma gets props from me. I barley want to deal with my baby momma and i know my kid is mine. I couldn't imagine if she wasn't, honestly I'd probably fade out of the picture and go about my life. So he gets kudos from me.

And most importantly any father who keeps his child from doing this kind of fuckery at least deserves an ugly tie on fathers day.


Opinionated Diva said...

Omg...I couldn't watch more than about 15 secs of the video. When they started making it rain on that kid...I just couldn't watch it. That...to me...is child abuse!!!!

Happy Father's Day man.

I'm going to give you a gift...A Laker (see I didn't even call them the Flakers) win on sunday night! See how nice I am? hehehehe

RealHustla said...

Happy Fathers Day! I hope the day turns into just what you need and want it to be. Your little twin is not the only one who needs you because it takes a village. You are a role model for every little kid who wants and needs what you give to your daughter but doesn't have it. Your dedication gives hope to our future.

And, you know if you go to the camping section at Target or Walmart, they got air mattress inflaters that work well on kiddie pools too. It's no fun if Daddy passes out and can't play in the pool too.

Dreamy said...

Happy Father's Day my future baby daddy,lol

i hope you have a wonderful weekend and this was a great post you did. i have so much respect you guys.

okay the video,now her mama and daddy need to be their azzes shot like for real

Ms. Behaving--> said...

WOW @ that video!!! What is she like two and half years old?!?!?!

::Shakin' my head in disgust::


Oh...AND FYI, you've been tagged!!! Swing over to my spot when you get a chance for the details!!

Sha Boogie said...

WOW!!! *tears* He is going to love that you gave him a shout out, your so dope for that! Even though I refuse to let him read my blog, I do keep him in the loop...a little bit!

Veroncia said...

Happy Father's Day to you. Loved your list. Don't be surprised if I borrow it. But don't worry you will get all the credit. Enjoy your day.

MzM said...

I have a Father's Day post in Edit that I will probably put up tomorrow but I think I liked yours way better. I guess it's so heartfelt because you ARE that dad you're talking about ;-) Happy Father's Day!!!!

Ieisha said...

Kudos to you for being able to experience everything you listed on that blog. Definitely gonna be the best blog of the week.

I hope you enjoy your Father's Day!!!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

congrats on award from ieisha

followed her here jones

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

and happy fathers day
i knew
i shold be getting child support i support mine by my lonely under my roof each day

Eb the Celeb said...

Happy Father's Day Dave...

and everything you said here was right on point...

say "breakfasts" 10 times fast...lol; everyone around you gon be drenched in spit...lol

Enjoy your day!

The Jaded NYer said...

WHAT. THE. HELL??? that video was crazy!!!!

And let the record show, she was NOT American...

One Man’s Opinion said...

I enjoyed reading that, my brother and I truly appreciate being mentioned in the post. Lawd knows that I think of Manny as a son and have done some of those things, hell most of them. LOL

As for the video. That was a midget. I refuse to believe that some grown as people where standing there watching their child hoochifiy themselves, in this age of pediphilia and not stop it. I applaud the man who grabbed her up. Were they actually making it rain on that child? Naw, naw. That was a midget. I'm sure of it.