26 June 2008

I got Answers...

A go bytch asked:

What's your favorite food? black beans and rice. I literally eat it like 4 times a week. I cook it for dinner and bring it to work for lunch the next day. I love it. I was waiting to find a spanish girl that could cook it but I just figured it out on my own.

Ms. behaving asked:

1. How come you all don't sell/promote tees for women?? We do sell to women. we actually had a whole womens line at one point but we changed it up do to lack of ideas. It's hard to make girls shirts, i don't know what ya'll like lol. We'll bring them back though.

2. How active are you in that line of business?? we have been slippin as of late, my partner has been big into making biker shirts see www.ridintees.com/ but I'm making it a point to get back on the grind. after I had my daughter all side hustles kinda stopped so I could focus on being a dad. I'm going to find time for it though.

3. Ever consider starting a line of tees for children?? I've made a couple tees for my daughter but we never thought about doing a full kids line. we might do it after we get our customer base up.

4. What's the biggest lesson you've learned from becoming a father?? Kids hear everything. even when you think they not listening they are. Not even the bad stuff either, my daughter remembers every answer I give her to every question she asks. I have make a real effort to not give a BS answer because she will bring it up.

Dreamy asked:

When are you gonna come down and visit a sister??? That's an excellent question. I've never been to New Orleans. yep that's my answer lol

Sha boogie asked:

Why did you and the BM not work out? AND -- would you ever consider seeing her in the relationship light again? Another excellent question. The best way I can explain it is that we are different people. We can get along for short periods of time but not in a relationship. Funny thing is she told me she was preggers 1 week after we broke up. talking about a parting gift. lol

Ieshia asked:

1. Why did you and your daughter's mother call it quits? Her decision or yours? We just weren't happy together. It was real mutual. A relationship doesn't work unless both parties want to work on it.

2. What's a deal breaker for you when beginning the dating game with a woman? deal breakers include smoking, more than 1 kid, ghettoness and lack of intelligence.

3. Do you want a woman that reminds you of your mother? Why or why not? This is hard to say. My mom is the nicest person I know and I definitely look for that in women but i don't know if I want someone just like her. Wait the question said "reminds" yeah I'll say I look for women who remind me of my mom.

4. Would you have a problem buying her tampons at the store if you were asked? naw I'm cool with buying girly stuff, it's not like I'm going to use it. most anyone can think it "Aww damn dude not getting any ass tonight.." lol

RealHustla Asked:

1. What's up with the Bridesmaid, did your God sister's plan not work on you? we still cool, i don't like to mention it because I don't want to jinx it. So with that said, we good she my #1 girl right now. That sounds real pimpish huh.

2. Do you plan on getting married by a certain age or are you just going to go back and forth till you get tired? Yeah I planned on getting married by 25, but that didn't happen. I had my daughter at 24, so i'm not putting ages on milestones anymore. It will happen when it happens.

3. Are you waiting to fall in love or think you'll have to just choose someone and work towards the big goal? umm, I'ma choose love on this one. i can't see settling and just trying to make it work, I'd rather stay single.

4. When you do have "snacks" is your daughter at home?I'm going to assume were using "snacks" as code for sex... if that's the case I try and keep women and my daughter separate. Sure they interact every now and again because sometimes I just can't avoid it but I never do like "family" type stuff with women and my daughter so when women do come past they stay for a lil while and leave, never overnight and were never hugged all up on each other.

5. What's going on with the Bustamante Design Company? New shirts coming soon, starting a business is hard and really time consuming. you have to be real focused for a long time.

MzM asked:

1. Did a past relationship taint your views on commitment and/or marriage? let me tell you something about my family.. everyone is divorced aunts, uncles, cousins we really suck at marriage. now i wouldn't say this tainted my view of relationships but it did give me a certian "fuck it" attitude towards it. I knew I could be single for the rest of my life and be just fine so i didn't have anykind of pressusre to have a girlfriend or a wife. As fas as my relationships, I can honestly say they have all been pretty cool, nothing happened to turn me against them.

2. Are you afraid you won't be able to be faithful if you settle down with one woman? Funny thing is I'm a really loyal person. I may hop around when I'm single but once I focus on 1 girl I'm done. I've never cheated on anyone and I tell every girl I'm with that if they don't want to be with me they can roll. There is not need to sneak around we all grown here.

3. What is your idea of an ideal relationship? ooohh, that's hard. I don't really know, I guess someone I can have fun with and can talk to. i think you need someone who really cares about you and wants to see you happy just as much as you want to make them happy. I don't think I've been in an ideal relationship so I guess I won't know until I find it.

One Man asked:

do you think you can enter into it without being tempted by the treats out out there? While I stay looking at stuff I'm the kind of dog who always comes home. not to brag but I've turned down treats plenty of times so I know I can resist the temptation but damn if they not fun to look at.. lol

Eb The Celeb asked:

1. When you coming to NYC to party with me? I'm sooo not a party person, I don't even party in DC I can't see me doing it in NY. Unless I was drunk. Drunk before the party... lol

2. When you coming to NYC to cook me breakfast in bed? uummm breakfast in bed. Hey does McDonalds count? oh wait you said "cook" hhmmm toasting frozen waffles counts as cooking right? lol... Naw I'll come cook breakfast right after I go visit Dreamy down south.

3. If God said you can pick 5 qualities that your wife has to have what would they be and why? damn I have to start thinking again.. 1. Patience, that's something you need to have with people. especially with kids. 2. Kindness, When I think of a wife I automatically think of someone thats going to help raise our children. 3. Humor, I crack jokes alot and I need someone who will laugh at them. You can't be serious all the time. 4. Intelligence, Again you need someone who is going to teach the kids something. plus I like to think I'm pretty smart and I need someone on my mental level. 5. Driven, you need someone who is going to work towards her personal goals. I think if I have a wife who just wants to be my wife I would get bored.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T asked:

loot thoughts especially about geeting it on the up is good Man if I knew the answer to this I wouldn't be so obsessed with thinking about it. women and money are both things I have yet to master.


Dreamy said...

well then sir, i guess you gave me my answer huh,lol

well i wont harass you anymore

Homer is My Co-pilot said...

Awww baby don't be like. Honestly I don't have a direct answer for you. If I ever make it down south I'll make sure I pay you a visit. beautiful women wanting you to visit is never considered harassment, I look at it as being a lucky person.

RealHustla said...

Hmmmm, after reading the answer to Eb's #3, I realized that I might be your wife! Oops, I forgot about the deal breaker. Guess not. :-(

Your gift is on the way soon.

Homer is My Co-pilot said...

lol.. the reason I say that is because if you have 2 and I have 1 then we already have alot of kids. and I want at least 1 more so then we looking at minivans... lol

NikkiJ said...
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RealHustla said...

SUV's! Too late you already done went and hurt my feelings, LOL.

Homer is My Co-pilot said...

lol.. damn I'm 0 for 2. Maybe this Q&A thing is going to back fire on me. lmao

Ieisha said...

I am your ideal. I've only got one side dish and said I wanted to meet a man with one child as well because he would understand and already have practice at the parenting thing.

You know I'm intelligent and I like sports and I can cook and...well, no need to list all my traits.

But then YOU went and messed it all up by SPELLING MY NAME WRONG!!!!

I'm not gonna take any cool points from you b/c you at least got all the letters in there, lol.

*Sigh* and I thought you were damn near perfect! Lol.

Ieisha said...

Oh yeah, and I may cop this when I don't have anything of substance to blog about. Good one!

Brittany said...

I guess I missed out on the ask questions thing. I am so late.

Homer is My Co-pilot said...

@Ieisha - lmao, I knew I should have proof read this. I'm sorry. Just oe of many examples of how I'm far from perfect.

@Britt - Where you been? I thought you got lost in the woods.. lol

Eb the Celeb said...

No toasting waffles does NOT count...lol

Seven said...

LOL @ "Aww damn dude not getting any ass tonight.."


Dreamy said...

uh huh? dont be trying to butter me up, that aint what you meant. i can read between the lines.

i know i aint your ideal girl cause my black azz smokes. if i remember correctly that was one of your first answers.

but i aint gonna lie baby i would quit for you,lol

on a serious note doesnt it feel good to be admired. you have all these blog ladies that want you,lol

you should be on cloud nine right now

anywho i hope that you have a wonderful weekend


Homer is My Co-pilot said...

@dreamy... fuck me you need to quit for YOU.

Opinionated Diva said...

So with Dave on reasons why you should QUIT SMOKING @ Dreamy. You sooo don't look like a smoker girl...stop it!

OK that's enough of me harassing you on someone else's blog, but it's all love girl! Really!

@ Dave...great answers, though I think you were pretty evasive on a few. I haaaaaaaaate when people say, "that's a good question", but don't really answer the "good question".

Dreamy said...

imma quit one day Dave, just not right now, sorry

Dreamy said...

and Diva its hard girlie, think i need to go to a Smokers Anonymous meeting if they have some,lol

but for real i have been weaning myself off of them

slowly but showly its gonna happen