16 June 2008

I run Slow....

Ms. behaving decided to Tag me. Ya'll know the drill, here are the rules:

# Post the rules before the pictures/descriptions.

# Take a few shots of what's hiding in your fridge..freezer...pantry...cupboards. The more the better.

# You can either simply just include the pictures or even better give some description of what's in there...your favorites...where you shop..how (or how not) it's organized...and/or whatever else you want to include. The more info the better...

# NO tidying up! If you want to turn around things so you can see the labels thats fine...but no re-arranging or cleaning things up. The whole point is to see things the way they actually are...naturally. If there is nothing in your fridge show that... Just keep it real!

# Keep the tag going. Pick 7 other bloggers to join in on the fun and tag them by including their names after your post and by leaving a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged. I think it would also be great if you would let the person who tagged you know once you have posted your pictures.

Did I ever mention I hate being tagged? this one is a lil different so i'll participate.

What can i say about this.... i got some milk, some lemonade, some juice boxes for the baby. I bowl of watermelon, you know because I'm black... lol there's some cantaloupe hiding behind the eggs. I got some baked beans in a bowl and next to that is some rice. Some smoked turkey wings on the bottom shelf that were supposed to go with that bag of collard greens on the other side of the shelf. Them greens have been there since memorial day, you think they still good? maybe I should throw them out. Anyway I got some chicken defrosting at the bottom and that random green object in the bottom drawer is fresh broccoli. Oh almost forgot, that container with the red lid are my daughters cherries, she loves cherries and grapes.

Here's the door for the fridge. Most this stuff is really old, alot of condiments and such. Some beer and soda at the bottom. I'm not much of a soda or beer person so those have been sitting there for a minute. Please take note of my beautiful hardwood floors at the bottom of the pic. I love them, they are my second child.

Here's the freezer. Some egg waffles for the baby and some frozen veggies and fruit in the back. I make the best smoothies in the world. i'm not joking, they rock! anyway I got some bubba burgers that didn't make it to the grill on memorial day. I'm not a big beef eater so I was worried about making my own burgers. I made turkey burgers though. On the left there is a bot of popcicles that has got to be 8 months old. and at the bottom some frozen chicken and ground turkey. See that lil plastic freezer bag in the back? that's the last piece for my rockfish that I caught a while back.

And here is the freezer door. Really boring right? some ice cream and a random plastic cup. whats's in the cup you ask? well it's hail from they vicious storm that knocked out my power the other week. It's like golf ball sized. I don't know what i'm keeping it, but I'm sure it will be there for a year or so. Oh wait see those really small things on the right? those are ice packs for my lunch, they are shaped like footballs.

Looking at these pics it looks like I eat really healthy huh? That's only because fast food doesn't store very well.

I refuse to tag anyone else. This insanity has to stop.

Oh yeah Thanks to everyone for the Fathers Day wishes. I got a grand total of 0 gifts but alot of people showed me love so being a daddy isn't so much of a thankless job.


Opinionated Diva said...

I gave you a Father's Day gift early...remember??? My gift to you was the Flaker win...now say thank you. LOL

Your freezer looks like mine. Luv the hardwoods...mine are prettier. LOL. I never thought of putting them in the kitchen though...that seems like it would be hard to maintain.

You should really throw out any food (that's not in the freezer) and left over from memorial day.

Homer is My Co-pilot said...

Your right Diva.. thank you, now if you could add 2 more wins you would be my favorite person ever.

The hardwood in the kitchen has been cool s far, everything wipes up and i have a lil rug by the sink.

Ieisha said...

Kudos to you for stopping the madness. I didn't realize the tagging thing was that popular.

Now that my cherry was popped, I won't ever tag you. Thanks for participating for me though! Lol.

I'm mad you made the shameless plug on your hardwood floors when the post was supposed to be about food. Where is your humbleness? Lol....but be proud Black man!!!

No gifts? I got my son's dad a bomb ass gift. Maybe they on CP time and you'll get on the 4th of July. I've got my fingers crossed!

Ms. Behaving--> said...

LOL @ "I refuse to tag anyone else. This insanity has to stop."


Oddly enough, you were the ONE person I least expected to do this tag and the only one so far who did.

Thanks for participatin'!!!! :-)

P.S. --->Nice floors!!!

Dreamy said...

why you hating on our tags???

i like the tags, stop being difficult you hear,lol

boy i see you love to cook huh??

i seen that meat in the kitchen

RealHustla said...

What? No gift? I know the feeling. But we'll have to end this insanity as well. Email me if you want to take me up on my offer. Just a little sumfin-sumfin for one of the best daddies in the world. Hint, I make stuff and I'm really good at it, I promise.

Sha Boogie said...

*sigh*..you are a man after my own heart! Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce?? Oh, how I love thee!!!

Melody.Darlene said...

i hate bein tagged too, but this one was clever!!

tiltedhalo said...

Is that Simply Lemonade? Loves me some Simply Lemonade (hate when Walmart is out - like they were this weekend). Ima stop shopping there, dammit. I stopped looking after I saw that - now let me go finish raiding your fridge. LOL

And, I know I'm such a sporadic poster - sorry, I'm reading too many damn blogs.

mp1 v.8.0 said...

I used to think it wasa thankless day too. Never celebrated it growing up because....I never had a reason to. But I got these handmade gifts from my daughter and that made it a good day.

You can always send that beer this way! lol

Yo fridge is kinda neat. I don't think you followed all of the rules. lol