20 June 2008

Live from the Corner pt. Lunch break

Hey, welcome back to the corner. I know I make this place seem like all work and no fun but even we need a break. so today I think I'm going to do the impossible. I'm going to the movies for lunch. that's right I'm going to walk out of here go see "incredible Hulk" and walk back in here 2 hours later like I just went to the bathroom. This has long been my dream, and today I'm going to make it happen. It's friday nobody should even notice.

In other corner news I have a new Pod mate. he's a cool dude and all but the most amazing thing about him is that his wife packs his lunch everyday. Not only does he get lunch but she packs him snacks too. he pulls out bags of sour patch kids and shyt. This is the best reason I've seen to get married. he doesn't even know what she packed, he just grabs his lunchbox and rolls out. he gets here and it's like opening a gift. honestly I'm jealous. I want a wife to pack my lunch and snacks. This will be in my vows if I ever get married. lol "I dave's wife, do promise to pack his lunch and snacks everyday for work" Only thing is sometimes he has some BS for lunch like frozen burritos and stuff. I can't do that, but she can pack me leftovers and snacks (the snacks are the key). Hell I cook, the least she can do is pack leftovers of something I made. I don't think that's too much to ask.

1 last funny story. one of my co-workers decided to wear white slacks and white gators to work. He almost made it the whole day with no one seeing him but towards the end of the day i hear "what the fuck!" I look and around and see what I thought was a miami vice extra walking past my desk. Dude had on a peach colored shirt to complete the look. This kinda thing may fly in florida or some other warm climate but round here that shyt gets you the nickname "Tubbs". Consensus was that he could have gotten away with the white pants but not with the matching white shoes. Some people need to not take fashion advice from Stacy Adams.


The Jaded NYer said...


Dave- I need a wife, too!! When you find yours, ask her if she has a sister :)

AND NO HE DIDN'T... your co-worker DESERVES to be called Tubbs for real!! lol

RealHustla said...

Well, it sounds like she's packing for the kids and just makes an extra for dad. I bet you if he was as picky as you plan on being she would have cut that out a long time ago. I think consistency is the key in this case, not quality. Don't put any thoughts in his head please. The moment you do he's gonna show up to work without that brown bag.

Hey, I'm digging dude with the white slacks and gators to match. He probably should have gone with a baby blue shirt instead.

BorednTalkative said...

I had those lunch perks when I lived with my mum. I used to walk into work with all sorts of good leftovers. She even used to send stuff for my boss.

Was dude going somewhere after work? Maybe he's just a Miami Vice fanatic???

jirzygurl said...

having a packed lunch is dope...
but writing it in the vows is pretty hilarious!
what's more hilarious is the damn white/pants shoes and peach shirt... that is some country/island type stuff right there... did he have a few haphazardly placed gold teeth and an over-abundance of stetson on to complete the effect?

MzM said...

I laughed out loud about your plan to go to the movies and stroll back in like you were in the bathroom! I DID THAT!!! Ha ha!

I went to see Daddy's Little Girls one day at lunch and came back like I hadn't been gone for two hours and there was one chick-there is always one- who was giving me the side eye but I gave it right back and sent an unspoken "don't get hurt" message to her. I never got busted for that one! Have fun and let me know if the movie is any good!

BTW- I'm a married woman and my husband gets no snacks. Be SURE you put that one in the vows!

Sha Boogie said...

I am so mad at you for the lunch time movie! I thought I was bad, getting up and driving to Tar.get, lol.

Ms. Behaving--> said...

A two hour lunch break?!?!?! [So you can go see the hulk?!?!?!]


Hell [I say] if you can get away with it then by all means GO FOR IT.

LOL @ you wanting to include "snack packin'" in your wedding vows.


Uh...white pants, white gators and a peach shirt?!?!
I could see how that would generate a "WTF" response.

LOL. Dude probably thought he was the ish in that get up too..

Ieisha said...

Did yall ask the dude who told him the hookup was that deal? Whoever's name he says, tell him to smack some fashion sense into him cuz that, my friend, ain't it.

On the snack packing....I'd pack you Gummi Bears, Sour Patch Kids, Fun Size Butterfingers & Paydays and even those little Jello pudding cups.

And if you can lay it down on the regular, you might get a little sticky note in there with some explicit lyrics, lol.

*Changing gears* How was the movie?

Dreamy said...

wow, okay you had me laughing my tail off over here.

Dave if you are serious we can get married!! I'll pack your lunch for you everday, foot rubs when you get home from work, some of that good loving. anything my boo wants he will gets

ill be like babyface up in this mug "As Soon As I Get Home From Work"

look bridesmaid aint got nothing on me. Just treat me right, let me have two of your babies, and im fine.

you down???

Homer is My Co-pilot said...

@Jaded - You know I got you. I'm glad to share the love

@RealHustla - I don't mind getting a kiddie lunch. Hell I'm a big kid anyway

@BordednTalkitive and Jirzygurl - Dude is what we like to call a Bamma. He couldn't help himself. But no Gold teeth that would have taken it over the top.

@Mzm- Your my hero today, at least I know it's possible. I might have to work on my size eye though. And pack your hubby some snacks!!!

@Sha Boogie - Shyt I hit Target all the time. going to the store is not that bad.

@Ms Behaving - Sntches get stiches.. lol And dude did have a strut like he as doing it.

@Ieshia - hhhmmm the VP leaving the Prez dirty notes in his lunch box would make a great scandal lol.

@Dreamy - I sit at a desk all day I don't need the foot rubs, besides I'm sure you'd be too tired for it after 2 kids.

tiltedhalo said...

SMH @ the white shoes, fa real. LOL