29 June 2008

Random Weekend Wrap up

I had an interesting weekend. I went to my buddy's wedding rehearsal. first thing i noticed was that I was the only black person there. that's when it hit me that i might be the only black person not only in the wedding but even at the reception. not only that but this shindig is outside by the water. in july, and we will have on black tuxes. We were sweating during the practice, I'ma lose 3 pounds just standing there. Good thing he is going to have an open bar because I'ma need several cold drinks after this.

I went out and had some drinks with a new friend. She was mad cool and even gave me my new nickname Super Dave Van Buren. So that's me now. I like it. Ya'll bamma's stopped calling me Homer anyway lol

i was watching Purple Rain on sunday. i swear i watched it 20 min before Prince said 1 word. How could I not have noticed his lack of lines in this movie? on a funny note my daughter was confused on weather Prince was a boy or girl. I can't even blame her it was the 80's lol

Speaking of my daughter she talked me into taking her to see Wall-E. we lasted 1 full hour before she hit the "I'm ready to go" line. I tried to fight her but she started to get loud and tried to throw a tantrum. I decided me spanking her ass would have ruined the movie for everyone so we left and had a heart to heart talk out side. I promised her that was the last time we would go to the movies. She understood and said she would ask her mom to take her. That sounds good to me... lol Now that's 2 movies I've paid to see half of.

Oh and before I leave i want you to see these pics below....

yep... episode 2 coming soon.


Ieisha said...

Well, two halves make a whole, lol. Mad the little one has figured out the "I'll just ask the other parent" thing already.

Lmao @ her questioning the sex of Prince. Too funny.

Super Dave Van Buren? "If a man wants to be called Muhammed Ali, God dammit, call the man Muhammed Ali." Not word for word, but you get it, lol.

As for episode 2, we are talking the cooking show right? I mean, the setup doesn't look like it's in the kitchen so I was just checking. We don't know each other well enough for anything past rated PG.

Opinionated Diva said...

Super Dave Van Buren???? Sounds like some kind of wack dutch bootleg superman wannabe. LOL! Yeah...I think I'll just stick to Dave. Why is she calling you SDVB anyway????

On another note...your daughter just cracks me up. She already knows how to out smart you!

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@Ieisha - that set up looks real pornish right? but that is my kitchen trust me.

@OD - I don't think anything describes me better than a "wack dutch bootleg superman wannabe" and you even provided the acronym. I couldn't be more excited about my new name lmao. Maybe I'll give the short SDVB story in another post.

The Jaded NYer said...

(really really hoping that set-up is for another cooking segment...)

your daughter is too funny! maybe she'll be a movie critic when she's older? Obviously Wall-E was a subpar film and she really didn't feel the need to subject herself to its wackness any longer.

smart girl, SDVB

Dreamy said...

you and your daughter are hilarious.

and I like Super Dave,lol

anywho honey hope that you had a wonderful weekend.

Dreamy said...

oh and dont feel bad about being the only black person, i was the only minority at the party my Sgt threw this weekend.

but i had a blast,lol

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@Jaded - lol.. maybe i can get her to give movie reviews and instead of stars she can grade them by minutes before ADHD kicks in. Wall-E was a 60 min movie while Kung Fu panda was 40min. So therefore Wall-E is a better movie.

@Dreamy - Hey babe, I'm not worried about being the only black guy there,I love white people lol. I'm concerned about melting in the black tux.

UnKnownDiva said...

how old is your daughter? my 4 year old does that all the time! if i say no she says daddy or nanny will do it.

RealHustla said...

Ya'll ain't playing around with those cooking shows are you. What's on the menu. Whole meals this time right, and not just one entree?

Lil Mama got you soooo wrapped around her finger. I remember those days, just sheer bliss. It's not your fault, if they would make better kids movies, maybe she'd wanna stay. :)

Super Dave Van Buren?

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@RealHustla - My Cousin wants to make movies, I'm only providing a medium for him to practice. And since youtube limits videos to 10min, it's only 1 dish again.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@unknown Diva- My baby is turning 4 this year so maybe it's just her time.

Eb the Celeb said...

So um... is homer no longer your co-pilot mr. van buren?

Ms. Behaving--> said...

Super Dave Van Buren huh?!?!?! --- Interesting
Dare I ask how that came about??

Can't blame your little girl for questioning whether Prince was a male or female.

[Between his hair and those clothes I could see why she'd be confused!] LOL

One hour at the movies before your daughter was ready to go?? [Yeah...I'd say that's typical of a 4 y/o]

Do those photos mean "Cookin' with Dave" is makin' a comeback??

Brittany said...

What's up with the nickname?