07 July 2008

Holiday Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend instead of hitting the usual 4th of july cookout with chicken, potato salad and the rest of the traditional stuff. I headed over to my Filipino buddies house to eat. I love going over there for events because I always find something I have never had before. See when they have a cookout it's usually a bunch of food his wife or mom made and none of it involves a grill or being outside. On this adventure I had some ribs and some odd coconut stuff that I was told was sweet but was just blah. oh the ribs were slow cooked not grilled or smoked. Like I said no grill was involved. I also had some Filipino cake which looked like a jelly roll. Are Americans the only ones who actually like stuff sweet? every time someone tells me "Yeah this is good if you like sweets" it turns out to be bland as hell? I'm trying to be open to other cultures food but I grew up on sugar water kool aid, your going to have to put some more sweet in your sweets.

Anyway, I was at the grocery store getting some food and this lady in front of me had the oddest hair. it was matted down like she had a hair net on only she didn't. I was staring at it when I heard the grocer ask her if she was paying in Food Stamps. She said yes and that's when I noticed she had a bunch of chips and frozen pizza in her cart. Granted I'm no expert on food stamps but I thought you had to buy healthy shyt with them. Anyway I decide not to focus on that and just be grateful that I don't have to use gov't assistance. So I get outside and I see the same woman loading her food stamp purchased frozen pizza and chips into her M class Benz. I literally stopped in the street for a second to make sure I was seeing this right. I even looked for someone else in the car just in case she got a ride to the store. Nope only her and her pizza.

We are in a Recession People!!!


RealHustla said...

Yes, I think Americans and French people are the main sugar consumers. I don't have the stats on the French, but Americans eat something like 40 lbs a year. Stuff got to be sweet for real. When I went on the cruise their cakes look beautiful but are kind of bland.

Good job experimenting with your taste buds. Food stamps don't dictate the type of food you buy, it just has to be food. And, they won't tell you that you have to trade in your Benz for food or how to care for your hair. Maybe she was borrowing the car.

The Jaded NYer said...

What in the HELL?!?!

shoot! where can *I* get some damn food stamps... platanos are damn near 4/$1 in the Heights!

(for those not familiar, platanos in Washington Heights used to run like 10 or 13 for a dollar. not so much anymore...)

Young woman on a journey said...

hilarious! i just love it. i don't know about her hair though.

I do think americans like the most sweet stuff. Whenever i'm abroad, it amazes me how many people love dark chocolate cause everyone here is into the sweet milk chocolate. lol. I myself, not american born, surprise surprise, don't like things sweet. lol. that's why i can't even have drinks in the south...too much sugar.

Ieisha said...

A Benz? A Benz! For real, a Benz?? Besides the fact that regular, unleaded gas is $4.15 and I know that ride is taking premium. *Sigh*

Why did ole boy ask her if she was paying with food stamps? Did she have them out? Or he just assumed from the way she looked?

I'm all curious about her hair now too, lol.

And I'm not gonna comment like I want to on the whole food stamp story. Gonna keep my Democratic Socialist views to myself right now.

But a Benz?

Opinionated Diva said...

LOL...I feel ya!

When I see people paying with "food stamps"...it's called something else now though...or WIC checks, I get in another line. Mostly because they take longer, but also because I usually end up side eye'g their food choices too.

dead @ the Benz!

Brittany said...

Let's just all agree she was borrowing the car.

Ms. Behaving--> said...


I can't believe that woman gets government assistance yet is pushin' a Benz.


durtymo said...

*crackin up*

It's the good life ya see..livin in an apt (maybe), drivin a fly azz car and at the store holding up the line cuz u got food stamps.. I cant!

loL@ u needing sweet in yo sweets. I heard that!

DiamondsR4eva said...

Not that you're rolling in a Benz but on Food Stamps, what part of the game is that? I'm mad she can't spare some of that Benz money to get a decent hair stylist lmao

Dreamy said...

well I am happy that you had a good 4th of July,with that bland cake,lol

now see that just pisses me off that Sheniqua and them are pushing Benz's and shysss and us working class folk are over here struggling. That really urkes me for real, wait just let a recession hit and i see them BBQing. I'm gonna bop them upside the head and get my foodstamps back, hell

Eb the Celeb said...

I know you got a camera phone.. why didnt you sneak a shot of the matted hair so we could see it

One Man’s Opinion said...

Okay, I tried to leave this comment twice yesterday and it didn't take. Here's hoping that third times the charm.

I didn't have a problem with the lady buying chips and pizza witht the food stamps, because even financially challenged folks like the junk food, but the Benz is killing me. Having grown up on food stamps, I know that anyone on them can barely afford the price of a bad car, let alone a Benz. Since yesterday, I have had time to sleep on it and decided not to pass judgment. Maybe something befell her after she purchased the Benz which caused her to have to go on food stamps.

I'm with you on the sweet tip though. Don't tell me something is sweet if you don't know the meaning of the word. LOL

Sha Boogie said...

Stop the madness -- matted hair? Chips & frozen pizza? Bensz?!