16 July 2008

I'm just saying...

Lets say you have 2 kids
Lets say you yell at these kids EVERYDAY. and I mean everyday.
Lets say these kids ignore the hell out of you because you yell so much it's just background noise to them
Lets say you fuss to the point that you get frustrated and send said kids to their fathers so you can get a break
Lets say you fuss about stupid shyt like not wanting your 11 year old wash his hands in the kitchen.
Lets say that as soon as they are gone you miss them and can't wait to see them again.
Lets say that even after missing them a couple hours with them and your ready to send the off again
Lets say this happens anytime you spend over 3 hours at a time with them
Given all that why the hell would you take those kids to Disney World by your self? that's just plain stupid right?
Why call me and complain? I knew it was a bad idea that's why I said I wasn't going. Why fly to FL to listen to you argue with your kids for a couple days? I wanna have fun.
Thats all I'm saying.

Anyway Diva requested a "Live From the Corner" update

I'ma ignore her Celtic fan ways and grant it.

I actually got to move my desk to the OTHER corner of the "pod". Now my i'm not by the hallway anymore and nobody can sneak up on me. I love it. The guy we call "hustleman" got a new job so I took his desk. At his going away party we had sandwiches which were pretty good. You notice differences between groups when they have parties. when my group goes out we go to restaurants in the area to get a nice long lunch break. This other group ordered sandwiches and went to a conference room. it was a different experience. One of my Co-workers is a member of some fateranty and he went down to help with the AKA's national convention or whatever it was. Do you know this bamma came back and TOLD me about all the fine women there... he could have invited me to go. I like fine women. Get this he's already married!! so he can't even enjoy the women. That's some BS right there.

Hey I just realized this is my 100th post. sweet!!!


Ieisha said...

That mama sounds like a hot mess. Reasons why you should be licensed before becoming a parent.

Congrats on your new scenery! That just means you only have to fake the funk working when you see someone approaching. You get to be on defense now, lol.

Opinionated Diva said...

LOL!!! You granting my requests now??? *raised eyebrow* That could be dangerous...next time I have to think of something really scandalous to ask of you! lol

That entire first section was ridiculous...what in the world?!? I feel sorry for the kids actually. They probably act up for the attention...especially if it's that obvious she doesn't want to spend time with them.

Shaking my head at the last paragraph...he didn't go JUST FOR THE WOMEN you bum!! You're such a bachelor! lmao @ I like fine women...bum.

Congrats on reaching a hundred!!

Dreamy said...

1st off Congrats on making your 100th post!!! Im approaching mines too. So funny cause it seems like just yesterday i started my blog, okay just joking but I'm Just Saying,lol

anywho i cant stand when someone just fusses at their child. how annoying. i really dont blame you for not wanting to go with whomever this person is!!

lmao at you on the last part,lol

RealHustla said...

100! Woo hoo. Hope I'm there for 1,000. Do you ever wonder how long you'll keep posting?

I feel sorry for the mom. I know exactly where she's coming from. My vacation cleared my head so much. I was actually jealous of the people who could vacation with their kids and looked like they were ALL having fun. That's actually why I became a recluse in my bedroom and addicted to the Internet (I'm not addicted, I can stop whenever I want), so that I wouldn't have to yell at my kids so much.

I didn't want to take my unhappiness with basic life issues out on my kids.

Call this Mom right now and tell her that you love her and everything will be okay. Just because.

BorednTalkative said...

Wow that mom sounds stressed out.

Congrats on the 100th post.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@ieshia - Thanks, yeah now I can chat and watch porno with out being bothered... lol

@Diva - See that's why you can't be nice to Celtics fans, they try and take advantage. I reserve the right to deny all requests. I know he didn't go for the women but I would have. we all have our reasons for doing stuff. Don't hate on mine!!!

@Dreamy - Thanks.. Sad part is that I've had my blog longer than you. I'm slipping on my pimpin.. lol

@RealHustla - I actually thought about stopping at 100. that's a nice round number. But I'm sure that won't happen. I doubt I make it to 1000 though. that's way too much of a commitment.

@Boredntalkative - Yeah All mom's need a kid free vacay somethimes. Thanks!!

One Man’s Opinion said...

Let's say this is your one hundredth post...What are you going to do? I'm guessing, NOT go to Disney Land. LOL.

Congrats, bro. I wouldn't have gone either. LOL

The Jaded NYer said...

oh lord... I wouldn't have gone to FL either! Mothers like that make my head hurt something awful...

(congrats on the 100th)

Opinionated Diva said...

You better be nice to me...even though I DO plan to take advantage.

Stuffed strawberries for the next cooking with Dave please and thank you!

Super Dave Van Buren said...

That's already flimed. Waiting on my produced to get his shyt together.

Opinionated Diva said...

lmao!! Check you out...you sound like a spoiled uppity celebrity right now!! Such a flaker!

I'm guessing you didn't read my mind before filming...so no stuffed strawberries huh? Next time ok? thnx! You're the best...I don't care what ______ says about you! lol

Ms. Behaving said...

Hell if you can't deal with your children in your own damn home, the last [no, make that VERY LAST] thing you want to do is take em' to someplace like Disney and expect to have em' under control there *SIGH*.

Wonder what-n-da-hell she was thinkin?!?!?!

WOO HOO on the 100th post! :-)

Sha Boogie said...

A temp was leaving my job and we got him a bottle of soda and a mini cake - dig it!!

Kei's Revelation said...

Congratulations on your 100th post!

The situation you described definitely sounds stressful. She sounds like she could use a breather. It would be good if she could get a moment to compose herself and relax a little more for the sake of the children. Children tend to tune out constant bickering and yelling after it reaches a certain limit, or they become so afraid that they can't fully function. There has to be a better balance and more positive guidance.

Eb the Celeb said...

congrats on the 100th post...

but I still would have taken that trip to FL and just ditched them when we got there...lol