24 July 2008

Random ish

I need a date. I sooo want to go see batman tomorrow but I'll be damn if I go alone. I just can't go to the movies solo, it's just one of my many quirks. I tried to go see is last week with my buddy but of course it was sold out. We saw Handcock instead. It was pretty good, all the critics shyted on it for some reason. yeah I could ask the same girl out again but I don't really want to. I need to meet someone new.

Am I the only person who watched that "being black in america" on CNN last night and was shocked that 5% of the population in DC is HIV positive? I knew it was high but damn 1 in 20 people. Not just adults but PEOPLE... kids too. That's a AIDS crisis on par with a country in africa. I might just be celibate or just import Dreamy from the NO... lol On that same note AIDS is the #1 killer of black women 26 to 34. Shyts real people.

I wonder if I could actually be celebate? hhhmmm... I don't know, I really like titties... lol

My house is really messy. I have clothes and shoes everywhere. I've been trying to clean it for the past month. I'm a horrible homemaker. I just wanted to share that.

My daughter's 4 now. She asks me questions all day long. When I ask her to spell her name she tells me "dddddaaaaaaddddyyyyy.... Stop asking a million questions!" I'm confused... lol

I finally got my daughter hooked on Simpsons. I'm proud of myself. Much better than The Wonder Pets.


Big O said...

I seen Dark Knight yesterday at the IMAX theater...great movie...great theater.

durtymo said...


I also saw Dark Knight yesterday.. ALONE! Loved.It! Why do you really need a "date" to the movies? *shrug* That's just me..

LOL@ the little momma tellin you to quit it with all the questions! Hilarious!

Ieisha said...

Confused as to why you need a date to sit in a dark place and not talk for two hours. Go by yourself!

Hilarious response from the little one about you asking too many questions.

Part 2 of that CNN series comes on tonight. It covers the Black Man.

Celibacy is technically abstaining from intercourse. You can still be a boob man, lol.

With those HIV percentages in the DC area, you better make sure you wrap that pickle up ALWAYS!!!

The Jaded NYer said...

LMAO @ "I really like titties" man you got me dyin' over here!!

and don't even get me started on the chatty kids... my little one is eight and she STAYS talking ALL THE LIVE-LONG DAY!!

somebody come get her... please?

Pretty Brown Eyez said...

I wanna see Batman too. Since I didn't have anyone to go with I tried watching it online but it didn't have the same impact. I also watched the CNN special last night and I said outloud to my girls there was no way in hell I'd sleep with someone in DC. Most of the guys I date aren't from and don't live or hang in the District. Doesn't necessarity make my odds better but in my head its a start.

pink said...

lol at ur daughter baisically tellin you that she gettin tired of ur damned mouth!!

Batman was the shit!! you need to see it! shit i dont know u and i would STILL go see it again...thats how good it is!

i thought about celibacy too (you read my post from yesterday) but ion know man...thats a lil too serious...i'd just like to think that im chillin right now, i aint gon go off the deep end comittin to celibacy and shit tho...

AIDS is serious now a days if you even THINK you bout to be active wit someone the first words out your mouth need to be hey! im dave, and i know my status....do you know urs?

One Man’s Opinion said...

The Simpson's are the bomb, but old school Simpson's. Now they are just silly.

You will enjoy the Batman, but only for the Joker, he played that role. I ain't play, the boy is crazy.

Opinionated Diva said...

I didn't get home until late, so I missed the show. I'm not surprised at those stats at all though. wow @ #1 killer for women 26 to 34 though.

Clean up the crib...you're setting a bad example for the li'l mama! lol @ her questions comment.

RealHustla said...

Go to the movies yourself! What happened to the one who named you SuperDave? If you go yourself, you may meet someone there.

Dreamy & Dave, sittin' in a tree....

Yes, once the talking starts it never starts. My baby keeps saying that if I don't come get her right now, I don't get to come to her birthday party. Who da hell she think throws the party?

You can be celibate. Maybe it will encourage you to marry sooner or branch out further. I've gone several years before. OMG! I'm thinking about going there again but I really think I might go crazy this time, or gain 100 pounds.

Young woman on a journey said...

Didn't see the CNN thing...maybe i can find it online?

You can go to the movies by yourself! i used to have that issue too...but its not that bad. I'm going to see it by myself tonight or tomorrow night.

HIV in DC is no damn joke. The percentage is higher here than in MY african country. Most african countries at that. celibacy is not too bad though.

I love your daughter! she's going to grow up to be great. already has a mind of her own.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

See, I have no problem going to the movies alone. I don't prefer it, but I will.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

@Big O - Damn your IMAX theater (ok I'm jealous)

@Durty Mo- I need someone to crack jokes too. I hate sitting anywhere alone. I'm weird like that.

@Ieisha - No point in being a boob man and not doing the deed. I don't think any party will be happy with that.

@Jaded - Who ever gets yours can come pick up mine.

@Pretty - Does your no dating DC dudes incompass the whole DC metro or just the city? Aww hell I know everyone in the city sleep with the rest of the metro anyway.. lol

@Pink - Hey I passed my HIV test... Got a C minus... lmao.

@One Man - Yeah the new ones are questionable but I have like the first 5 seasons on DVD. That's what I got her hooked on.

@Diva - I really try to clean up. I do. I just suck at it.

@RealHustla - You better be nice to your daughter before she kicks you out of her party. after you pay the bill of course.. lol

@Young Woman - I'm sure it willbe on CNN website. I swear it's the same thing that the Washington post ran earlier this year.

@Diva's thoughts - Maybe it's a dude thing. All the women here seem to be cool with it. I might have to.

Dreamy said...

yeah you can import me, i have been trying to get you to recruit me a long time ago!! ;)

see a good woman like me, will have that house spic and span,lol

im like you when it comes to doing things like that, who wants to go and sit in the movies alone.

but you know what i really want to see that movie, so i might just have to go and sit my lonely but in there,lol

and yes aids is real, i dont want it so you know what i am gonna be celibate until you recruit me *smooches*

UnKnownDiva said...

some dude asked me to go c batman 2nite talking bout otherwise he would go by himself.

i have a 4yr old too that asks question after question after question but thinks she's my momma and knows it all cuz when i tell her the answer she tells me i'm wrong!!! must be a 4yr old thing.

and don't feel bad my house was messy as h-e-l-l until last weekend when i got tired n decided to clean it up. i been wondering all day how long it'll stay that way.

BorednTalkative said...

Your daughter is cute. Mine is almost two and is always telling me something. She points out the different cars, motorcycles, babies (yeah she has a thing for babies, I think she's trying to tell me something). And if you don't answer her the first time she calls you, she will get loud.

I don't like to go to the movies alone either. But that has made me miss out on some great movies, so I may have to swallow my pride and go by myself.

Dayzdandconfused said...

Ok so this is my first time visit to your page and I almost fell out when I saw that your blog was entitled Baby Daddy Diaries, thats funny. You never really get to hear the real story from his perspective. As for you daughter, she's just at the age....and...stop letting her watch the simpsons, that is an adult cartoon

Keelah said...

Ha ha! You are funny!